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4:01pm Gold Fields - "Waves" - Dalawa (Haven)
3:58pm Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky - "Dead West" - Droneflower (Sacred Bones)
3:50pm Captain Beyond - "Fantasy" - Dawn Explosion (Warner Bros.)
3:42pm Armageddon - "Buzzard" - Armageddon (A&M)
3:35pm Coldcut - "Atomic Moog 2000 (Full Blast)" - Atomic Moog 2000 Remixes (Zen)
3:29pm Quantic - "Atlantic Oscillations" - Atlantic Oscillations (Tru Thoughts)
3:25pm Robin Gibb - "Trash" - Sesame Street Fever (CTW)
3:21pm Prince - "You're My Love" - Originals (NPG)
3:14pm Jeff St. John's Copperhead - "Cloud Nine" - Joint Effort (Blank)
3:05pm Frumpy - "How the Gypsy was Born" - Frumpy 2 (Phillips)
5:27pm Gaskin - "End of the World" - Beyond World's End (HR)
5:24pm Somnambulists - "And the Rain Swept In" - From the Field to the Factory (Zum Audio)
5:20pm Pop-O-Pies - "Fascists Eat Donuts" - The White EP (415 Records)
5:18pm Sherrys - "Pop Pop Pop-Pie" - Pop Pop Pop-Pie (Guyden)
5:15pm Jackie Wilson - "Baby Workout" - The Jackie Wilson Story (Epic)
5:11pm Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Electric Soul " - Mettavolution (ATO )
5:06pm Curtis Mayfield - "Billy Jack" - There's no Place Like America Today (Curtom)
5:03pm Johnny Winter - "Birds Can't Row Boats" - Early Winter (Crazy Cajun)
4:57pm Blind Illusion - "Race with the Wizard" - 2018 (Death Nose)
4:54pm Klaus Weiss - "Survivor" - Unusual Sounds (Anthology)
4:51pm Peter and the Test Tube Babies - "Peacehaven Wild Kids" - The Best of Peter and the Test Tube Babies (Anagram)
4:48pm Toy Dolls - "Glenda and the Test Tube Baby" - Dig That Groove Baby (Volume)
4:43pm B-Sides - "Bedtime for Ronald (and the USA)" - Bedtime for Ronald (and the USA) (Radio Active Records)
4:39pm Steel Pulse - "Cry Cry Blood" - Mass Manipulation (Rootfire Cooper)
4:37pm Pete Rock - "A Kalimba Story" - Return of the SP1200 (Tru Soul)
4:33pm Ice - "Ambush" - Roads Of Time (Estate)
4:30pm Iron Butterfly - "Iron Butterfly Theme" - In A Gadda Da Vida (Atco)
4:27pm Slough Feg - "Being And Nothingness" - New Organon (Cruz del Sur)
4:24pm Stray - "This One's for You" - Job Centere Rejects (On the Dole)
4:21pm Kendrick Scott Oracle - "Windows" - A Wall Becomes a Bridge (Blue Note)
4:18pm Timebox - "Soul Sauce" - Beggin' (RPM)
4:15pm Cool Benny & His Stone Swingers - "Wobble Cha" - Wobble Cha (Virgo)
4:13pm Les Cooper and The Soul Rockers - "Wiggle Wobble" - Wiggle Wobble (Everlast)
4:10pm Willie Wright & His Sparklers - "Gibble Gobble" - R&B Hipshakers: Teach Me to Monkey (Vampi Soul)
4:08pm Hearing Things - "Triple Step" - Here's Hearing Things (Yeggs)
4:05pm Frisco - "Comptroller" - Love Songs For Phantom Limbs (Valley King)
4:02pm Silver Zipper - "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" - I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Stony Plain)
3:59pm Muddy Waters - "Rollin' & Tumblin'" - The Real Folk Blues (Chess)
3:54pm Osgood Slaughter - "Time to Be a Transient" - Take This All of You, and Eat It (S/R)
3:51pm Cory Weeds Quintet - "Up Tight's Creek" - Live at Frankie's Jazz Club (Cellar Live)
3:47pm Havenstock Riverstock Band - "Feet Creek" - Feet Creek (Impress)
3:43pm Blackhawk County - "Oregon (I Can't Go Home)" - Oregon (I Can't Go Home) (Seagull)
3:38pm Four Tet - "As Serious as Your Life" - Rounds (Domino)
3:33pm Sceptre Fretpen - "Tangents Mansion" - Earthquake Park (S/R)
3:30pm Bedstars - "I Am So Changeable" - I Am So Changeable (Genjing)
3:27pm Vibrations - "Ain't No Greens in Harlem" - Good Vibrations (Guiness)
3:23pm Pink Fairies - "City Kids" - Kings of Oblivion (Polydor)
3:20pm Brats - "Pinned on My Eyelids" - 1980 Brats (High Roller)
3:17pm Fat Jack - "The Funk" - Virgo (Order Label)
3:14pm Booty People - "Spirit of '76" - Spirit of '76 (Calla)