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3:22am The Phantom - "Across The River, Beneath The Trees" - Schleißen 2 (Schleißen)
3:14am Alexis Icon - "Twelve" - Gays Hate Techno 2.0 (s/r)
3:11am Deepspace - "Calm Yellow" - Rainforest LP (Coastal Haze)
3:03am Meat Beat Manifesto - "Falling Upright 1-3" - Meat Beat Manifesto (s/r)
2:55am Dices & AEM Rhythm Cascade - "Hologram" - Thoughtstream (12th Isle)
2:50am Chasms - "Black Ice" - On The Legs Of Love Purified (Felte)
2:44am Bauhaus - "She's In Parties" - Burning From The Inside (A&M)
2:34am Coil - "Dark River" - Love's Secret Domain (Threshold House)
2:33am Powell - "Beat 20_194r" - Sports (XL)
2:29am Pleasure Model - "Abandonment Issues" - Kendo Dynamics (100% Silk)
2:25am MNLTH - "T-Ka" - Trax (WeMe)
2:16am Pye Corner Audio - "Vorsicht" - Stasis (Ghost Box)
2:12am S U R V I V E - "High Rise" - RR7349 (Relapse)
2:06am Kodomo - "Concept 11" - Still Life (5 Points)
1:58am Thom Yorke - "The Mother Load" - Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (Landgrab)
1:56am Omni - "Afterlife" - Deluxe (Trouble In Mind)
1:51am Radiohead - "Feral (Lone Rmx)" - TKOL RMX 1234567 (XL)
1:49am Tobacco - "Memory Girl" - Sweatbox Dynasty (Ghostly International)
1:37am Seahawks - "Escape Hatch" - Escape Hatch (Ocean Moon)
1:30am Convextion - "Distant Transmission" - 2845 (a.r.t.less)
1:25am Cherushii - "Manic (Featuring Kara Marie) [Deep Version]" - Manic (s/r)
1:16am Ceephax - "Friend Track" - Megalift E.P. (Planet Mu)
1:12am Shobaleader One - "Plug Me In" - d'Demonstrator (Warp)
1:03am Tom Jenkinson - "I Was Livid" - Dragon Disc 2 (Worm Interface)
12:48am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani - "Closed Circuit" - Sunergy (RVNG Intl)
12:39am The Ace of Clubs - "Benefist" - Benefist (Firstcask)
12:36am Meat Beat Manifesto - "The Good, the Bad, and the Forger" - Test EP (Flexidisc)
12:32am Odd Nosdam - "Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix)" - Sisters Remix EP (Leaving)
12:26am Octo Octa - "Deep Hurt" - Oh Love (100% Silk)
12:07am Suzanne Ciani - "Concert At Phil Niblock's Loft" - Buchla Concerts - 1975 (Finders Keepers)
12:03am The Martian - "Search Your Feelings" - LBH - 6251876 (Red Planet)
3:26am Police In Cars With Headphones - "Setting The Shopping Mall On Fire" - Wegwerfgesellschaft (Fixed System)
3:23am Mogwai - "Are You A Dancer?" - Atomic (Rock Action)
3:11am The House In The Woods - "Upon Descending" - The Deep Tapes (Milieu Music)
3:09am Robert Rich - "Rhizome" - What We Left Behind (Soundscape Productions)
3:03am Sting - "A Thousand Years" - Brand New Day (A&M)
2:58am Mister Rogers - "You're Growing" - Won't You Be My Neighbor (Mister Rogers Neighborhood)
2:54am Cerise - "Shades In Shade" - Smoke Screen Dreams (Psychic Cats)
2:49am Tangerine Dream - ""Deadly Care" Main Theme" - Deadly Care Soundtrack (Silva America)
2:44am Tangerine Dream - "The Letters (Parts 1 & 2)" - The Park Is Mine Soundtrack (Silva Screen)
2:36am The Meow Meows - "Rude Girls Gone To Jail" - Typical Girls (Emotional Response)
2:33am Toxic Shock - "Intoxicated" - Subnormal Girls (Waiting Room)
2:29am Julian Lennon - "Valotte" - Valotte (Atlantic)
2:25am Datach'i - "Margin Of Error" - System (Timesig)
2:17am The Feenjon Group - "Marinella" - An Evening At The Cafe Feenjon (Monitor)
2:11am Hawkwind - "Opa-Loka" - Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Cherry Red)
2:08am Pantha Du Prince - "Lichterschmaus" - The Triad (Rough Trade)
2:05am Konx-Om-Pax - "Rainbow Bounce" - Caramel (Planet Mu)
2:02am Caustic Window - "R2-D2" - Joyrex J5 (Rephlex)
1:55am Massive Attack - "Be Thankful For What You've Got" - Blue Lines (Virgin)