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Saturday, November 24, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:28pm Advance Base - "Christmas in Nightmare City" - Animal Companionship (Run For Cover)
5:22pm Poncho Sanchez - "Chile Con Soul" - Chile Con Soul (Concord Picante)
5:19pm Goon Sax - "We Can't Win" - We're Not Talking (Witchita)
5:16pm Ramona - "How Can I Give You Back" - I Have No Time (Doob Rock'n)
5:10pm Flaming Youth - "Guide Me, Orion" - Guide Me, Orion (Fontana)
5:06pm Electric Food - "Nosferatu" - Electric Food (Master Classics)
5:02pm ZZ en de Maskers - "Dracula" - ZZ en de Maskers (Artone)
4:59pm Wailers - "You Won't Lead Me On" - You Won't Lead Me On (United Artists)
4:52pm Vengeance - "Driving Force" - Way Past Go (Mystic)
4:45pm Hot Fog - "Gloved Vengeance" - Wyvern and Children First (S/R)
4:41pm DJ Female Convict Scorpion - "Earthless, Windless, Fireless" - Ishmagrad (Calar Music)
4:35pm Mungo Jerry - "Alright, Alright, Alright" - Alright, Alright, Alright (Pye)
4:33pm Jacques Dutronc - "Mini, Mini, Mini" - Jacques Dutronc (Disques Vogue)
4:31pm Piero Umiliani - "Fotomodelle" - Svezia: Inferno e Paradiso (Omicrom)
4:29pm Charlie Feathers - "I Can't Hardly Stand It" - Born Bad Vol. 2 (Born Bad)
4:24pm Beat Taboo - "Cat Lady Man" - Beat Taboo (Off the Hip)
4:19pm Blackfoot Sue - "Standing in the Road" - Standing in the Road (DJM)
4:16pm Maritza Horn - "I know What I Am" - I Know What I Am (Yum Yum)
4:06pm Underworld - "Rez" - Cowgirl (Wax Trax)
4:01pm Wax Chattels - "Stay Disappointed" - Wax Chattels (Captured Tracks)
3:56pm Adam & The Ants - "A.N.T.S." - A.N.T.S. (LIntone)
3:52pm RVG - "That's All" - A Quality of Mercy (S/R)
3:48pm Fresh & Onlys - "Invisible Forces" - Grey-Eyed Girls (Woodist)
3:43pm Cheese - "She Said" - She Said (B-B-Baby Records)
3:39pm Earth Quake - "Emma" - Leveled (Beserkley)
3:36pm Jammer - "Ya Know What I Mean" - Ya Know What I Mean (Honey)
3:33pm Blueprint - "Don't Look Back" - Two-Headed Monster (Weightless)
3:29pm Gone Beyond & Mumbles - "Dances with Death" - Notes from the Underground (Content (L)able)
3:25pm Van Halen - "Bottoms Up!" - Van Halen II (Warner Bros.)
3:20pm Raven - "Faster Than the Speed of Light" - Wiped Out (Neat Records)
3:14pm Yello - "Bostich" - Bostich (Stiff)
3:07pm Acid Jesus - "Jesus" - Acid Jesus (Klano)
3:03pm Ross from Friends - "Thank God I'm a Lizard" - Family Portrait (Brainfeeder)
5:26pm Jefferson Starship - "Miracles" - Red Octopus (Grunt)
5:22pm Uptones - "Burning Sky" - Skankin' Fools Unite (Fun Fun Fun)
5:18pm Anton Batagov - "John Bull: Galiarda" - An Evening Hymn (An Evening Hymn)
5:15pm Tesla - "Children's Heritage" - Call it What You Want (Geffen)
5:11pm Everybody's Pillow - "Don't Eat the Children" - Live at The Zodiac (Malaco Records)
5:07pm Jeff Sturges and Universe - "Never in My Life" - Jeff Sturges and Universe (MAM)
5:04pm Crowd +1 - "Don't Hold Back" - Don't Hold Back (Capitol)
5:02pm Scott Barton - "Breeding in Pieces" - Stylistic (Alchemies)
5:00pm Toy Dolls - "Florence is Deaf (but There's No Need to Shout)" - A Far Out Disc (Volume)
4:55pm Adam Ant - "Desperate but Not Serious" - Friend or Foe (Epic)
4:51pm Damned - "Alone Again Or" - Anything (MCA)
4:47pm Satan - "Incantations" - Life Sentence (Listenable Records)
4:42pm Raoul Bjorkenheim and eCsTaSy - "Surf Bird" - Doors of Perception (Cuneiform)
4:33pm Cirith Ungol - "Witch's Game" - Witch's Game (Metal Blade)
4:28pm Skull - "From Myself Depart" - The Endless Road Turns Dark (Tee Pee)
4:26pm Pandoras - "It's Getting Harder All the Time" - Hey! It's the Pandoras (Burger)
4:22pm Michael Brothers Quartet - "Life in the Fast Lane" - Three Times Two (Girod)