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Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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9:00pm 20/20 - "Yellow Pills" - 20/20 (Portrait)
5:25pm Iona Fortune - "Yu" - Tao of I Volume 2 (Estatic)
5:19pm G&D - "Protect Yourself" - Black Love and War (Some Otha Ship Connect)
5:15pm Tyler the Creator - "Are We Still Friends" - Igor (Columbia)
5:07pm Girl Eats Boy - "Napalm Bohemia" - Big Dirty Beats 2 (Moonshine)
5:05pm Professor X - "Professor X (Saga)" - Professor X (Saga) (Techno Kut)
4:59pm Eddy Senay - "Soul Preachin'" - Step by Step (Modern Harmonic)
4:56pm Frankie Karl & The Dreams - "Don't Be Afraid" - Don't Be Afraid (D.C. Sound)
4:53pm Deseos Primitivos - "Pueblo" - Existir (S/R)
4:50pm Cortinas - "Fascist Dictator" - Fascist Dictator (Step Forward)
4:43pm CCCP - "American Soviets" - American Soviets (Clockwork)
4:39pm MG Shreekumar - "Kissa Hum Likhenge" - Hindustani Remix ()
4:34pm Ace - "How Long" - How Long (Anchor)
4:30pm ESG - "Dance Sing" - A South Bronx Story (Universal Story)
4:27pm Deviants - "Broken Biscuits" - Deviants 3 (Transatlantic)
4:25pm Darts - "I Like U but Not Like That" - I Like You but Not Like That (Alternative Tentacles)
4:22pm Current Affairs - "Buckle Up" - Buckle Up (S/R)
4:14pm Drama - "Hard to Believe" - Down (Philips)
4:11pm Blackbone - "Louisiana Cockfight" - Lookin' at the Sky (Ace)
4:08pm Bill Monroe - "Christmas Time's A-Coming" - Hillbilly Holiday (Rhino)
4:06pm Hank Harral - "The D.J. Blues" - Strut My Stuff (Modern Harmonic)
4:01pm Secrets - "Oh Donnie (He Ain't Got No Money)" - Oh Donnie (Philips)
3:59pm Goodies - "Sophisticated Boom Boom" - Boys Can Be Mean (Charly)
3:54pm Iron Crown - "Watcher of the Realm" - Before the Void (S/R)
3:48pm Blacksmith - "Black Attack" - Fire from Within (Tropical)
3:43pm Tears - "Funk Family" - Sweet Love (Funkshun)
3:40pm Wally Cox and Nate Branch - "Za Zu" - Superfunk3 (BGP)
3:36pm Les Rhythmes Digitales - "Hey, You- What's That Sound?" - Hey, You- What's That Sound? (Astralwerks)
3:32pm Definition of Sound - "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" - Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Cardiac)
3:28pm Morning Scales the Mountain - "Out West" - Wound: A Guitar-Centric Compilation (Carbon)
3:22pm Lisa Prank - "Rodeo" - Perfect Love Song (Father Daughter)
3:18pm Heart - "Sister" - Hang On (EMI)
3:15pm Runaways - "Queens of Noise" - Queens of Noise (Modern Harmonic)
3:11pm Soft Boys - "Where are the Prawns?" - Two Halves for the Price of One (Armageddon)
3:08pm Kieth West - "On a Saturday" - Tomorrow (Parlophone)
12:58am Angel Witch - "Condemned" - Angel of Light (Metal Blade)
12:49am Blind Illusion - "Vegeance is MIne" - 2018 E.P. (Death Noise)
12:47am Iron Cemetary - "Deathcoin" - Iron Cemetary (S/R)
12:41am Iron Crown - "The Outsider" - Before the Void (S/R)
12:37am Sinawe - "Rock & Roll of Youth" - Heavy Metal Sinawe (Si-Wan)
12:33am Death Angel - "Caster of Shame" - The Dream Calls for Blood (Nuclear Blast)
12:26am Harvey - "Bagel with Spread" - Bagel with Spread (S/R)
12:22am Wizard - "Sweet Thing" - So Much I Wanna See (Future Track)
12:17am King Diamond - "Masquerade of Madness" - Masquerade of Madness (Metal Blade)
12:12am Law Lessness - "Rape Man" - On the Run (Saravah)
12:08am Vengeance - "Driving Force" - Way Past Go (Mystic)
12:03am Hallow's Eve - "Speed Freak" - Monument (Metal Blade)
5:27pm Natural Bridge Bunch - "Pig Snoots Pt. 1" - Pig Snoots (Atco)
5:25pm Altars Altars - "A V" - Fragments (Home Normal)
5:21pm Rubinoos - "Do You Remember" - From Home (Yep Roc)