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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:56pm Black Angel - "Voodoo Magic" - You Can Count on Me (Outsiders)
8:47pm Manilla Road - "Witches Brew" - Open the Gates (Black Dragon)
8:44pm MGC - "Foxy Lady" - Fast Forward (Fraction Discs)
8:41pm Michael Yonkers - "My House" - Microminiature Love (SubPop)
8:35pm Jack McDuff - "Hunk O' Funk" - To Seek a New Home (Blue Note)
8:30pm Monkees - "Your Auntie Grizelda" - More of the Monkees (Colegems)
8:28pm Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen - "I've Been Thinking" - Required Etiquette (Big Beat)
8:25pm Guilloteens - "Hey You" - Hey You (HBR)
8:15pm Televangel - "Strip Mall Church" - Anthropecene Blues (Fake Four Inc.)
8:15pm Four Fists - "Nobody's Biz" - 6666 (Doomtree)
8:10pm Childsplay - "Sailing off to Yankeeland" - Bloom of Youth (Childsplay)
8:07pm Michael "Beausoleil" Doucet - "La Cravate a Zig et Zag" - Le Hoogie Boogie (Rounder)
7:59pm Alastor - "Drawn to the Abyss" - Slave to the Grave (Riding Easy)
7:53pm Tines - "Luddites Last Venture" - That Seventies Compilation (Doomed and Stoned)
7:50pm Hard Horse - "Let it Ride" - Let it Ride (Splendid)
7:44pm Dip - "Best Believe" - The Dip Delivers (S/R)
7:40pm Wham U.K. - "Bad Boys" - Fantastic (Columbia)
7:34pm Vin Zee - "Funky Be Bop" - Funky Be Bop (Full Time Records)
7:29pm Putbacks - "Slowes Slow Dance" - The Putbacks (Hopestreet)
7:25pm Americade - "Little Lady Lover" - American Metal (Adem)
7:20pm AC/DC - "Stick Around" - High Voltage (Albert)
7:18pm Four Fours - "Go-Go" - Go-Go (Zodiac)
7:15pm Kiwis - "Oopy-Doopy-Sam" - Oopy-Doopy-Sam (Brunswick)
7:12pm Magazine Dirty - "Action Reaction" - Action Reaction (F-Minus)
7:09pm Subincision - "This Time" - Berkeley's Newest Hitmakers (S/R)
7:05pm Nuns - "Lazy" - 4 Days in a Motel Room: Their Greatest Sins (Posh Boy)
7:01pm Love and Rockets - "All in My Mind" - Express (Bigtime)
6:57pm Arling & Cameron - "5th Dimension" - We Are A and C (Emperor Norton)
6:53pm Marmalade - "Kaleidoscope" - Reflections of the Marmalade ()
6:49pm Tiger Trap - "Supreme Nothing" - Tiger Trap (K)
6:46pm Lichtenstein - "Strange Ideas" - Fast Forward (Fraction Discs)
6:43pm ESG - "Tiny Sticks" - A South Bronx Story (Universal Sound)
6:40pm Robert Koch - "Psychic" - Sphere (Trees & Cyborgs)
6:32pm Robert Palmer - "Looking for Clues" - Clues (Island)
6:28pm Buzzcocks - "Fiction Romance" - Another Music in a Different Kitchen (Domino Recording Co)
6:24pm UFO - "Prince Kajuku" - UFO II ()
6:21pm Glitter Wizard - "Life Under Traffic" - Life Under Traffic (Rock & Rule)
6:15pm Panther Walk - "Pantherman" - Panther Walk (Polydor)
6:11pm Adriano Celentalo - "Prisencolinensinainciusol" - Prisencolinensinainciusol (Ariola)
6:07pm Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "Mistadobalina" - I Wish My Brother George Were Here (Asylum)
6:04pm Astralblak - "Money (ft. The Lioness)" - Seeds (Sound Verite)
11:58pm Meters - "Ann" - ()
11:55pm Mohawks - "The Champ" - The Champ (Philips)
11:50pm Big Daddy Kane - "Smooth Operator" - Smooth Operator (Cold Chillin')
11:48pm Soultru & Progeny - "Dead Breeze" - Soultru & Progeny (Fake Four Inc)
8:54pm Miya Masaoka, Zeena Parkins, Myra Melford - "Rosette" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
8:52pm Koala - "Don't You Know What I Mean" - Don't You Know What I Mean (Capitol)
8:49pm Ron Nagle - "Marijuana Hell" - Bad Rice (Warner Bros.)
8:43pm Skull - "Thy Will Be Done" - Endless Road Turns Dark (Tee Pee)
8:40pm Tracer - "Champagne Drinker" - X97X (Starstream)