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11:58pm Bad Mojos - "Commit a Crime" - I Hope You OD (Voodoo Rhythm)
11:55pm Bang Data - "Candy" - Loco (Futuro Sonico)
11:52pm The Toasters - "Friends" - Hard Band for Dead (MoonSka)
11:48pm Ozomatli - "Cumbia de los Muertos" - Ozomatli (Almo)
11:45pm Rancid - "Red Hot Moon" - Indestructible (Hellcat)
11:34pm Michael Nesmith - "Magic" - Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma (Pacific Arts)
11:30pm Elvis Costello - "Welcome to the Working Week" - Live at El Mocambo (Rykodisk)
11:26pm Felsen - "Skydiving Without a Parachute" - Acidental Drowning (S/R)
11:21pm Don Dixon - "Praying Mantis" - Most of the Girls Like To Dance But only Some of the Boys Do (Enigma)
11:18pm Joe Rut - "This May Be My New Favorite Shirt" - Nekkid (S/R)
11:13pm -- - "" - ()
11:10pm Aterciopelados - "Cancion Protesta" - Oye (Nacional)
11:07pm Common Rider - "Classics of Love" - Last Wave Rockers (Panic Button)
11:04pm Pavement - "Stereo" - Brighten the Corners (Matador)
11:00pm Michelle Blades - "Kiss Me On The Mouth" - Visitor (Midnight Special)
10:58pm Sublime - "Chica Me Tipo" - 40 Oz. To Freedom (Geffen)
10:51pm Dakila - "Gozala" - Dakila (Aurora)
10:40pm Kohinoorgasm - "Chalo" - Chalo EP (S/R)
10:35pm Los Van Van - "La Titimania" - Songo (Mango)
10:30pm Orgone - "Ride My Swing" - Reasons (Killion)
10:26pm Los Amigos Invisibles - "Cuchi-Cuchi" - Arepa 3000 (Luaka Bop)
10:22pm Joy Guerrilla - "Years" - Skyline (S/R)
10:18pm -- - "" - ()
10:15pm ODESZA - "Higher Ground" - A Moment Apart (Counter)
10:12pm Aquamarine Space Unicorns - "Gale" - Minor AF (S/R)
10:07pm Baby Fuzz - "What U Gonna Do 4 Luv" - Plastic Paradise (S/R)
10:05pm Red Martina - "Potato Salad" - Intransit (Badtape Music)
10:02pm Caravan Palace - "Lone Digger" - Cafe de la Danse (Le Plan)
9:47pm Dan Hartman - "Instant Replay" - Instant Replay (CBS)
9:40pm Konk - "Your Life" - Electro Slash Disco: Underground 80's Dance Floor Sounds (Koch)
9:33pm Boney M. - "Kalimba De Luna" - Kalimba De Luna (Carrere)
8:54pm dZihan & Kamien - "Sliding" - Gran Riserva (Six Degrees)
8:45pm Pigbag - "Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag" - Pigbag (Rough Trade/Y Records)
8:43pm Mr. T Experience - "Can't Get There From Here" - Surprise Your Pig (Staple Gun)
8:40pm Jap Kat - "Pigmen" - Hodge! Podge! Barrage! (1+2 Records)
8:35pm Cinnamon Toast - "Piggy In The Corner" - Give Me the Cure (Radiodue)
8:33pm Pig At Home In the Pen - "Arthur Smith Trio" - Story the Crow Told Me (Yazoo)
8:26pm Stanley Cowell - "Travelin' Man" - Strata-2-East (Universal Sound)
8:20pm Gordon Hellegers - "Djarabi Fila" - Nyanaje (S/R)
8:10pm Equal I - "Equation" - Talvin Singh Presents: Anokha Soundz of the Asian Underground (Quango)
8:05pm Easydelics - "Berimbau De Osahna" - Mundial Musique Vol. 2 (33rpm)
8:01pm Major Danger - "Danger Gwan" - Strictly Underground (Mesa)
7:57pm Bicicletas Por La Paz - "Googleamos" - Surfeando La Cometa (S/R)
7:50pm Doctor Nativo - "B-Boy" - Guatemaya (Stonetree)
7:43pm Los Destellos - "Onsta La Yerbita" - Peru Bravo (Tiger's Milk)
7:41pm Firme - "Firme" - Puro Eskanol (Aztlan)
7:36pm Camilo Y Los Robot Ninjas - "El Carretero Urbano" - El Carretero Urbano (Round Whirled)
7:30pm El Eco - "Two Worlds" - Two Worlds (Dreambox Media)
7:23pm Goon Sax - "We Cant Win" - We're Not Talking (Wichita)
7:20pm The Ar-Kaics - "You Turn Me Bad" - In This Time (Wicked Cool)