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Friday, August 24, 2018 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:55pm White Hills - "End 7" - Oddity V Freaky Farm (White Hills)
11:49pm Body/Head - "In The Dark Room" - The Switch (Matador)
11:45pm Joyride - "Joyride" - Friendsound (RCA)
11:39pm Brankas - "Worms" - My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World IsMy Canvas. I Don't See... (Snafu Family)
11:30pm Earthless - "Black Heaven" - Black Heaven (Nuclear Blast)
11:24pm Death Wheelers - "RIP ( Last Ride)" - I Tread On Your Grave (Riding Easy)
11:17pm Sparks - "Rock 'n' Roll People in a Disco World" - Terminal Jive (Repertoire)
11:11pm Bezier - "Organisation Maritime" - Parler Musique (Dark Entries)
11:08pm John Coltrane - "Nature Boy" - Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!)
11:03pm Wayne Shorter Quartet - "S.S. Golden Means" - Without A Net (Blue Note)
11:00pm Rasputin's Stash - "Your Love Is Certified" - Rasputin's Stash (Cotillion)
10:58pm Elias Akadirir & Sunny Black's Band - "L'enfance" - African Scream Contest 2 (Analog Africa)
10:50pm Almas Fronterizas - "Rosa Tropical" - Rosa Tropical EP (S/R)
10:47pm Mexican Institute of Sound - "El Microfono" - Mexican Institute of Sound (Nacional)
10:43pm Spaghetti Cumbia - "Spaghetti Cumbia" - Spaghetti Cumbia (Steady Beat)
10:37pm Dion - "Baby, I'm In The Mood For You" - Kickin' Child (Norton)
10:32pm Red House Painters - "Michael" - Down Colorful Hill (4AD)
10:27pm I See Hawks in LA - "Stoned With Melissa" - Live and Never Learn (S/R)
10:22pm It's a Beautiful Day - "A Hot Summer Day" - It's A Beautiful Day (Columbia)
10:15pm Strawbs - "Midnight Sun" - Strawbs Live In Gettysburg (Witchwood)
10:11pm Olivia Chaney - "Solitude" - Shelter (Nonesuch)
10:08pm Byrds - "Everybody's Been Burned" - Younger Then Yesterday (Columbia)
10:04pm Josh T. Pearson - "Straight To Me" - The Straight Hits (Mute)
10:00pm Badfinger - "Carry On Till Tomorrow" - Magic Christian Music (Apple)
9:54pm Daudyflin - "Skitablod" - Daudyflin (Iron Lung)
9:47pm Peter Ivers - "Substitute Teacher" - Take It Out On Me (Wounded Bird)
9:45pm Table Sugar - "Marry Me" - Introductory Material (Water Wing)
9:43pm The Saints - "Memories Are Made Of This" - Eternally Yours (EMI)
9:39pm Thunderpussy - "Badlands" - Thunderpussy (Stardog)
9:31pm Trouble Funk - "A Groove? That's What We're Taking About" - Saturday Night Live from Washington DC (Island)
9:28pm Aretha Franklin - "Young, Gifted and Black" - Young, Gifted and Black (Atlantic)
9:25pm Aretha Franklin - "Rock Steady" - Queen of Soul (Atlantic)
9:22pm Aretha Franklin - "Think" - Aretha Now (Atlantic)
9:15pm Pseudo Mind Hive - "Desert God" - From Elsewhere (S/R)
9:11pm Glitter Wizard - "Fungal Visions" - Hollow Earth Tour (Heavy Psych Sounds)
9:03pm White Hills - "End 8" - Oddity V Freaky Farm (White Hills)
9:00pm Hawkwind - "Master Of The Universe" - Best Of Live (Secret)
11:57pm Darryl Way - "Winnter Allegro Non Molto" - Vivaldi's Four Seasons in Rock (Right Honourable)
11:51pm Self Defense Family - "Have You Considered Punk Music" - Have You Considered Punk Music (Run For Cover)
11:44pm Earthless - "Gifted By The Wind" - Black Heaven (Nuclear Blast)
11:38pm Kraan - "Yellow Bamboo" - Andy Nogger (Intercord)
11:32pm Jon Hopkins - "Neon Pattern Drum" - Singularity (Domino)
11:27pm Yes - "No Opportunity Necessarry, No Experience Needed" - Time And A Word (Atlantic)
11:16pm Peter Banks - "Funkin' Profundity It's All Greek To Me" - Self -Contained Trilogy (Peter Banks Musical Estate)
11:08pm Lee Morgan Quintet - "The Sidewinder" - The Sidewinder (Blue Note)
11:00pm Fantasy Life - "Over And Over" - Over And Over (Dark Entries)
10:53pm Helena Espvall - "The Straight Line Leads To Hell" - Nimis & Arx (Fire Museum)
10:48pm Blackwater Holylight - "Sunrise" - Blackwater Holylight (Riding Easy)
10:45pm Manfred Mann's Earth Band - "Demolition Man" - Somewhere In Afrika (Arista)
10:41pm +10:1 Tinariwen - "Assawt" - Elwan (Anti-)