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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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5:55pm Joe Henderson - "Water" - The Elements (Milestone)
5:48pm Lena Platonos - "Witches" - Red Axes Remixes (Dark Entries)
5:44pm Devo - "Beautiful World" - New Traditionalists (Warner Bros.)
5:37pm Seofon - "Prota" - Process EP (Visible)
5:33pm Jeff & Jane Hudson - "Fat of the Land" - Flesh (J & J)
5:30pm Kaleidoscope - "Please" - Side Trips (Epic)
5:25pm Roxy Music - "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" - For Your Pleasure (Virgin)
5:22pm Jean Baptiste Favory - "Anisotropic Garden" - Things Under (Feeding Tube)
5:17pm Primo! - "You've Got a Million" - Amici (Upset the Rhythm)
5:13pm Mission - "When Thunder Comes" - When Thunder Comes (Frantic)
5:12pm Hamish Kilgour - "Silver Dollars" - Finklestein (Ba Da Bing)
5:09pm Aphex Twin - "Stone in Focus" - Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Warp)
5:02pm Rudolph Grey - "Implosion - 73 (Second Version)" - Mask of Light (New Alliance)
4:53pm Revolving Paint Dream - "Mandra Mandra" - Mother Watch Me Burn (Creation)
4:51pm Pink Noise - "Rubble" - House of Cards (Sounds Escaping)
4:48pm Blissed Out Fatalists - "Spiral" - Blissed Out Fatalists (Motiv Communications)
4:45pm Halogen - "Heartbeat" - Wandering w/ Gato/Heartbeat (ProTeen)
4:41pm Creation Factory - "I Want To Be With You" - The Creation Factory (Lolipop!)
4:34pm My Bloody Valentine - "I Believe" - Feed Me With Your Kiss (Creation)
4:30pm Christine 23 Onna - "Trip Thru Hell (Part 3)" - Space Age Batchelor Pad (Insignificant)
4:25pm Lumerians - "Space Curse" - Call of the Void (Fuzz Club)
4:22pm Bevis and Twink - "Flying Igloos" - Magic Eye (Woronzow)
4:19pm Shayds - "Search the Sun" - Never Ever Land (Charly)
4:12pm David Bowie - "Ashes to Ashes" - Ashes to Ashes 7" (RCA)
4:07pm Cetu Javu - "Situations" - Situations (ZYX)
4:01pm Arthur Russell - "Let's Go Swimming (Coastal Dub)" - Let's Go Swimming (Logarhythm)
3:57pm Roman Barten-Sherman - "Before I Leave This World" - Before I Leave This World (S/R)
3:55pm LFZ - "These Crimes Occurred at Night" - Name Plus Focus (Castle Face)
3:50pm Hail Snail - "Thirsting for More" - Hail Snail 7" (Funky Mushroom)
3:45pm Twink - "Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box" - Think Pink (Akarma)
3:43pm Rubella Ballet - "Ballet Dance (Peel Session)" - Ballet Bag (Dark Entries)
3:40pm Book of Love - "Boy" - Book of Love (Sire)
3:36pm Ocean Blue - "Between Something and Nothing" - The Ocean Blue (Sire)
3:28pm Countdown 5 - "Elevator" - Complete Recordings (Gear Fab)
3:23pm R.C. Boys - "C.I.A." - Rad Conspiracy (Sacramento)
3:21pm Sand in the Face - "S.I.T.F." - Sand in the Face (Twisted)
3:18pm Crucifixion - "Take It Or Leave It" - Neat Singles Collection Vol. 1 (Neat)
3:12pm Teardrop Explodes - "Colours Fly Away" - Wilder (Mercury)
3:07pm Group Rhoda - "Ice House" - Wilderless (Dark Entries)
3:03pm Voice Farm - "Elevate" - Double Garage/Elevate (Optional)
3:00pm Pink Floyd - "Chapter 24" - Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Tower)
5:54pm John Coltrane - "One Up, One Down" - Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Verve)
5:48pm Cluster - "Dem Wanderer" - Sowiesoso (Water Lily Acoustics)
5:44pm Absolute Body Control - "Figures" - Wind[Re]Wind (Mecanica)
5:40pm Utensils - "Skittle Breath" - Utensils (Drive-In/Moonscreen)
5:37pm Suicide - "I Remember" - Suicide (Red Star)
5:35pm Book of Love - "Butterfly" - Candy Carol (Sire)
5:32pm Green Arrows - "Chimamuna Chamimba" - Green Arrows (Analog Africa)
5:26pm Helter Skelter - "I Need You" - I Need You (Just Add Water)
5:23pm Procol Harum - "Kaleidoscope" - Procol Harum (Deram)