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Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:27pm Las Sucias - "Chiquito Bandito" - Chupate Estas (The Label)
5:22pm Tucky Buzzard - "Can't Live Without It" - Gold Medallions (BASF)
5:19pm Gus Eadon Band - "Times are Hard Now Ain't They" - Times are Hard Now Ain't They (Pye)
5:17pm Jefferey Evans and Ross Johnson - "Cotton Fields" - Caldonia (Space Case)
5:14pm Moondoggies - "My Mother" - A Love Sleeps Deep (Hardly Art)
5:07pm Lyrics Born - "Callin' Out" - Callin' Out (Quannum)
5:00pm KMFDM - "Godlike" - Godlike (Wax Trax)
4:58pm Acid King - "Vertigate #2" - Zoroaster (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
4:54pm Shelby - "Motorbike Girl" - Motorbike Girl (Vogue)
4:51pm Albatross - "Rock 'n' Roll Boogie Man" - Rock 'n' Roll Boogie Man (Mooncrest)
4:48pm Ophelias - "House" - Almost (Joyful Noise)
4:44pm Skating Polly - "Long Ride" - Make it All Show (El Camino)
5:25pm Almas Fronterizas - "Rosa Tropical" - Rosa Tropical EP (S/R)
5:23pm Demons - "I Hate You" - Demons (Mercury)
5:19pm Droogs - "Young Gun" - Young Gun (Plug in Socket)
5:15pm Victoria Vein and The Thunderpunks - "Rear Guard Action" - Punk 45: Sick on You! One Way Spit! (Soul Jazz)
5:07pm Damned - "Daily Liar" - Evil Spirits (Spinefarm)
5:03pm Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark - "Electricity" - O.M.D. (Epic)
5:00pm Exotic Birds - "I'll Never Say Goodby" - No Communication (Saturn)
4:54pm By a Group Called Boston - "Ode to Bobby" - Ode to Bobby (Mystic River)
4:44pm Willie Colon - "Guisando" - Te Estan Buscando (Fania)
4:40pm Longshot & Lazerbeak - "Let Him Go" - Parades (Doomtree)
4:37pm Akrobatik - "Livin' in the City" - Remind My Soul (Coup d'Etat)
4:30pm Shannon & The Clams - "Did You Love Me" - Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
4:27pm Tommy Collins - "Black Cat" - Blackcat (Bear Family)
4:25pm Louvin Brothers - "Red Hen Hop" - Country Love Ballads (Capitol)
4:21pm Overlorde - "Keeper of the Flame" - Metal is Real (Heaven & Hell)
4:18pm Witchkiller - "Day of the Saxons" - Day of the Saxons (Metal Blade)
4:12pm Step Dads - "La Croix" - Memento (Life Vest)
4:10pm Papa Topo - "Oso Panda" - Oso Panda (Elefant)
4:07pm Tiger Trap - "Puzzle Pieces" - Tiger Trap (K)
4:07pm Jumbalayah - "Feel High" - Feel High (SDRC)
4:05pm Peach Kelli Pop - "Black Magic" - Gentle Leader (Mint)
3:59pm Quick - "Don't You Want It" - Mondo Deco (Mercury)
3:56pm Rabbit - "Marvel Man" - Lady La Di Da (CBS)
3:54pm The Clique - "Superman" - The Clique (White Whale)
3:51pm Skunks - "Youth Quake" - Youth Quake (Mercury)
3:43pm Fantasy Life - "Over and Over" - Over and Over (Dark Entries)
3:40pm Walter Murphy - "A Fifth of Beethoven" - Saturday Night Fever O.S.T. (RSO)
3:38pm Dickies - "Give it Back" - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (A&M Records)
3:35pm Wipers - "Over the Edge" - Over the Edge (Brain Eater)
3:30pm Brownout - "Bring the Noise" - Fear of a Brown Planet (Fat Beats)
3:26pm Khryss & Elzhi - "Seventeen" - Jericho Jackson (Jamla)
3:22pm Jefferson Starship - "Rock Music" - Freedom at Point Zero (Grunt)
3:18pm Bart & The Bedazzled - "The Amateurs" - Blue Motel (Lovemonk)
3:13pm Onyx - "Break it Loose" - Bay Area Funk (Luv N Haight)
3:11pm Paul Humphrey & The Cool Aid Chemists - "Cool Aid" - Paul Humphrey & The Cool Aid Chemists (Lizard)
3:06pm King Diamond - "Blue Eyes" - Dreams of Horror (Metal Blade)
3:02pm Huntress - "Zenith" - Starbound Beast (Napalm)
5:26pm Rainbow Kitten Surprise - "When it Lands" - How to: Friend, Love, Freefall (Elektra)