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Monday, December 7, 2020 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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3:46pm Drugdealer - "Fools" - Raw Honey (Mexican Summer)
3:41pm Licorice Roots - "Marushka" - Melodeon (Mood Food)
3:38pm Tor Lundvall - "The Clearing" - A Strangeness in Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 (Dais)
3:35pm Billy Woods & Kenny Segal - "Houthi" - Hiding Places (Backwoodz Studioz)
3:28pm Social Unrest - "Rush Hour" - Rush Hour (Infra Red)
3:24pm Destroy All Monsters - "Nobody Knows" - What Do I Get? / Nobody Knows (Idbi)
3:14pm Dark - "Don't Look Now" - Hawaii Five-O / Don't Look Now (Fresh)
3:12pm Neutrals - "Hate the Summer of Love" - Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
3:10pm D.D.T. - "I'm Walking Down the Psychopath" - Brave New World (Five Minute Productions)
3:08pm Crisis - "Bruckwood Hospital" - Alienation / Bruckwood Hospital (Ardkor)
3:01pm Von Trap Family - "No Reflexes" - Brand New Thrill (Woronzow)
11:55am Sonny Fortune - "In Waves of Dreams" - Waves of Dreams (Horizon)
11:48am Flamin' Groovies - "She's Falling Apart" - Flamingo (Buddha)
11:40am Chilliwack - "Far Side of the Sun (Suite)" - Chilliwack (Sire)
11:35am Dictators - "Slow Death" - Bloodbrothers (Asylum)
11:30am Melvins - "With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands" - With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands 7" (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
11:27am Marion Sodd - "Permanent Vacation" - Enough for Everyone / Permanent Vacation (Mad)
11:21am Damien Jurado - "Silver Ball" - In the Shape of a Storm (Mama Bird)
11:16am Charles S. Russell - "All Tomorrow's Parties" - Daddy's Gun (Handful of Nails) / All Tomorrow's Parties (Harmless)
11:14am Lookouts - "Out My Door" - IV (Lookout!)
11:10am Von Trap Family - "Brand New Thrill" - Woronzoid (Woronzow)
11:06am Drugdealer - "Lost in My Dream" - Raw Honey (Mexican Summer)
10:57am Stooges - "Loose" - Fun House (Elektra)
10:54am Loop - "Spinning" - Spinning 7" (Head)
10:50am Somnambulists - "Poem of Struggle" - From the Field to the Factory (Zum Audio)
10:48am Tomoyoshi Date & Stijn Huwels - "Hochu" - Hocku-ekki-tou (Home Normal)
10:45am Cousin Ice - "You're All Mine" - You're All Mine 7" (Urban Rock)
10:41am Cold Beat - "Love is a Stranger" - A Simple Reflection (Dark Entries)
10:37am Michael Garrison - "Visions" - Eclipse (Windspell)
10:30am A.A. Bondy - "The Tree with the Lights" - Enderness (Fat Possum)
10:27am Silver Machine - "Bandmates" - Standing on the Bare Ground (Alternative Tentacles)
10:22am Pink Floyd - "Remember a Day" - A Saucerful of Secrets (Tower)
10:19am Thomas Carnacki - "Canessa Fantastique" - The Museum of Lost Species (Alethiometer)
10:15am Steve Roach & Vir Unis - "Mind Link" - Body Electric (Projekt)
10:03am Hot Lunch - "Black Angel's Curse" - Seconds (Tee Pee)
10:01am Rivolta Dell'Odio - "Dal Fumo Di Terezin" - Il Cuore Della Bestia (Toto Alle Prese Coi Dischi)
9:58am Butthole Surfers - "Human Cannonball" - Locust Abortion Technician (Touch and Go)
9:55am Lou Brain Experiment - "The Beast" - Just Pop It In! (S/R)
9:50am Greys - "Burning Chrome" - Age Hasn't Spoiled You (Carpark)
9:44am Cosmic Psychos - "Lead Me Astray" - Lead Me Astray 7" (Mr. Spaceman)
9:41am Major Conflict - "Not Just a Song" - Major Conflict (Silent Scream)
9:36am Neutrals - "Swiss" - Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
9:31am Sobrecarga - "Viajando Hacia El Este" - Viajando Hacia El Este 7" (Columbia)
9:27am Rob - "Not the End" - Make It Fast, Make It Slow (Soundway)
9:17am Rocketship - "All the Pleasures..." - Get on the Floor (and Move It) b/w All the Pleasures... (Jigsaw)
9:16am Steve Roden & Mem1 - "III" - A Floating Wave of Air (Estuary)
9:12am Invasive Species - "Conversation Pit" - Adapter (Baggage Claim)
9:01am Chico Freeman - "Look Up" - Kings of Mali (India Navigation)
5:57pm Daniel Johnston - "Some Things Last a Long Time" - Welcome to My World (Eternal Yip Eye)
5:49pm Blissed Out Fatalists - "Last Song" - Blissed Out Fatalists (Motiv Communications)