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Saturday, August 10, 2019 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:57am Circuit Des Yeux - "Brainshift" - Reaching For Indigo (Thrill Jockey)
8:52am Spires the in the sunset rise - "well tempered" - ancient patience wills it again (Hairy Spider Legs)
8:50am Vashti Bunyun - "Against the Sky" - Look Aftering (Di Christina)
8:48am Bardo Pond - "Lull" - Set and Setting (Matador)
8:44am Helms Alee - "Play Dead" - Noctiluca (Sargent House)
8:34am Thomas Carnacki - "Lonely Chandelier Festivities" - The Museum of Lost Species (Alethiometer)
8:29am Junkie Flamingo - "goetia" - Lemegeton Party (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
8:26am Light Conductor - "When the Robot Hits the Water" - Sequence One (Constellation)
8:25am Headboggle - "Slippy Soul" - Polyphonic Demo (Ratskin)
8:19am Earthen Sea - "Existing Closer or Deeper In Space" - Grass and Trees (Kranky)
8:08am This Heat - "Horizontal Hold" - Made Available (These Records)
8:01am Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano - "Cyclone 1" - Electric Smog (Unrock)
7:58am Maurice Louca - "One More For the Gutter" - Elephantine (Northern Spy)
7:56am Phil Manzanera - "Dusza (Manzanera & Wyatt)" - 50 minutes later (rykodisc)
7:53am Lee Scratch Perry - "Patience Dub" - Super Ape Returns To Conquer (Subatomic Sound)
7:48am Larkin Grimm - "Be My Host" - Parplar (Young God)
7:44am Eric Chenaux - "White Dwarf White Sea" - Dull Lights (Constellation)
7:43am Gutzeit/ Zarzutzki - "Untitled 10" - Ham Radio (JMY)
7:39am Amma Ateria - "Lightly" - Vague Pure Affection (Bimodal Press)
7:35am Saba Alizadeh - "Dream" - Scattered Memories (Karlrecords)
7:27am Daniel HIggs - "Solo Jews Harp" - Magic Alphabet (Dischord)
7:20am Damo Suzuki's Network - "Hot Tuna Express" - Hollywood (Canopic)
7:16am Alvarius B - "Mark Twain August" - Vol 2: A Mark Twain August: With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven (Abduction)
7:14am Magik Markers - "Risperdal" - Balf Quarry (Drag City)
7:06am Thirteenth Floor Elevators - "Slip Inside This House" - Easter Everywhere (Decal)
7:00am Village of Spaces - "Berry To Berry" - Shaped By Place (Feeding Tube)
6:55am Altars Altars - "V" - Fragments (Home Normal)
6:52am Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky - "Dead West" - Droneflower (Sacred Bones)
6:47am Layale Chaker & Sarafind - "Alight Here" - Inner Rhyme (In A Circle)
6:44am Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, & Ghedalia Tazartes - "Quando" - superdisque (Subrosa)
6:39am Tom Kovacevic - "An alien dropped from the sky on his head when he was a baby" - Universe Thin As Skin (Immune Recordings)
6:30am cheryl e leonard - "Confluences" - Watershed (self released)
6:05am Dielectric drone allstars - "trainline" - Dr One (dielectric)
8:49pm Coil - "2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Ethyl-Amphetamine" - Time Machines (Dais)
8:37pm Matthew Burtner - "Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier" - Glacier Music: Ecoacoustics of Glaciers (Ravello)
8:33pm Grant Cutler - "Georgia" - Self Portrait (Innova)
8:25pm Fursaxa - "Rodeo In the Sky" - Amulet (Last Visible Dog)
8:20pm Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore - "Painter of Tygers" - Ghost Forests (Three Lobed)
8:18pm Espers - "Riding Voices" - Espers (Locust Music)
8:14pm Idyll Swords - "Morning In Miniature" - Idyll Swords (The Communion)
8:10pm Skyminds - "Sunrise Trails the Growing Dawn" - Skyminds (Auasca)
7:58pm Circle - "Vaanen Valtiatar" - Sunrise (Ektro)
7:54pm Mdou Moctar - "Asshet Akal" - Ilana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)
7:50pm Maurice Louca - "One More For the Gutter" - Elephantine (Northern Spy)
7:40pm Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - "When the Sun Rises Do You Not See A Round Disc of Fire" - An attempt to draw aside the veil (Sacred Bones)
7:37pm Black To Comm - "Angel Investor" - Seven Horses For Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey)
7:33pm Book of Knots - "Moondust Must" - Garden of Fainting Stars (Ipecac)
7:25pm Free Kitten - "Surf's Up" - Inherit (Ecstatic Peace)
7:21pm Blonde Redhead - "Symphony of Treble" - Fake Can Be Just As Good (Touch and Go)
7:17pm Endon - "Love Amnesia" - Boy Meets Girl (Thrill Jockey)