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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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These times are shown in Pacific time

3:56pm Beat Taboo - "Bone Tequila" - The Beat Taboo (Off the Hip)
3:52pm Amazing Snakeheads - "Flatlining" - Amphetamine Ballads (Domino)
3:47pm Micro: Mega - "Annex" - Annex (Wa-Am)
3:43pm Ben LaMar Gay - "Music for 18 Hairdressers: Braids & Fractals" - Downtown CastlesCan Never Block the sun (International Anthem)
3:31pm Morricone Youth - "Sorcerer" - The Adventures of PrinceAchmed (Country Club)
3:29pm Dorzdagvah - "Magdal (praise song) for an Archer" - Mongolian Folk Music (Hungaroton)
3:25pm Body/ Head - "You Don't Need" - The Switch (Matador)
3:20pm Elliott Sharp - "Anatomic Dub" - Field & Stream (Knitting Factory)
3:14pm Betty Everett - "Getting Mighty Crowded" - Hot to Hold (Vee Jay)
3:11pm Arctic Monkeys - "One Point Perspective" - Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino (Domino)
3:08pm Ginkoa - "What We Do" - One Time (s/r)
3:04pm La Luz - "Mean Dream" - Floating Features (Hardly Art)
5:11am Allen Ravenstine - "In the Ether" - Waiting for the Bomb (ReR Megacorp)
5:25pm Cuckoos - "You're Gonna Work for Us Until the Day You Die" - Cuckoos (Jiggy Jig)
5:21pm Droogs - "Everthing but You" - Young Gun (Plug in Socket)
5:19pm Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis - "Till Death" - Wild! Wild! Wild! (Bloodshot)
5:11pm Matthew Shipp / Michael Bisio - "Virgin Complex" - Live in Seattle (Arena Music)
5:02pm Quicksilver Messanger Service - "Gold & Silver" - Quicksilver Messanger Service (Capitol)
4:57pm Ford MaddoxFord - "I'm Haunted" - This American Blues (Porterhouse)
4:53pm Gorillaz - "Tranz" - The Now Now (Warner Brosr)
4:48pm Bombino - "Oulhin" - Deran (Partition)
4:43pm Mamadou Kelly - "Adounia" - Adibar (Clermont)
4:34pm Anml Planet - "Elephants Aren't so Big" - Fall Asleep (Ba Da Bing)
4:30pm Ensemble Mandukhai - "Kunnu" - Ensemble Mandukhai (/sunset France)
4:27pm The ID - "Those Ever-Lovin' Baby Blues" - Girls in the Garage (Romulan)
4:24pm Hod & the Helpers - "Dont Sign Anything" - Hod & the Helpers (s/r)
4:22pm Saucy Jacks - "Mover" - Mover (Chocolate CoveredRecords)
4:19pm Pluush - "Stuck on You" - Stranger to the Pain (Father /Daughter)
4:13pm Allen Ravenstein - "In the Ether" - Waiting for the Bomb (ReR Megacorp)
4:08pm Blackwater Holylight - "Wave of Conscience" - Blackwater Holylight (Riding Easy)
4:05pm Girlschool - "C'mon Let's Go" - Girlschool (Bronze)
4:01pm Uriah Heep - "Walking in Your Shadow" - Uriah Heep (Mercury)
3:57pm Judas Priest - "Grinder" - British Steel (Columbia)
3:46pm Wayne Shorter - "Mephistophles" - The All Seeing Eye (Blue Note)
3:40pm Nels Cline 4 - "Furtive" - Currents, Constellations (Blue Note)
3:35pm Rudresh Mahanthappa - "English" - Mother Tongue (Pi Recordings)
3:30pm Wayne Shorter - "Antiqua" - Moto Grosso Filio (Blue Note)
3:27pm Erma Franklin - "Open Up Your Soul" - Golden Classics (Collectables)
3:24pm Carolyn Franklin - "Boxer" - This is CArolyn (RCA Victor)
3:17pm Erica Pomerance - "The Slippery Morning" - You Used to Think (ESP)
3:11pm Danny Ben-Israel - "Do You Believe in Fairytales?" - The Kathmandu Sessions (Locust Music)
3:07pm Arctic Monkeys - "Batphone" - Tranquility Base Hotel + Csino (Domino)
3:03pm Chancha Via Circuito - "Baru" - Bienventuranza (Wonderwheel)
11:57am Cuckoos - "You're Gonna Work for Us Until the Day YouDie" - Cuckoos (Jiggy Jig)
11:51am English Beat - "Dream Home in NZ" - What Happened? (Sire)
11:49am Heat Vision & Jack - "The Hand-Off" - R.U.F.F. (s/r)
11:47am Brounout - "Trackstar the DJ to the Edge of Panic" - Fear of a Brown Planet (Fat Beats)
11:45am Biclestas por la Paz - "Adonde Voy" - Coco Avenges (s/r)
11:39am Kig Khan + BBQ Show - "It Never Felt Like This" - Bad News Boys (In the Red)
11:37am Crown Teens - "Easy Rhythm" - Bloodshot! (Norton)