Amazing Grace

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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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These times are shown in Pacific time

3:31pm Quadrant - "Lady Be Good" - Quadrant (Pablo)
3:28pm Bunny Numpkin & The Kill Blow-Up Reaction - "In the Shadows" - Bunny Numpkin / Ambassadors of Silence (Mole)
3:26pm Tall Emma & His Skippers - "Girl with the Guitar Shape" - Girl with the Guitar Shape (Ouoba)
3:12pm Efzeg - "Gunz In" - Wurm (Charhizma)
3:03pm Nordic Effect - "Hildur Gudnadottir: Point of Departure" - He(a)r (Sono Luminus)
3:00pm FaUst - "Chlorophyl" - Alive! in the USA (Bureau B)
5:28pm Yoshio Ojima - "Glass Shattering" - Kankyo Ongku (Light in the Attic)
5:24pm Superhuman Happiness - "Modern Motion" - Beacon (Yeggs)
5:20pm Damon Albarn - "Lonely Press Play" - Everyday Robots (Warner Bros)
5:17pm Everyone is Dirty - "California" - Dying is Fun (Tricycle)
5:12pm Peter Stampfel - "Goldfinger" - You Must Remember This (Gert Town)
5:09pm Mucca Paza - "Bump" - Plays Well Together (s/r)
5:06pm Bicicletas por la Paz - "Brazo De Loba" - Surfeando un Cometa (s/r)
5:00pm Beruit - "Varieties of Exile" - Gallipolli (4AD)
4:57pm TV on the Radio - "Hours" - Return to Cookie Mountain (Interscope)
4:52pm Winter Hours - "Under the Weight" - Say the Word (Link)
4:49pm Huun Huur Tu - "Tarlaashkyn" - Where Young Grass Grows (Shanachie)
4:46pm Gutter Swan - "Wolf Like Me" - Where the Dark and the Light Mingle (s/r)
4:43pm John Renbourn - "Le Tambourin" - The Enchanted Garden (Long Mile)
4:40pm Habib Koite - "Barra" - Afriki (Cumbancha)
4:33pm Ting Tings - "Fine & Dandy" - The Black Light (Finca)
4:28pm Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - "Torin Tourin" - I Speak Fula (Sub Pop)
4:24pm Soul Rebels w/ Cyril Neville - "Unlock Your Mind" - Unlock Your Mind (Rounder)
4:19pm Temptations - "Don't Let the Joneses Get You Down" - Puzzle People (Gordy)
4:11pm Nordic Affect - "Ulfer Hannsen: Skin Continium" - Raindamage (Sonoluminus)
4:04pm Mudwimmin - "Cloud Rodeo" - Skiz (Big Dog)
4:03pm Monsters - "Not Enough" - M (Voodoo Rhythm)
4:00pm Ar-Kaics - "Cut Me Down" - In This Time (Wicked Cool)
3:56pm Boars - "Two Tears" - Two Tears (Theodore)
3:50pm Keel - "Speed Demon" - The Right to Rock (Gold Mountain Ltd)
3:41pm Alex Skolnick Trio - "No One Likes You" - Goodbye to Romance: Standards for a New Generation (Skol Productions)
3:35pm Jimmy Giuffrey - "The Seepherder" - Clarinet (Atlantic)
3:30pm Idris Muhammad w/ George Coleman - "New Orleans Gumbo" - Right now (Cannonball)
3:27pm Rung Petchburi - "Pai Joi" - Thai? Dai! The Heavier Side of the Luk Thong Underground (Finers Keepers)
3:24pm Sy Zentner - "Charade" - Ultra Lounge Vol 8: Cacktail Capers (Capitol)
3:20pm Flowers Ltd & BMG - "The Swinger Thing" - Ska Beats 1 (Cartel)
3:13pm Cuckoos - "Stuck Dreamin' of the Girl Next Door" - Cuckoos (Jiggy Jig)
3:09pm Limbus 4 - "Dhyana" - Mitten Ins Ohr (ZYX)
3:07pm Ken Nordine - "Hello" - A Transparent Mask (Asphodel)
3:03pm Sweredriver - "Everyone's Going Somewhere & No-One's Going Anywhere" - Future Ruins (Danger Bird)
4:52pm Bunny Numpkin - "Lumberyard" - Bunny Numpkin / Ambassadors of Silence (Mole)
4:49pm Tropa Magica - "Morena" - Tropa Magica (Tropicalia in Furs)
4:47pm Jeremiah Jae - "BlackSalt" - BrainfeederX (Brainfeeder)
4:39pm Voicehandler - "June 1" - Light from Another Light (Humbler)
4:36pm Gene Pitney - "Nobody Needs Your Love" - On Vine Street (Ace)
4:30pm Bert Jansch - "Reprise" - Moonshine (Moonshine)
4:28pm Gutter Swan - "Oxycotin Blues" - Where the Dark & the Light Mingle (s/r)
4:24pm Tapes & Topographies - "Far Fields" - Insomnia Drones (Simulacra)
4:21pm Laurie Spiegel - "Finding Voice" - Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
4:12pm Mory Kante - "Ye Ke Ye Ke (Afo Acid Remx)" - Ye Ke Ye Ke (Polydor)