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7:33pm Instant Automatons - "John's Vacuum Cleaner" - Sincerely Making a Noise (B.F.E.)
7:27pm Cobra Man - "Manramp" - New Driveway (Goner)
7:22pm Severed Heads - "Propellor" - Come Visit the Big Bigot (Nettwerk)
7:16pm Flesh World - "Problem in the Youth Bulge" - Into the Shroud (Dark Entries)
7:12pm Rogue Wave - "Endless Shovel" - Out of the Shadow (Sub Pop)
7:06pm WK569 - "11" - Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri (Boring Machines)
6:58pm Flibbertigibbet - "Mariner Blues" - Whistling Jigs to the Moon (Kissing Spell)
6:55pm Sileas - "Miss Gordon of Gight" - Beating Harps (Green Linnet)
6:51pm Psyclones - "Another Bridge" - Driving Me Backwards (Dead Man's Curve)
6:46pm Tapes - "Cosmos" - Elemental Breaks Vol. 1 (Elemental 97)
6:36pm Whatnauts - "Heads Up" - On the Rocks (Stang)
6:35pm The Magic Fingers of Merlin & Jonathan Wilson - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" - Christmas Organ and Chimes (Grand Prix)
6:31pm Comus - "Diana" - First Utterance (BGO)
6:27pm Iron Crown - "River" - Iron Crown (S/R)
6:24pm B.G.K. - "Safety Last" - Nothing Can Go Wrogn! (Alternative Tentacles)
6:21pm Sick to the Back Teeth - "Nature Comes to Me in Nature" - Life is Over (If You Want It) (S/R)
6:15pm Sister Mantos - "Fin del Mundo" - Fin del Mundo/Quemane (Discos Mas)
6:11pm Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi - "Mizuko No Tamashii Hyakumademo (Unborn Dream Lives for a Hundred Years)" - In Praise of Mitochondria (Left Ear)
6:06pm Tevin Campbell - "I Got It Bad" - I Got It Bad (Qwest)
6:02pm Kevin Ayers - "Butterfly Dance" - Odd Ditties (Harvest)
3:10pm Boards of Canada - "Kid for Today" - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (Music70)
3:06pm Todd Rundgren - "Wolfman Jack" - Something/Anything? (Bearsville)
3:05pm Jan Jelinek - "They, Them" - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (Faitiche)
2:57pm Ensemble, Et Al. - "Medal Meddle Metal" - The Slow Reveal (Imaginator)
2:51pm School of Seven Bells - "I L U" - Disconnect from Desire (Vagrant)
2:48pm Pye Corner Audio - "Electronic Rhythm Number Seven" - Black Mill Tapes Vol. 2 (PCA Transcription Services)
2:45pm Kirsty MacColl - "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby" - The Real MacColl (Charisma)
2:42pm James Carr - "At the Dark End of the Street" - At the Dark End of the Street (Blue Side)
2:38pm 33.10.3402 - "LVIV" - Mecanica No. 1 (L.I.E.S.)
2:36pm Dire Wolves - "Fogged Out (One)" - Excursions to Cloudland (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
2:24pm Opeth - "Face of Melinda" - Still Life (Peaceville)
2:21pm Marisa Monte - "Para Mais Ninguem" - Universo Ao Meu Redor (Metro Blue)
2:17pm Alec Bathgate - "Your Heavy Dream (Won't Fly)" - Gold Lame (Flying Nun)
2:13pm Salt Petal - "A Glance" - Rare Hearts (London Bridge)
2:06pm Illes - "Nekem Oly Mindegy" - Add a Kezed (Pepita)
2:02pm SS-20 - "Arnold Layne" - Beyond the Wildwood: A Tribute to Syd Barrett (Imaginary)
2:00pm Camille - "Seeds" - Oui (Because Music)
1:56pm Fabienne Delsol - "When My Mind is Not Live" - No Time for Sorrows (Damaged Goods)
1:52pm David Bowie - "Conversation Piece" - Space Oddity (Ryko)
1:47pm Susanne Sundfor - "The Golden Age" - Music for People in Trouble (Bella Union)
1:40pm Justman - "Dream Baby Dream" - Mixtape 103 (Zyrdur Rjomi)
1:39pm Drum Komputer - "e.p.l." - Ambient Intermix (Instinct)
1:34pm Un-Luck - "Super Silver Haze" - Elemental Breaks Vol. 1 (Elemental 97)
1:30pm Grauzone - "Eisbaer" - Da, Da, Da, Das War Die... Neue Deutsche Welle (Repertoire)
1:22pm Ariwo - "To Earth" - Ariwo (Manana)
1:10pm Sick to the Back Teeth - "In Love With This September" - Life is Over (If You Want It) (s/r)
1:05pm Robert Redford - "The Wolf You Never Knew" - The Language and Music of the Wolves (Tonsil)
1:04pm Aphex Twin - "CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum]" - Cheetah EP (Warp)
12:58pm DJ Hell - "Silver Machine" - Teufelswerk (International Deejay Gigolo Records)
12:53pm Unit 5 - "New Leather Jacket" - Bowling Balls II (Clone Records)