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1:01am *** - "" - ()
1:00am Steve Hillage - "Garden of Paradise" - Rainbow Dome Musick (Virgin)
1:30pm Gendhing Bonang Glendheng - "Pelog Lima" - Gamelang of Central Java VII: Edge of Tradition (Yantra)
12:09pm Boris Karloff - "Voice From the Grave" - Tales of the Frightened, Vol. 2: Told by Boris Karloff (Mercury)
12:07pm Campbell Kneale - "Dawns Azure Devil" - Wound: A Guitar-Centric Compilation (Carbon)
12:05pm Morton Feldman - "Coptic Light" - Coptic Light (Wergo)
6:04am Boris Karloff - "The Vampire Sleeps" - Tales of the Frightened (Mercy Records)
5:55am Christelle Bofale - "U Ouchea" - Swim Team (Father/Daughter)
5:50am Black Belt Eagle Scout - "Soft Stud" - Mother of My Children (Saddle Creek)
5:47am Mac Demarco - "Honey Moon" - Haruomi Hosono (Crown Music)
5:42am Nico Georis - "The Greenhouse Reel" - Shirley Shirley Shirley! (Psychic Arts)
5:38am Las Allah - "Nothing to Hide" - Worship the Sun (Innovative Leisure)
5:36am Tommy and June - "Lonely train" - Tommy and June (D-Com)
5:33am Grupo Jeje - "Sitalan" - Group Jeje (Discos Rolas)
5:25am Faramarz Payvr & Ensemble - "Dastgah Homayon" - A Persian Heritsge Classical Music of Iran (Nonesuch Records)
5:20am Rahim Alhaj - "Taqsim Maqam Ajam" - When the Soul Is Settled: Music of Iraq (RBS)
5:12am Big Daddy Doom - "Basket Case" - Indiego hip Hop Sampler (Indiego Hip Hop)
5:07am Eric Sermon - "Hittin Switches" - Single (Uptown Records)
5:00am Marijata - "No condition is Permanent" - Ghana Soundz Volume 2 (Sound Way)
4:55am Brittany Howard - "Georgia" - Jaime (ATO)
4:52am Pete Rock - "Death Becomes You" - Return of SP1200 (Tru Soul)
4:47am Bass Cube - "Rock the Disco" - Bad Bass Music (Pandisc)
4:43am Eddy Senay - "Delgado" - Step By Step (Modern Harmonic)
4:37am Bavu Blake - "Overnight" - Create and Hustle (Bomb Hip-Hop Records)
4:35am The Black Keys - "The Flame" - Magic Potion (Nonesuch Records)
4:32am Avery R. Young - "Talahatchie" - Tubman (FPE)
4:27am Mac Dre - "Get Stupid" - Thizzle Dance/ Get Stupid (Main)
4:23am Algiers - "Time To Go Down Slowly" - The Underside of Power (Mataor)
4:18am - - "-" - - (-)
4:15am CFM - "River" - Soundtrack to an Empty Room (In the Red)
4:09am Iron Crown - "Watcher of the Realm" - Before the Void (S/R)
4:02am Ron Blake - "Invocation" - Sonic Tonic (Mack Avenue Records)
3:55am Dead Can Dance - "Anywhere Out of the World" - Dead Can Dance (Cad 705)
3:47am Isis and Toth - "I am in Hell" - Body Without Organ (Dark Entries)
3:40am Vangelis - "Main Titles" - Blade Runner (Atlantic Recording Company)
3:36am Now Sound Orchestra - "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Peter Pan)
3:33am Ghosts of Dance - "Ghosts of Dance" - Walkng Through Gardens (Dark Entries)
3:22am Kali Malone - "Sacer Profanare" - The Sacrificial Code (iDEAL Recordings)
3:21am *** - "" - ()
3:20am Throbbing Gristle - "20 Jazz Funk Greats" - 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Mute)
3:10am Berlioz - "Fifth Movement (Dream of a Witch's Sabbath" - Symphonie Fantastique: (RCA Victor)
3:06am Jenny Hval - "Accident" - The Practice of Love (Sacred Bones)
3:02am *** - "" - ()
2:56am Kali Malone - "Litanic Cloth Wrung" - The Sacrificial Code (iDEAL Recordings)
2:50am The Microphones - "I. The Sun" - Mount Eerie (K)
2:47am David McCallum - "H.P. Lovecraft: The Rats in the Walls" - H.P. Lovecraft: The Rats in the Walls (Caedmon)
2:44am Morton Feldman - "For Samuel Beckett (Part II)" - For Samuel Beckett (Wergo)
2:43am *** - "" - ()
2:38am Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy - "Zawaj" - Whities 023 [The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor] (Whities)
2:36am Sons of the Pioneers - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" - The Best of the Sons of the Pioneers (RCA Victor)