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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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5:55pm Andrew Tuttle - "Transmission Interruption" - Andrew Tuttle (Room40)
5:50pm Residual Echoes - "Greetings Ancient Ocean" - Phoenician Flu & Ancient Ocean (Holy Mountain)
5:46pm Triffids - "A Trick of the Light" - Calenture (Domino)
5:44pm F.U.K. - "I Got a Head" - Road Kill (Hozac)
5:40pm Moss Icon - "Hate in Me" - S/T 7" (Vermin Scum)
5:35pm Sand in the Face - "My World" - Sand in the Face (Twisted)
5:29pm Brian Eno - "Becalmed" - Another Green World (Jem)
5:27pm Tough Solar - "Positive Light" - Weren't There (Sweet Pea)
5:23pm Sabata - "Man for My Lady (Edit)" - Man for My Lady (Numero Group)
5:18pm Fantasy Life - "Over and Over" - Over and Over (Dark Entries)
5:11pm Darto - "Omniscient" - Human Giving (Aagoo)
5:09pm Ramona - "Gum Gum (Chicle Chicle)" - I Have No Time (Doob Rock'n)
5:06pm St. Christopher - "She Can Wait Forever" - Bacharach (Sarah)
5:01pm John Bender - "It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl" - I Don't Remember Now (Record Sluts)
4:58pm Wild Kindness - "Exceptionally Free" - Happy Now (20 Sided)
4:52pm Skee-Lo - "I Wish (Radio Edit)" - I Wish (Scotti Bros.)
4:45pm Daniel Avery - "Diminuendo" - Song for Alpha (Phantasy)
4:27pm The Body - "Partly Alive" - I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer (Thrill Jockey)
4:00pm New Order - "Perfect Kiss" - Substance (Qwest)
4:00pm Sex Park - "Live on KALX!" - Sex Park LIVE on KALX (KALX)
3:56pm Severed Heads - "Bad Times Too" - Rotund for Success (Nettwerk)
3:49pm Sandy's - "Consolidated Identity" - Prom (Sandyams)
3:45pm Capsule Giants - "Don't Forget Me" - Hey Cow Planet (Cardinal)
3:42pm Wax Chattels - "Stay Disappointed" - Wax Chattels (Captured Tracks)
3:38pm Sacred Denial - "Conquer" - Sifting Through Remains (Forefront)
3:34pm Martial Canterel - "The Tower" - Lost at Sea (Dais)
3:27pm Savage Resurrection - "Someone's Changing" - The Savage Resurrection (Mercury)
3:22pm Alice Coltrane - "Lovely Sky Boat" - Reflection on Creation and Space (Impulse)
3:12pm Bezier - "Organisation Maritime" - Parler Musique (Dark Entries)
3:09pm Chris & Cosey - "Silent Cry" - Animal Liberation (Wax Trax)
3:06pm Hot Chocolate - "Every 1's a Winner" - Pure Disco (Ronco)
3:01pm Trust - "Heaven" - Trst (Arts & Crafts)
5:55pm Yuzo Iwata - "Gigolo" - Daylight Moon (Siltbreeze)
5:50pm Suso Saiz - "The Ten Heads of Someone" - Odisea (Music from Memory)
5:46pm Velvet Underground - "What Goes On (Closet Mix)" - Peel Slowly and See (Polydor)
5:34pm Cassandra Complex - "Motherad" - Grenade (Rouska)
5:29pm Vive La Void - "Red Rider" - Vive La Void (Sacred Bones)
5:23pm Dark Day - "No, Nothing, Never" - Exterminating Angel (Lust/Unlust)
5:18pm Blues Lawyer - "Turf" - Guess Work (Emotional Response)
5:15pm James V - "Plastic Desert" - San Narciso (Marriage)
5:10pm Dos Santos - "Caminante" - Logos (International Anthem)
5:07pm Procol Harum - "Toujours L'Amour" - Grand Hotel (Chrysalis)
5:02pm Bad Licks - "Lies" - Lies (S/R)
4:57pm Belle & Sebastian - "Nothing in the Silence" - BBC Sessions (Matador)
4:55pm Steven Tibbetts - "Bloodwork" - Life Of (ECM)
4:44pm Milford Graves - "Response" - Meditation Among Us (Kitty)
4:37pm Order of Decay - "Detox" - Order of Decay (Dominator)
4:30pm Mark of Cain - "Suppression/Visions of Love" - Battlesick (Dominator)
4:27pm Andrew Tuttle - "The Coldest Night" - Andrew Tuttle (Room40)
4:23pm 14 Iced Bears - "When It Comes" - Hold On Inside (Cherry Red)