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Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 1:00am to 3:30am

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5:56pm Robyn Hitchcock - "The Lizard" - Black Snake Diamond Role (Yep Roc)
5:48pm Grave Digger - "Love Is Breaking My Heart" - War Games (Noise)
5:45pm Giuda - "Interplanetary Craft" - E.V.A. (Burger)
5:43pm Arcwelder - "Smile" - Xerxes (Touch and Go)
5:39pm Platzangst - "It's a Light" - Waterkant Hits (Weird System)
5:31pm Hot Lunch - "Gimme Skelter" - Seconds (Tee Pee)
5:28pm Alquimia & Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma - "Foundations (Basamentos)" - Dead Tongues (ReR)
5:24pm Anima - "Meeting in the Studio" - Anima (Ohr)
5:19pm Gentle Giant - "Mobile" - Free Hand (Capitol)
5:10pm Art of Flying - "Good Traveler" - Escort Mission (Throatculture)
5:07pm Mountain Goats - "Waylon Jennings Live!" - In League with Dragons (Merge)
5:02pm Glorious Din - "Closely Watched Trains" - Closely Watched Trains (Insight)
4:59pm God and the State - "Pound of Flesh" - Ruins: The Complete Works of God and the State (Happy Squid)
4:55pm Brian Eno - "Dead Finks Don't Talk" - Here Come the Warm Jets (Island)
4:46pm Bleu Nuit - "Le Dernier Mouvement" - Le Jardin des Memoires (Michel)
4:41pm Bruce Gilbert - "Eline Cout II" - The Shivering Man (Mute)
4:40pm Altin Gun - "Gesi Baglari" - Gece (ATO)
4:36pm Ana-Maria Avram - "Labyrinthe I" - Ouranos (Edition Modern)
4:35pm Popol Vuh - "Als Lebten Die Engel Auf Erden" - Fitzcarraldo OST (Polydor)
4:30pm Sissy Spacek - "Puzzle Performance" - Pitched Intervention (Helicopter)
4:15pm Parthenogenetick Brotherhood - "Hillview" - Woronzoid (Woronzow)
4:11pm Ernest Gibson - "When You Get There" - Island Records (Skrot Up/Lapsis)
4:06pm Yukihiro Takahashi - "Drip Dry Eyes" - Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 (Light in the Attic)
4:03pm Rainyard - "1,000 Years" - Just a Taste (Summershine)
4:01pm Antonymes - "Oradour-Sur-Glane" - The Licence to Interpret Dreams (Hidden Shoal)
3:53pm Glitter Wizard - "Life Under Traffic" - Life Under Traffic b/w Circle of Kings (Rock & Rule)
3:48pm Angel'in Heavy Syrup - "Water Mind" - III (Alchemy)
3:45pm New Pornographers - "Jackie" - Mass Romantic (Mint)
3:43pm Go-Betweens - "I Just Get Caught Out" - Tallulah (Big Time)
3:38pm Lara Sarkissian - "Tell Me, Where Do the Butterflies Live" - Disruption (Club Chai)
3:34pm Ghostwriters - "Sleep Walker, Sleep Walker" - Music from No Man's Land (Zero)
2:58pm Zottrro - "A2" - Zottrro (Youuoy)
2:48pm Todd Rundgren - "Healing Part I" - Healing (Bearsville)
2:44pm Jamal Tamier - "Can't Seem to Get Enough" - Can't Seem to Get Enough (C.J.)
2:39pm Redd Kross - "Where I Am Today" - Third Eye (Atlantic)
2:28pm Granicus - "Nightmare" - Granicus (RCA)
2:26pm Skyminds - "Desert Winds" - Skyminds (Auasca)
2:22pm 13th Floor Elevators - "Slip Inside This House (Single Edit)" - Never Ever Land (Charly)
2:20pm Wax Idols - "Sand in My Joints" - No Future (Hozac)
2:17pm Giuda - "You've Got the Power" - E.V.A. (Burger)
2:08pm Sneetches - "I Need Someone" - The View from Here: The San Francisco Compilation (Medical)
2:05pm Moore Brothers - "Flowers At Night" - Winters (Unavailable)
2:03pm Syd Barrett - "If It's In You" - The Madcap Laughs (Harvest)
2:00pm Barbee-Bice Family - "Let the Spirit Descend" - Traditions of a Tennessee Family (Pine Breeze)
1:58pm Kinloch Nelson - "Tone Poem" - Partly On Time: Recordings 1968-1970 (Tompkins Square)
1:55pm XTC - "Dying" - Skylarking (Geffen)
1:51pm Up Above the World - "Bonus Trip" - Unleashed in the East (Exist Dance)
1:42pm Dave Sewelson - "TB" - Music for a Free World (FMR)
1:35pm Andrew Hill - "New Monastery" - Point of Departure (Blue Note)
1:33pm Apostles - "Mob Violence" - We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! (Fight Back)