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3:27am Sister Mantos - "Fin Del Mundo" - single (Discos Mas)
3:21am Nick Heyward - "I Got A Lot" - Woodland Echoes (Red River)
3:18am Madison Turner - "New Year's Eve" - A Comprehensive Guide to Burning Out (Close By Air)
3:10am Fishbone - "Slick Nick, You Devil You" - Slick Nick, You Devil You (Legacy)
3:07am Miles Davis - "Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)" - Jingle Bell Jazz (Columbia)
3:03am Gentle People - "Gentle Xmas" - Gentle Christmas (I Records)
3:02am Animals & Giraffes - "Instruction Manual" - July (Edgetone)
2:56am The Cravats - "Jingo Bells" - Dustbin Of Sound (Overground)
2:42am James Chance - "Christmas With Satan" - Irrestable Impulse (Tiger Style)
2:34am The Outta Sorts - "Snow Covered Dreams" - The Trouble With Love (S/R)
2:32am Jimmy - "White Christmas" - White Christmas 2000 (Fatima)
2:28am Egrets on Ergot - "Wrapped" - Surfeit of Gemutlich (Cleopatra)
2:24am PC Van Tassel - "Thrift Store Politico" - Hope And Fear (S.R.)
2:13am Yumi Zouma - "December" - Willowbank (Cascine)
2:10am Miami Dolphins - "Map Off" - Water Your Waiting For (FPE)
2:05am The Space Negros - "Jingle Hell + We Wish You a Lousy Christmas" - Have a Lousy Christmas wid de Space Negros (Arf Arf)
1:53am Kurtis Blow - "Christmas Rappin'" - The Best of Kurtis Blow (Mercury)
1:50am Timi Terrific & the Redheads - "Black (Soul) Christmas" - single (Ocean)
1:42am Creamers - "Bob Kringle" - Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
1:39am Groovie Ghoulies - "Christmas on Mars" - Christmas on Mars (Crimson Moon)
1:34am Spectrum - "Santa Claus" - Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
1:30am Shonen Knife - "Christmas Message '91" - Christmas Record For You (Rockville)
1:26am Buzz Of Delight - "Christmas" - single (DB Records)
1:15am The Partridge Family - "Sleigh Ride" - A Partridge Family Christmas Card (Bell)
1:12am Beach Boys - "Santa's Got An Airplane" - The Beach Boys Ultimate Christmas (Capitol)
1:09am Los Straitjackets - "A Marshmallow World" - A Marshmallow World (Upstart)
1:06am William Clarke - "Please Let Me Be Your Santa Clause" - The Alligator Records (Alligator)
1:03am Justine Jordan & Steve Lawless - "Christmas Bunny" - single (Canary)
1:01am Buck Owens - "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy" - A TV Family Christmas (Scotti Bros.)
12:59am Haymarket Orphans - "Baby Jesus" - Chemtrails For Nibiru (S/R)
12:49am Flaming Lips - "White Christmas (Moogy Moogy Mallow Mix With Synthesizer No. 13)" - White Christmas 2000 (Warner)
12:48am Metz - "Escalator Teeth" - Strange Peace (Sub Pop)
12:44am Melt Banana - "White Christmas" - The Christmas Album (Sony)
12:33am Hortens Ellis & Trinity To the World - "Black Christmas" - African Christmas (JP Ranking Sounds)
12:26am Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - "Christ Will Come" - Conflict (Mr. Bongo)
12:23am Kele Okereke - "The New Year Party" - Fatherland (BMG)
12:10am Gregory Porter - "The Christmas Song" - Nat 'King' Cole and Me (Blue Note)
12:03am Idris Ackamore - "Epiphany" - We All Be Africans (Strut)
12:01am Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - "Jingle Bells (Cha Cha)" - Everything You Want for Christmas (Big Bad)
11:56pm Mosquitos - "Into The Drain" - Mexican Dust (Six Degrees)
11:38pm Everyone Is Dirty - "Live Interview" - -- (--)
11:33pm Orixa - "Umbabarauma" - 2012: Elegua Digital (Elegua)
11:27pm Los Wemblers de Iquitos - "Sonido Amazónico" - Ikaro Del Amor (Barbes)
11:09pm Everyone Is Dirty - "(2nd!) Live Set" - -- (--)
11:00pm La Cuneta - "La Rebusca (feat. Deuce Eclipse)" - Canambuco (Round Whirled)
10:49pm Antibalas - "Gold Rush" - Where the Gods Are In Peace (Daptone)
10:07pm Everyone Is Dirty - "Live Set" - -- (--)
10:02pm Black Ice - "I Judge The Funk" - Hadley Murrell Presents Funk You (HDM)
9:53pm Los Sweet Bones - "Ciudad Enferma" - Ciudad Enferma (S/R)
9:50pm The Human Race - "Out Of Control" - I Don't Mind (Teenadelic)