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Modern, avant-garde, esoteric and rare classical. Every other Monday night / Tuesday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:43am Einojuhani Rautavaara - "Cantus Arcticus" - Cantus Arcticus - Music of Rautavaara (Catalyst)
12:29am Kronos Quartet - "Terry Riley: Requiem for Adam: Ascending the Heaven Ladder" - Requiem for Adam (Nonesuch)
12:04am Arvo Pärt - "Tabula Rasa" - Tabula Rasa (ECM)
12:55am Mark Deutsch - "Fourth Movement: Kundalini Rising" - Fool (Bazantar)
12:51am Denis Dufour - "5th Bocalise" - Concert Imaginaire GRM (INA / GRM)
12:45am Julia Kent - "Through The Window" - Temporal (Leaf)
12:35am George Rochberg - "Serrenata D'estate" - Spectrum: New American Music, Volume II (Nonesuch)
12:28am PJ Harvey - "Becoming" - All About Eve OST (Invada)
12:27am Paul Dresher - "Underground" - Casa Vecchia (Starkland)
12:01am Michael Harrison featuring Maya Beiser - "Just Ancient Loops - I. Genesis II. Chorale III. Ascension" - Time Loops (Cantaloupe)
12:47am David Rosenboom - "Music for Unstable Circuits (+ Piano)" - Deviant Resonances (Ravello)
12:33am Carl Vollrath - "The Secrets of the Magdalenian Caves I" - Souls in Transitions (Navona)
12:28am Michele Walther - "Fibonacci" - Colibri (Michele Walther)
12:02am Matthew Burtner - "Muir Glacier 1889-2009" - Glacier Music: Ecoacoustics of Glaciers (Ravello)
12:54am Michele Walther - "Big Island" - Colibri (Michele Walther)
12:45am Michael Nyman - "Queen of the Night" - The Draughtsman's Contract (Caroline Blue Plate)
12:29am Lisa Bielawa - "Hurry" - The Lay of the Love (Innova)
12:25am Jessica Pavone - "and Maybe in the End" - In the Action (Relative Pitch)
12:15am Gu∂run Oskarsdottir - "Thorvaldsdottir: Fingerprints" - In Paradisum (Smekkleysa)
12:02am Hilliard Ensemble - "Palestrina; Libera me Domine" - Music of Victoria and Palestrina (ECM New Series)
12:53am Scott Walker - "Farmer In The City" - Tilt (Drag City)
12:44am Ferruccio Busoni - "Elegies VI: "Visitation" (Nocturne)" - The Late Works (Ravello)
12:33am Matthew Burtner - "Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier" - Glacier Music: Ecoacoustics of Glaciers (Ravello)
12:16am David Rosenboom - "Four Lines (String Quartet)" - Deviant Resonances (Ravello)
12:02am Jo Quail - "The Pilbara" - The Pilbara (Coturnix)
12:49am Nouveau Classical Project - "Artifacts" - Currents (Gold Bolus)
12:18am Michael Nyman - "Double Concerto for Saxophone, Cello and Orchestra" - Edition No. 1: Concertos (EMI Classics)
12:05am György Kurtág - "Officium breve" - Musik für Streichinstrumente (ECM New Series)
12:56am Sybarite5 - "Getting Home (I must be...)" - Outliers (Bright Shiny Things)
12:50am Kaija Saariaho and Jennifer Koh - "Cloud Trio II. Sempre dolce, ma energico, sempre a tempo" - Saariaho x Koh (Cedille)
12:30am Erkki-Sven Tüür - "Prophecy for Accordion and Orchestra" - Symphony No. 5 ; Prophecy (Ondine)
12:22am Lisa Bielawa - "Wait" - The Lay Of The Love (Innova)
12:02am Michael Gordon - "Weather One" - Weather (Nonesuch)
12:48am Krzysztof Penderecki - "Concertino per tromba e orchestra" - Double Concerto/Piano Concerto/Trumpet Concertino (Dux)
12:32am Notus - "Stravinski Refracted" - of radiance & refraction (Innova)
12:25am Nouveau Classical Project - "Zero Initiative by Olga Bell" - Currents (Gold Bolus)
12:17am Nordic Affect - "Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg" - H e (a) r (Sono Luminus)
12:04am Anna Thorvaldsdottir / ICE - "Aequilibria" - AEQUA (Sono Luminus)
12:54am Michael Nyman - "Song 8: Abschied" - War Work: Eight Songs with Film (MN)
12:46am Max Richter - "Never Goodbye" - Hostiles (Deutsche Grammophon)
12:38am Nordic Affect - "Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg" - H e (a) r (Sono Luminus)
12:03am Arvo Pärt - "Lamentate: Homage to Anish Kapoor and his sculpture 'Marsyas'" - Piano Music (Naxos)
12:54am Gyorgi Ligeti - "3 Fantaisies d'apres Friedrich Holderin (2nd fantasy)" - Lux Aeterna, etc. (EMI)
12:39am Danish String Quartet - "Shostakovich: Quartet No.15, first mvt." - Prism I - Beethoven/Shostakovich/Bach (ECM New Series)
12:29am Krzysztof Penderecki - "Polymorphia" - Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima / Popcorn Superhet Receiver / Polymorphia / 48 Responses to Polymorphia (Nonesuch)
12:03am Bela Bartok - "Divertimento for String Orchestra" - Divertimento, Dance Suite, etc. (Deutsche Grammophon)
12:51am Anna Thorvaldsdottir / ICE - "Serenity" - In The Light of Air (Sono Luminus)
12:29am ROCO - "Anthony DiLorenzo: Jabberwocky" - Visions Take Flight (Innova)
12:22am Kaija Saariaho and Jennifer Koh - "Tocar" - Koh X Saariaho (Cedille)
12:12am International Contemporary Ensemble - "Nathan Davis: Ghostlight" - On the Nature of Thingness (Starkland)