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Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:26pm Datura 4 - "Blessed is the Boogie" - Blessed is the Boogie (Alive Naturalsound)
5:22pm Bobby Marchan - "Booty Green" - Booty Green (Fire)
5:19pm Derrick Harriot - "Answer Me My Darling" - Ska Bonanza (Heartbeat)
5:16pm Jurassic 5 - "Concrete and Clay" - Improvise (Interscope)
5:14pm Shafiq Husayn - "Ms. Crabtree" - The Loop (Nature Sounds)
5:09pm Shamen - "Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz Remix)" - Move Any Mountain (One Little Indian)
5:04pm Chai - "Great Job" - Punk (Burger)
4:54pm Vanadium - "A Race with the Devil" - A Race with the Devil (Durium)
4:50pm Giuda - "Overdrive" - E.V.A. (Burger)
4:48pm Recidive - "Demon Queen" - Demon Queen (Star Player Music)
4:45pm Villa Alegre - "Los 7 Dias de la Semana" - Still More Songs from TV's Villa Alegre 3 (Peter Pan)
4:40pm Ray Barretto - "Acid" - Acid (Fania)
4:31pm Bang Data - "Todo Se Va Feat. Ivonne" - Loco (Futuro)
4:27pm Gentlemen Wild - "You Gotta Leave" - You Gotta Leave ()
4:25pm Belles - "Melvin" - Mod (The Ultimate Collection) (Goldenlane)
4:22pm Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - "The Barracuda" - The Barracuda (Mar-V-Lus)
4:19pm George Torrence - "Lickin' Stick" - So Long, Goodbye (Shout)
4:15pm Kinetics - "Aw Shucks" - Kinetics (Mod Lang)
4:12pm Les Costa - "Lady Hi! Lady Ho!" - Lady Hi! Lady Ho! (CBS)
4:08pm Albatross - "Bournemouth Rock" - Anything I Want To (Mooncrest)
4:05pm Rob Sonic - "JJ Sad" - Defriender (Skypimps)
4:04pm Brower - "My Father's Name was Cat" - Buzzsaws (DIG!)
4:01pm Manics - "Binary" - Binary EP (Dim Mak)
3:53pm China Crisis - "King in a Catholic Style (Extended Mix)" - King in a Catholic Style (Virgin)
3:47pm Astounds - "Sun Around" - Get Alright With (S/R)
3:41pm Hot Lunch - "Smoke Ring" - Seconds (Tee Pee)
3:36pm Warhorse - "House of Dolls (Demo)" - Warhorse (Repertoire)
3:30pm Natural Child - "It's a Shame My Store Isn't Open" - Okey Dokey (Natural Child Music)
3:25pm Pearl Harbor and the Explosions - "Drivin'" - Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
3:22pm Blaze - "Man with the X-Ray Eyes" - Killer Lover (Hepnote)
3:17pm Health - "Decimation" - Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear (Loma Vista)
3:12pm Riblia Corba - "Mirno Spavaj" - Nazad U Veliki Prljavi Grad (RB)
3:09pm J. Geils Band - "Love Stinks" - Love Stinks (EMI)
3:07pm Marc Thor Band - "Love Sucks" - Trak (Indy)
3:03pm Todd - "The Radio" - The Radio (Crash)
2:54pm Claude VonStroke - "The Whistler" - Beware of the Bird (Dirty Bird)
2:46pm Tiger - "Nobody Move (Orfus Green Mix)" - Get It, Got It, Groove (Columbia)
8:58pm Ozone Street Band - "Keep On Dancing" - KYYX FM Seattle Grown (KYYX)
8:55pm The Original Red Apple Orchestra - "Rock Tell" - Disco Motion (K-Tel)
8:52pm Ray Charles - "I Believe to My Soul" - The Genius Sings the Blues (Atlantic)
8:51pm Pablo Aslan - "Tango Para Cuerdas" - Contrabajo (Soundbrush)
8:47pm Sinead O'Connor - "Mandinka" - The Lion and the Cobra (Chrysalis)
8:43pm John Carpenter - "Wake Up" - They Live (Enigma)
8:41pm Trash Knife - "Sick of It" - Trash Knife/Dumb Vision (Kitschy Spirit)
8:39pm Luxury Item - "Trade" - Trade (GTF)
8:36pm Slickee Boys - "When I Go to the Beach" - When I Go to the Beach (New Rose)
8:33pm Joe Policastro Trio - "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" - Nothing Here Belongs (Chunklet)
8:29pm Obnox - "Sit You Ass Down" - The Juke that Sat by the Door (Chunklet)
8:26pm Sinbad - "Rock Star" - Rock Star (AMG)
8:22pm Omega - "Nemesis" - The Time Keeper (S/R)