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10:06am The Courtneys - "Dead Dog" - s/t (Hockey Dad)
9:59am Melt Banana - "Candy Gun" - Fetch (A-zap)
9:56am Nervous Eaters - "Rock With Me baby" - Eaterville (Penniman)
9:54am Harris Peppermint - "I Got To Go" - Houston can't Be Heaven (Ace)
9:52am Icky Boyfriends - "Nervous Guy" - A Love Obscene (Menlo Park)
9:48am Vex Ruffin - "Down In the Basement" - s/t (Stones Throw)
9:43am Life Stinks - "Endless Drag" - s/t (SS)
9:41am Gizmos - "Jumpin' On the Bandwagon" - Never Mind The Gizmos (Gulcher)
9:38am The Chuckleberries - "No No Song" - KALX Live (KALX)
9:36am Giorgio Murderer - "Theme From Star Trek" - split (Holotrash)
9:31am Potty Mouth - "The Spins" - Hell Bent (Old Flame)
9:27am Volcano Suns - "Greasy Spine" - The Bright Orange Years (Merge)
9:23am Glaxo Babies - "Seven Days" - Nine Months To The Disco (Superior Viaduct)
9:18am The Pampers - "Sack Attack" - s/t (In the Red)
9:13am CJ Ramone - "Shut Up" - Reconquista (Pirates Press)
9:11am The Wailers - "You Weren't Using Your Head" - Anthology 1961-1969 (Etiquette)
9:08am Captain Sensible - "Wot" - Women And Captain First (A&M)
9:04am Big Boys - "Heartbeat" - The Skinny Elvis (Touch & Go)
9:02am The Wipers - "Return Of The Rat" - Is This Real? (Zeno)
8:55am Boogarians - "Lucifernandis" - As Plantas Que Curam (Other)
8:54am Bad Daddies - "Dessert" - split (Emotional Response)
8:51am Teengenerate - "Mess Me Up" - Get Action (Crypt)
8:48am Cheater Slicks - "Please Give Me Something" - Skidmarks (Crypt)
8:44am Constant Mongrel - "Inflicted" - Heavy Breathing (Siltbreeze)
8:38am Bad Sports - "Rockin' The Noose" - Bras (Dirtnap)
8:35am CJ Ramone - "Shut Up" - Reconquista (Pirate's Press)
8:31am Resineators - "Underage Girl Get Out" - Don't ____ With The Fantasy (Siltbreeze)
8:29am The Trashies - "Future Pain" - Teenage Rattlesnakes (1234 Go!)
8:27am Giorgio Muderer - "Theme From Star Trek" - s/t ()
8:21am The Monsters - "I Love My Car" - Mask (Voodo Rhythm)
8:19am Link Wray - "Hold It" - Missing Links Vol. 2 (Norton)
8:17am John Lee Hooker - "Morning Blues" - Boogie Awhile (Krazy Kat)
8:13am Al bilali soudan - "Abak Kabok" - s/t (Clermont Music)
8:11am Lenz - "Airplanefiretruck" - Frozen Touch (Volar)
8:09am David Mitchell - "Dogs" - Making Losers Happy (Xpressway)
8:05am The Black Hollies - "Unless It's My Imagination" - Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere (EJRC)
7:59am The Herms - "Kalypso" - Drop Out Vol. 1 (Castle Face)
7:56am Jean Shepard - "Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar" - Best Of Jean Shepard ()
7:54am Hot Machines - "Tear It Apart" - Maybe Chicago (Criminal IQ)
7:52am Lilput - "Nighttoad" - s/t (Kill Rock Stars)
7:49am Los Culitos - "Estoy aqui por error" - Estoy qui por error (S/R)
7:44am Vex Ruffin - "Hard On Myself" - s/t (Stones Throw)
7:41am The Chuckleberries - "No No Song" - KALX Live (KALX Live)
7:39am Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
7:37am Dancer - "Do Ya Blame Me" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars & Bongos)
7:31am The Gories - "I Think I've Had It" - The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88 (Third Man)
7:28am Oscar Isaac - "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me" - Inside Llewyn Davis (Noensuch)
7:24am Big Star - "Watch The Sunrise" - #1 Record (Ardent)
7:21am The Pampers - "Monkey Drip" - s/t (In the Red)
7:18am Los Pepes - "No SOS" - No SOS ()