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3:29am Neutrals - "Food Court" - Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
3:25am Matt Kivel - "L.A. Coliseum" - Last Night in America (Cascine)
3:21am Rabbit is a Sphere - "All About the Math" - Laps in the Sleep... (Needlepoint)
3:03am Clarice Assad - "Sin Fronteras" - Project W (Cedille)
2:53am Joanne Brackeen - "Remembering" - Ancient Dynasty (Columbia)
2:49am Grupo Jejeje - "Escarabajos" - Grupo Jejeje (Discos Rolas)
2:46am Empress Of - "To Get By" - Me (Terrible)
2:40am Billy Dalessandro - "Ancient Method" - Midievalization (Resopal)
2:35am Bill Baird - "Owl" - Owl (Dangerbird)
2:22am Robin Cox - "Ghost of Time" - Ghost of Time (Indian)
2:15am Kishi Bashi - "A Meal For Leaves" - Omoiyari (Joyful Noise)
2:07am Raison D'Etre - "Spire of Withhold" - Enthralled by the Wind of Lonliness (Cold Meat)
2:00am Edward R Murrow - "Harding and Teapot Dome" - I Can Hear It Now... (Columbia Masterworks)
1:55am Blixt - "4-4-4-4-2-2-2-5-2" - Blixt (Cuneiform)
1:52am Jeanines - "Either Way" - Jeanines (Slumberland)
1:48am Relationships - "The Usual Address" - Trend (Twee Kitten)
1:40am Readymade - "Terminal Sounds at Night" - On Point and Red (Endearing)
1:35am Business of Dreams - "La La La La" - Ripe for Anarchy (Slumberland)
1:31am Blur - "Lonesome Street" - The Magic Whip (Warner Bros.)
1:25am Sonny and the Sunsets - "Drug Lake" - Hairdressers From Heaven (Rocks in Your Head)
1:22am Hauschka - "Eltern" - Ferndorf (Fat Cat)
1:14am Forest Management - "Smoke Rising Out Back (The Gardens)" - Passageways (Wilted Sepulchre)
1:08am Quitapenas - "Me Lievaba" - Quitapenas (Mas Tropical)
1:05am Choosey & Exile - "You Got It" - Black Beans (Dirty Science)
1:00am Gypsophilia - "RITIB" - Night Swimming (Forward)
3:26am Julie Coker - "Ere Yon" - A Life in the Limelight (Kalita)
3:19am Gesaffelstein - "Nameless" - Aleph (Ghostly International)
3:15am Stephen R Smith - "A Bird That is All Birds" - A Sketchbook of Endings (Soft Abuse)
3:12am Magik Markers - "Psychosomatic" - Balf Quarry (Drag City)
3:09am Fruit Bats - "Gold Past Life" - Gold Past Life (Merge)
3:06am Michael O - "Orobouros Blues" - Really? (Fruits and Flowers)
3:01am Scott Hirsch - "Rose's Song" - Lost Time Behind the Moon (Scissor Tail)
2:58am Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies - "Technicolor Electric" - EP II (Color Wheel)
2:53am Joe South - "Mirror of Your Mind" - Introspect (Capitol)
2:45am Usha Uthup & Chorus - "Hari Om Hari" - Bombay Disco (Cultures of Soul)
2:40am Elisa Luu - "Slowbeat" - Chromatic Sigh (Hidden Shoal)
2:37am Cindy - "Don't Try" - Cindy (S/R)
2:33am Tess Roby - "Glimpse" - Ballad 5 (Italians do it Better)
2:26am Los Sospechos - "Fading Embers" - Postales Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Colemine)
2:18am Stan Getz Quartet - "It's Alright With Me" - Getz at the Gate (Verve)
2:15am Alvarenga - "Sabia Cantador" - Tudo Azul (Estero)
2:10am Crumb - "M.K." - Jinx (S/R)
2:06am Jerry Goldsmith - "First Day at Work" - Sebastian (Soundtrack) (Dot)
2:01am Quantic - "Orquidea" - Atlantic Oscillations ()
1:54am Fantastic Plastic Machine - "I Love FPM" - Attractions! Konishi Yasuharu Remixes 1996-2010 (Victor)
1:51am 50 Cent - "If I Can't" - Get Rich or Die Tryin/ ()
1:45am Com Truise - "Privilege Escalation" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
1:40am Male Gaze - "Mr. Wrong" - Gale Maze (Castleface)
1:37am Lush - "Thoughtforms" - Mad Love (4AD)
1:29am Sarah Bethe Nelson - "8th & Hooper" - Weird Glow (Burger)