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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

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2:58pm Charles Bradley - "Fly Little Girl" - Black Velvet (Dunham)
2:51pm El Remolon ft Lido Pimienta - "Atras" - Future Sounds of Bueno Aires (Waxploitation)
2:46pm Mocean Worker - "Hoot and Hollar" - Candygram for MoWo (Mowo!)
2:43pm Fishtank Ensemble - "CouCou" - Woman in Sin (s/r)
2:40pm Louis Armstrong the Commanders - "Zat You Santa Claus?" - The Stash Christmas Album (Stash)
2:32pm Rikki Illilonga & Musi-O-Tunya - "The Hole" - Dark Sunrise (Now-again)
2:30pm The Girls - "My Baby" - Girls in the Garage (Romulan)
2:28pm Los Matematicos - "Pregunto" - Los Nuggets (Rock Beat)
2:24pm Los Mustang 66 - "Sufriendo" - Los Mustang 66 (Groovie)
2:20pm O'Jays - "Merry Christmas Baby" - Merry Christmas Baby (EMI)
2:15pm Esquivel - "March of the Wooden Soliders" - Esquivel! (Bar None)
2:11pm Ted Coffey - "Petals 2" - Works for Dance (Ravello)
2:09pm Yoko Ono - "Why?" - Warzone (CHimera Music)
2:03pm Turning Jewels into Water - "Which Way is Home?" - Which Way is Home? (FPE)
5:27pm Cucumbers - "Don't Watch TV" - Who Betrays Me...and Other Happier Songs (Fake Doom)
5:23pm Joe Lewis Walker - "Men Old Train" - Journeys to the Heart of the Blues (Alligator)
5:14pm Najat Aatabu - "The Wind" - Country Girls, City Women (Rounder)
5:08pm Dodos - "Sort of" - Certainty Waves (Polyvinyl)
5:04pm Rung Fah Puping - "Pu Yai Lee Santan" - Thai? Dai! (B-Music)
5:00pm Bicicletas por la Paz - "Chicha en ol Menor" - Surfeando un Cometa (s/r)
4:57pm Tipsy - "Sweet Spot" - Buzzz (Ipecac)
4:54pm Ted Coffey - "Petals 3" - Works for Dance (Ravello)
4:52pm Space Negroes - "Music for Safety Ed Class" - Dig Archeology II 1975-1986 (Arf! Arf!)
4:50pm I See Hawks in L.A., - "God Rest Ye Merry War Pigs" - Something Shocking from the Stocking (JoZee)
4:47pm Byron MacGregor - "How Good You Have it in America" - Stand Up America (Westbound)
4:35pm Flying Saucer Attack - "Popul Vuh 1" - Flying Saucer Attack (s/r)
4:32pm Burnt Ones - "Not Here, But There" - Space Lady/ Burnt Ones (Castle Face)
4:28pm Man or Astroman? - "Disintegrate" - 54321 (Warm)
4:26pm Rezillos - "Flying Saucer Attack" - Rezillos (Warner Brothers)
4:24pm Billy Riley & His Little Green Men - "Flying Saucer rock 'n' Roll" - Sun Records Collection 3 (RCA/ Sun)
4:18pm Future Sounds of London - "Lifeforms Path 1" - Lifeforms (Astralwerks)
4:13pm Atl-J - "Hunger of the Pine" - This is All Yours (Atlantic)
4:05pm Gilberto Rodriguez Y Los Incotables - "Sabor Maracuya Desnuda" - Sabor Maracuya Desnuda (Timmion)
4:01pm Blue Sausage Infant - "Am I Bue" - Confessions of a Rogue Taxidermist (ZeroMoon)
3:56pm California Honeydrops - "Rockaway" - A River's Invitation (Tubtone)
3:51pm New Zombies - "Dig Zone Reflex" - New Zombies (s/r)
3:47pm Dave Clark Five - "Nineteen Days" - 5 By 5 (Epic)
3:44pm Freak of Nature - "Want Me!" - Want Me! (Related)
3:41pm Plearn Promdan - "Ruk Kun Samong" - Thai? Dai! (B-Music)
3:38pm The Cat - "Meow" - Thai Beat a Go-Go (Subliminal Sounds)
3:36pm Flour Flour - "Magic 8 Ball" - Dimension A (s/r)
3:30pm Jimmy Heath - "In a Sentimental Mood" - Love & Understanding (Muse Records)
3:25pm Bettie Serveert - "Kid's Alright" - Palomine (Matador)
3:22pm Beths - "You Wouldn't Like Me " - Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
3:17pm BLO - "Gotta Get Me a Better Head" - BLO 3 (Hot Casa)
3:09pm Chucho Valdez - "Chucho's Mind" - Jazz Bata 2 (Mack Avanue)
3:04pm Mommyheads - "Phantom Limb" - Soundtrack to the World's End (Dead Frog)
5:55pm Cuckoos - "You're GonnaWork for Us Until the Day You Die" - Cuckoos (Jiggy Jig)
5:53pm Nick Lowe - "Let's Eat" - Stiff Live/ Live Stiffs (Stiff)
5:49pm Polkacide - "Who Stole the Keeshka" - Polkacide (Subtrranean)