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12:38pm Natalie Prass - "Short Court Style" - The Future and The Past (ATO)
12:31pm Virna Lindt - "Underwater Boy" - Shiver (Compact)
12:30pm Brownout - "Don't Believe the Hype" - Fear of a Brown Planet (Fat Beats)
11:59pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
11:55pm Yung Wu - "Child of the Moon" - Shore Leave (Bar/None)
11:52pm Alice Jemima - "Liquorice" - Alice Jemima (Sunday Best)
11:49pm Francoise Hardy - "Fleur de Lune" - Soleil (Virgin)
11:47pm Masahiko Sato - "Funny Feeling" - Belladonna of Sadness (Finders Keepers)
11:46pm Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin - "The Shaman’s Dancee" - DJ Format’s Psych Out (Barely Breaking Even)
11:45pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
11:37pm Ayalew Mesfin - "Hasabe" - Ethiopiques Vol 8: Swinging Addis (Buda Musique)
11:34pm Erma Franklin - "I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy" - Honeybeat: Groovy 60’s Girl-Pop (Real Gone)
11:31pm New Birth - "What’ll I Do" - The New Birth (RCA)
11:27pm Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY - "My God Has a Telephone" - My God Has a Telephone (Colemine)
11:25pm Freddie Scott - "(You) Got What I Need" - Cry To Me - The Best Of Freddie Scott (Sony)
11:22pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
11:18pm Asha Puthli - "Right Down Here" - Asha Puthli (CBS)
11:16pm Summer Twins - "A Hit" - A Hit (S/R)
11:14pm Hepburns - "Nova" - In The Mean Time (Radio Khartoum)
11:12pm Look Blue Go Purple - "I Don’t Want You Anyway" - Still Bewitched (Flying Nun)
11:07pm Fun Boy Three - "It Ain’t What You Do..." - Fun Boy Three (Chrysalis)
11:02pm The World - "Some Like It Hot" - First World Record (Lumpy)
10:58pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
10:53pm Ava Luna - "Cargo Culte" - Histoire de Mélodie Nelson (Turntable Kitchen)
10:50pm Onra - "Pearl Song" - Chinoiseries Pt 3 (All City Dublin)
10:46pm Boogie Belgique - "Every Time" - Volta (Cold Busted)
10:45pm Mounika. - "De Roses et de Colombes" - How Are You (DLoaw & Co)
10:40pm Maria Usbeck - "Bosque de Bambu" - Bosque de Bambu (Cascine)
10:35pm Brazilian Girls - "Balla Balla" - Let’s Make Love (Six Degrees)
10:33pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
10:31pm Margo Guryan - "Sun" - Take a Picture (Franklin Castle)
10:29pm Hovvdy - "Brave" - Cranberry (Double Double Whammy)
10:27pm Jonathan Richman - "When I Say Wife" - Having a Party With Jonathan Richman (Rounder)
10:24pm Joey Dosik - "Game Winner" - Game Winner (Secretly Canadian)
10:20pm Woman Believer - "Maybe" - Dunzo (S/R)
10:15pm Haley Heynderickx - "Oom Sha La La" - I Need to Start a Garden (Mama Bird)
10:14pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
10:10pm Strawberry Switchblade - "Spanish Song" - 1982 4 Piece Demo (Night School)
10:06pm Lydia Lunch - "Atomic Bongos" - Queen of Siam (Ze)
10:03pm Les Marylenes - "Le Beau Tetard Sur Son Cigare" - bingo : french punk exploitation 1978-1981 (Born Bad)
9:58pm Ata kak - "Yemmpa Aba" - Obaa Sima (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
9:54pm Cut Chemist - "Work My Mind (feat Chali 2na & Hymnal)" - Die Cut (A Stable Sound)
9:50pm Roshmond Patten - "Dibs" - Feels So Right (Master Source)
9:48pm -brother grimm- - "" - ()
9:46pm Lykke Li - "Time in a Bottle" - Time in a Bottle (LL Recordings)
9:44pm Imarhan - "Ehad Wa Dagh" - Temet (City Slang)
9:42pm Delmonas - "I Feel Like Giving In" - The Delmonas (Hangman)
9:39pm George McGregor & the Bronzettes - "Temptation Is Hard to Fight" - Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation (Numero Group)
9:35pm Pearly Queen - "Quit Jivin'" - Quit Jivin' (Essential)
9:31pm Akale Wube - "Jawa Jawa" - Beyond Addis (Trikont)