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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:41pm Peter Garland - "early morning" - The Landscape Scrolls (Starkland)
8:35pm Tim Hecker - "In Death Valley" - Konoyo (Kranky)
8:30pm Jessica Moss - "Fractals: Truth 4" - Entanglement (Constellation)
8:25pm Michele Walther - "Silver Wings" - Colibri (Michele Walther)
8:17pm Disemballerina - "Carpathia" - Undertaker (Graceless)
8:05pm Chord - "loc 10" - Chord (Self Released)
8:00pm Diamanda Galas - "25 minutes to go" - malediction and prayer (asphodel)
7:58pm Black To Comm - "Licking the Fig Tree" - Seven Horses For Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey)
7:45pm Oozing Wound - "Birth of a Flat Earther" - High Anxiety (Thrill Jockey)
7:37pm Endon - "Doubts As a Source" - Boy Meets Girl (Thrill Jockey)
7:33pm Thrones - "Oso Malo" - Thrones (Kill Rock Stars)
7:25pm Harry Pussy - "Showroom Dummies" - What Was Music? (Siltbreeze)
7:22pm This Heat - "Makeshift Swahili" - Deciet (Rough Trade)
7:16pm FaUSt - "Lights Flickers" - Fresh Air (Bureau B)
7:10pm Dire Wolves - "Unfettered and Alive" - Paradisiacal Mind (Feeding Tube)
7:06pm Robert Poss - "Ribbon Candy Colors" - Frozen Flowers Curse the Day (Trace Elements)
7:01pm Laurie Spiegel - "Riding the Storm" - Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
6:55pm Sun Ra & his Astro Infinity Arkestra - "Cosmo-Media" - Pathways To Unknown Worlds (Modern Harmonic)
6:48pm Nouveau Classical Project - "Cy by David Bird" - Currents (Gold Bolus)
6:44pm Otherworld Ensemble - "Iberia" - Northern Fire (Edgetone)
6:40pm Melford, Myra, Zeena Parkins, and Miya Masoka - "Taurus" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
6:33pm Zoe Boekbinder - "haunted" - Shadows (Self Released)
6:28pm Ingeborg von Agassiz - "Runtchkin Love" - O Giver of Dreams (S/R)
6:24pm Elena Setien - "Another Kind of Revolution" - Another Kind of Revolution (Thrill Jockey)
6:15pm Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore - "Fair Annie" - Ghost Forests (Three Lobed)
6:04pm Voicehandler - "June 1" - light from another light (Humbler)
8:43pm A Minor Forest - "The Smell of Hot" - Inindependence (Thrill Jockey)
8:35pm Fibulator - "Curative" - Unhammerlike (Jim Wilbur)
8:30pm Thinking Feller Union Local 282 - "Father" - Admonishing the Bishops (Matador)
8:25pm Spires That In the Sunset Rise - "Wide Awake" - Four Winds the Walker (Secret Eye)
8:10pm Date Palms - "Exodus Due West" - The Dusted Sessions (Thrill Jockey)
8:00pm Tuluum Shimmering - "Dancing In the Third Sky" - Dancing In the Seven kies (s/r)
7:55pm Black To Comm - "Angel Investor" - Seven Horses For Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey)
7:45pm Matthew Burtner - "Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier" - Glacier Music: Ecoacoustics of Glaciers (Ravello)
7:36pm Jessica Moss - "Fractals: Truth 2" - Entanglement (Constellation)
7:34pm Sarah Davachi - "Waking" - Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing)
7:31pm Shirley and Dolly Collins - "Over the Hills and Far Away" - A Favorite Garland (Gama)
7:27pm Eyvind Kang - "Occultum Lapidem" - Virginal Co ordinates (Ipecac)
7:20pm Areon Flutes - "Chthonic Suite: Enantiodromia, by Cornelius Boots" - Thrive (Innova)
7:07pm Nouveau Classical Project - "Artifacts, by: Isaac Schankler" - Currents (Gold Bolus)
7:04pm VVD WNDWS - "Circles" - Blue Landscape (Gold Dagger)
7:00pm Kenji Kihara - "Nagi" - Scenes of Scapes (Inner Islands)
6:55pm Chuck Johnson - "Medicine Map" - Blood Moon Boulder (Scissor Tail Editions)
6:53pm Suss - "Late Night Call" - Ghost Box (Expanded) (Northern Spy)
6:40pm Varispeed - "fear nowtell into leaf" - Empty Words (by John Cage) (Gold Bolus)
6:34pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Rare Things Grow" - Ears (Western Vinyl)
6:32pm Auto Da Fe - "Monkey King" - The Spectre (Secret Eye)
6:28pm Elena Setien - "Old Jamie" - Another Kind of Revolution (Thrill Jockey)
6:23pm Clive's Original Band (C.O.B.) - "The Lion of Judah" - Moyshe McStiff and The Tartan Lancers of The Sacred Haert (Expanded Edition)
6:03pm John Davis - "Harbour" - Visiting the Sky (Bimodal Press)