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6:08am Wimple Winch - "Save My Soul" - Nuggets (Rhino)
6:06am Electric Eels - "Splittery Splat" - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
6:03am Wire - "I Am the Fly" - Chairs Missing (Pink Flag)
6:00am The Spies - "Wait Don't Wait" - The Battle Of Bosworth terrace (Siltbreeze)
5:59am Mission of Burma - "That's When I Reach For My revolver" - Vs. (Taang!)
8:56am The Atlantics - "Lonelyhearts" - Can't Wait Forever (Alltime)
8:51am Les Marinellis - "Deviant" - s/t (Burger)
8:49am Johnny Ill Band - "Post Office" - Post Office (Dusty Medical)
8:47am DMZ - "Mighty Idy" - s/t (Sire)
8:44am Dead Prez - "Radio Freq" - Radio Freq 12" (Columbia)
8:40am Angelo Badalamenti with Julee Cruise - "Into The Night" - Twin Peaks Soundtrack (Warner Bros.)
8:38am Gem Club - "Michael" - In Roses (Hardly Art)
8:35am Horrible/Adorable - "Hey Stranger" - Amy Understands (s/r)
8:28am Cheater Slicks - "Silver Fox" - World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 9 (Almost Ready)
8:26am Dwight Twilley - "Shark" - Shark (Hozac)
8:22am Dancer - "Bitchin' Heat" - Bitchin' Heat (Grazer)
8:20am The Rip Offs - "Heat Seeker/ Rip Your Heart Out" - Got A Record (Rip Off)
8:17am Victim - "Mixed Up World" - Strange Thing By Night (Good Vibrations)
8:15am Nox Boys - "Take My Heart And Break It" - s/t (Get Hip)
8:12am Perfect Pussy - "Big Stars" - Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
8:08am Bad Coyotes - "Ex Lion Tamer" - It's Time For Sex Positions With... (Resurrection)
8:05am The Brats - "Be A Man" - Be A Man (Hozac)
8:00am Anteenagers MC - "(The) Future (Is Coming Tomorrow)" - Campo-logy (Fish Lips)
7:57am The Lost Souls - "This Life Of Mine" - Nuggets II (Rhino)
7:55am The Servants - "People Going Places" - Hey Hey We're The Manques (Captured Tracks)
7:53am Ice Balloons - "Dragonfly" - s/t (IB Records)
7:47am Damaged Bug - "Rope Burn" - Hubba Bubba (Castle Face)
7:42am Junior Murvin - "Tedious" - Police & Thieves (Mango)
7:39am Falco - "Der Kommissar" - Einzelhaft (A&M)
7:36am Facts On File - "Got The Message" - Bring It Back (s/r)
7:26am Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
7:24am Teenanger - "Zons" - Singles Don't Sell (Father/Daughter)
7:22am Neighborhood Brats - "Total Dementia" - Total Dementia (Dirtnap)
7:18am The Terrorists - "Crazy Life" - Crazy Life (Going Underground)
7:16am Legionaire's Disease - "Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head)" - Rather See You Dead (Cheap Rewards)
7:14am Scraper - "Country Song" - s/t (Cut Rate)
7:07am The Coathangers - "Follow Me" - Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
7:05am Brigitte Bardot - "Harley Davidson" - Vamps et Vampire (Ace)
7:03am Jean Shepard - "Many Happy Hangovers To You" - Jean Shepard's Greatest Hits (Capitol)
6:57am PyPy - "She's Gone" - Pagan Day (Black Gladiator)
6:52am The Yolks - "$2 Out Of The Door" - $2 Out The Door (Randy)
6:47am The Space Lady - "Born To Be Wild" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
6:43am Dark Beach - "Swamp Girl" - Scream Queen (Unicorn Power/Dark Beach)
6:41am Electric Eels - "Splittery Splat" - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
6:38am Bad Daddies - "You Ain't Right" - You Ain't Right (Negative Fun)
6:33am Subsets - "Suffocation" - Ape Facin' (Granado)
6:29am Busdriver - "Feelings" - Beau $ Eros (Fake Four Inc.)
6:27am The Shirelles - "Boys" - Greatest Hits Vol 2 (Scepter)
6:24am The Animals - "Don't Bring Me Down" - Animalization (MGM)
6:21am Dex Romweber Duo - "Long Battle Coming" - Images 13 (Bloodshot)