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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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Saturday, August 25, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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11:57am Cuckoos - "You're Gonna Work for Us Until the Day YouDie" - Cuckoos (Jiggy Jig)
11:51am English Beat - "Dream Home in NZ" - What Happened? (Sire)
11:49am Heat Vision & Jack - "The Hand-Off" - R.U.F.F. (s/r)
11:47am Brounout - "Trackstar the DJ to the Edge of Panic" - Fear of a Brown Planet (Fat Beats)
11:45am Biclestas por la Paz - "Adonde Voy" - Coco Avenges (s/r)
11:39am Kig Khan + BBQ Show - "It Never Felt Like This" - Bad News Boys (In the Red)
11:37am Crown Teens - "Easy Rhythm" - Bloodshot! (Norton)
11:33am Ford Maddox Ford - "Promised" - The American Blues (Partnerhouse)
11:28am Rent Romus Life Blood Ensemble - "Think!" - Rogue Star (Edgetone)
11:23am Elaine Rodriguez - "Debussy: Pour le Piano: Tocatta VII" - Reflets (Navona)
11:18am GoGo Penguin - "Weird Cat" - Man Made Object (Blue Note)
11:12am Twink - "Sneerful Wag" - Wide Eyed Wild Ride (s/r)
11:09am Yximalloo - "Normal Tokyo" - OGIHz (Sakura)
11:06am Mien - "Hocus Pocus" - Mien (Rocket Recordings)
11:00am Renaldo Domino & the ImperialSound - "Mercy on Me" - Lady/ Mercy on Me (Pravda)
10:55am Parva - "Mosem e-Gol" - Pomegranates (Finders Keepers)
10:51am Monophonics - "Sound of Sinning" - Sound of Sinning (Translator Sonds)
10:45am S.D. Narang - "Everybody Dance with Me" - Sitar Beat! vol 2 (Guerrilla Reissues)
10:40am Bruknahm Project - "Elitist B.S." - Bruknahm Project (Knitting Factory)
10:35am Milford Graves - "babi" - babi music (IPS)
10:30am Milford Graves - "Territorial Moods" - Stories (Tzadik)
10:27am Tycho - "Receiver" - Epoch ()
10:23am Custodian of Records - "Intermission" - Nobody's Got a Rhyme for That (s/r)
10:18am Turning Jewels into Water - "Which Way is Home?" - Which Way is Home (FPE)
10:15am KR.T. Wasitodiningrat - "Lancaran Orde Baru" - CMP3000 (CMP)
10:12am Nickodemus - "Sugarella" - A Long Engagement (Wonderwheel)
10:06am Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - "Sunset" - An Angel Fell (Strut)
10:03am Fatoumata Diawara - "Dibi Bo" - Fenfo (Shanachie)
9:51am Hod & the Helpers - "The Stranger/ Resign" - Hod & the Helpers (s/r)
9:47am Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics - "The State of All Things" - State of All Things (s/r)
9:43am Bombino - "Oulhin (My Heart Burns)" - Defan (Partisan)
9:38am Whines - "It's Raining" - Hell to Play (Mt St Mtn)
9:35am La Luz - "Loose Teeth" - Floating Features (Hardly Art)
9:32am Rubg Fah Puping - "Pu Yai Lei Santan" - Thai? Dai! (B- Music)
9:29am Sly & the Family Stone - "Chicken " - Life (Epic)
9:27am Motions - "I've Waited So Long" - Motions (Havoc)
9:25am Gunther Noris - "Gemini" - In-kraut (Marinba)
9:19am Trinon3 - "Feedin' the Meter" - Just a bit Further (Cellar Live)
9:14am Rainbow Kitten Surprise - "Fever Pitch" - How to: Friend, Love, Freefall (Elektra)
9:06am Skating Polly - "Flatwound Strings" - Make it all Show (El Camino)
9:03am Pere Ubu - "Navvy" - Dub Housing (Chrysalis)
9:00am Wells Fargo - "Coming Home" - Power to the People! (Now-Again)
5:25pm Gaya Su Akyol - "Berdus" - Hologram Imparatorlugu (Glitterbeat)
5:19pm Nickodemus ft. Alsarah - "The Crow" - A Long Engagement (Wonderwhee)
5:16pm Bicicletas por la Paz - "Chico en Re Menor" - Coco Avenges (s/r)
5:09pm Twisted Sister - "I Want This Night to Last Foevver" - Love is for Suckers (Atlantic)
5:06pm Los York's - "Te Amo" - El Viaje 1966-74 (Munster)
5:02pm Turning Jewels into Water - "Lights Below the Water" - Which Way is Home? (FPE)
5:00pm Brownout - "Tracksar the DJ to the Edge of Panic" - Fear of a Brown Planet (Fat Beats)
4:55pm Angelique Kidjo - "Houses in Motion" - Remain in Light (Kravenworks)