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9:34am Tyrannosaurus Rex - "Lofty Skies" - Beard of Stars (Blue Thumb)
9:30am Incredible String Band - "Mercy I Cry" - Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (Elektra)
9:26am Gong - "I Never Glid Before" - Angel's Egg (Get Back)
9:21am Thor and Friends - "Swimming With Stine" - The Subversive Nature of Kindness (LM Duplications)
9:02am Dire Wolves (Absolutely Perfect Brothers Band) - "Oceans of green" - Oceans of green (Feeding Tube)
12:48am Adrian Dziewanski - "A Common Dust" - The Trail Loops Back (Invisible Birds)
12:35am Miya Masaoka, Audrey Chen, Hans Grusel, Kenta Nagar - "Fuse" - Masaoka, Chen, Grusel, Nagar (Resipiscent)
12:26am Ellen Fullman - "Staggered Stasis Section 1" - Staggered Stasis (Anomolies)
12:22am Adriano Zanni - "Disappearing (the last trip)" - Disappearing (Boring Machines)
12:15am Gutzeit/ Zarzutzki - "untitled 3" - Ham Radio (JMY)
12:15am Ka Baird & John Saint Pelvyn - "Year 1" - Five Years Inside the Sun (Tools In Common)
12:02am Alvin Lucier - "Wind Shadows" - Wind Shadows (New World)
5:23pm Kyle Gann - "Galactic Jamboree" - Hyperchromatica (Other Minds Other Worlds)
5:10pm Schnellertollermeier - "Round" - Rights (Cuneiform)
5:06pm Horse Lords - "Encounter I: Transfinite Flow" - Interventions (Northern Spy)
5:05pm Robert Rental and Glenn Wallis - "2" - Untitled LP (Dark Entries)
5:02pm More Ease - "Spin the Knife" - bodiezNcode (Self sabotage)
4:58pm Gems - "Imagine" - Imagine (Turntable Kitchen)
4:56pm Matchess - "Burst Asunder" - Somnaphoria (Trouble In Mind)
4:48pm Andrew Liles - "Midnight Gardener" - Black Hole: Vortex Vault 2 (Beta Lactum Ring)
4:43pm Hawthonn - "In Mighty Revelation" - Red Goddess (Of this Men Shall Know Nothing) (Ba Da Bing)
4:39pm Adriano Zanni - "Disappearing (The Last Trip)" - Disappearing... (Boring Machines)
4:35pm Bill Horist - "Dice Dance" - Lyric/ Suite (Accretions)
4:30pm Ikue Mori - "Pomegranate Seeds #2 Underground King" - In light of Shadows (Tzadik)
4:28pm Chris Carter's Chemistry Lessons - "Field Depth" - Chris Carter's Chemistry Lessons Vol 1 (Mute)
4:22pm Hiss Tracts - "slowed rugs" - Shortwave Nights (Constellation)
4:15pm Barnacles - "Not Even A Sailor" - One Single Sound (Boring Machines)
4:07pm Eric Chenaux - "There" - ()
4:07pm Eric Chenaux - "There's Our Love" - Slowly Paradise (Constellation)
4:04pm Circuit Des Yeux - "Fantasize the Scene" - In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)
3:58pm Book of Knots - "Traineater" - Traineater (Anti)
3:47pm Mary Lattimore - "On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale" - Hundreds of Days (Ghostly International)
3:35pm Steve Roden & Mem 1 - "The Uncertainties of Movement VI" - A Floating Wave of Air (Estuary)
3:25pm myrmyr - "The Story Begins" - The Amber Sea (Digitalis)
3:21pm Sarah Neufeld - "You Are the Field" - Hero Brother (Constellation)
3:15pm Wreckmeister Harmonies - "Descent Into Blindness" - The Alone Rush (Thrill Jockey)
3:00pm Conveyor - "Theme 1" - Prime (Gold Robot)
5:25pm Chuck Johnson - "Calamus" - Balsams (VDSQ)
5:20pm Idyll Swords - "the destination" - Idyll Swords (the communion label)
5:17pm Mirel Wagner - "Dream" - Mirel Wagner (Friendly Fire)
5:13pm Charming Hostess - "Hangman Devil Man" - The Bowls Project (Tzadik)
5:05pm Schnellertollermeier - "Piccadilly Sources" - Rights (Cuneiform)
5:00pm Steven Bernstein - "Dan" - Diaspora Suite (Tzadik)
4:53pm Solo Organ - "When the Meteor Hits" - Frequency Illusion (Golden Slipper)
4:48pm Robert Rental and Glenn Wallis - "1" - United LP (Dark Entries)
4:41pm Malditos - "Azadeh" - Le Reve (Svart)
4:38pm Charnel Ground - "Skeleton Coast" - Charnel Ground (12XU)
4:31pm Yamantaka// Sonic Titan - "The Decay" - Dirt (Paper Bag)
4:20pm Art Zoyd - "Cryogenese Reve Artificiel (Live: Le Mariage Du Ciel et de l'enfer Paris Theatre Des Champs Elysees Part 1 1985)" - 44.5 at a Glance: Selections from the Art Zoyd Box Set (Cunneiform)
4:13pm The Body - "The Last Form of Loving" - I have fought against it, But I can't any longer (Thrill Jockey)