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10:10pm Laurence Pike - "Mystic Circles" - Holy Spring (Leaf)
10:02pm Brian Eno - "Wire Shock" - Nerve Net (Warner Bros.)
9:55pm Neurosis - "A sun that Never Sets" - A sun that Never Sets (Reapse)
9:50pm Ng Chun-hoi Daniel - "Prelude II (Wuxing Interaction)" - Hong Kong Composers Guild: Resonating Colours 5 (Navona)
9:45pm Julee Cruise - "Into the Night" - Floating Into the Night (Warner Bros.)
9:40pm Lana Del Rey - "Honeymoon" - Honeymoon (Polydor)
9:32pm Honk - "Tunnel of Love" - Five Summer Stories sndtk (Granite)
9:28pm Chemical Brothers - "the diamond sky" - Let Forever BE (Astralwerks)
9:25pm Pan Sonic - "Mayhem II" - Kesto (BFFP)
9:16pm Pharmakon - "Self Regulating System" - Grief (Sacred Bones)
9:13pm Captain Beefheart - "Electricity" - Safe as Milk (PRT)
9:10pm MEAT PUPPETS - "The Wihistling Song" - II (SST)
9:04pm Peter Wolf - "Lights Out" - Lights Out (EMI)
11:40pm REM - "Fireplace" - Document (IRS)
11:36pm Wall of Voodoo - "The Passenger" - Wall of Voodoo (IRS)
11:33pm Honk - "High in the Middle" - Five Summer Songs sndtk (Granite)
11:27pm Terry Robb - "Now Vestapol" - Confessin' My Dues (Nia Sounds)
11:24pm Jim Croce - "I Got a Name" - I Got a Name (ABC)
11:18pm Alan Lorber - "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" - Bob Dylan/The Times They Are A-Changin' (Iris)
11:14pm Nebula - "So It Goes" - Atomic Ritual (Liquor and Poker)
11:09pm Melvins - "Going Blind" - Houdini (Atlantic)
11:02pm Terminal Cheescake - "Coils: Chapter II" - Pealesque King of the Jewmost (World Serpent)
10:57pm The Cure - "The Upstairs Room" - The Walk (Fiction)
10:41pm Muslimgauze - "Holy Man" - Syrinjia (Soleilmoon)
10:36pm Lara Sarkissian - "Gnum" - Disruption EP (Club Chai)
10:32pm Keith Jarret - "You Know, You Know" - Rite and Daitya (ECM)
10:27pm Lambchop - "The New ISn't So You Anymore" - This (IS What I wanted to Tell You) (Merge)
10:19pm Gary Higgins - "Thicker than a Smokey" - Red Hash (Drag City)
10:15pm Watson Twins - "Just Like Heaven" - Five Songs (Vanguard)
10:10pm Bob Dylan - "Day of the Locust" - new Morning (Colombia)
10:05pm Humpback Whales - "Songs of the Humpback Whales" - Songs of the Humpback Whales (Total Recording)
10:00pm Amma Ateria - "Departures" - Vague Pure Affection (Bimodal Press)
9:48pm John Bischoff - "Local Color" - Audio Combine (New World)
9:45pm Lena Platonos - "Romanian Immigrants" - GAllop (Dark Entries)
9:41pm Tubeway Army/Gary Numan - "My Love is a Liquid" - First Album (Beggars Banquet)
9:23pm Christina Carter - "alone, not alone" - living contact (kranky)
9:10pm John Saint Pelvyn - "Yreka, Last Call" - A Celerical Error in Shasta County… (Electromotive)
9:00pm Carla Bley - "A New Hymn" - Dinner Music (Watt/6)
12:29am David Grubbs - "Return of the Creep" - Creep Mission (Drag City)
12:28am Mike Shiflet - "VoiceComputerRadop" - VCRlive (Gameboy)
12:20am Sissy Spacek - "Council-Manager" - Pitched Intervention (Helicopter)
12:17am Maryanne Amacher - "Tower" - Sound Characters (Tzadik)
12:16am Safe (w. Dennis Cooper) - "Ugly Man" - Ugly Man (Dot Dot Dot)
12:04am Francisco López - "Addy in the Land of Fruits and Thingummyjigs" - Addy in the Land of Fruits and Thingummyjigs (Alien8)
12:52am Light Conductor - "When the Robot Hits the Water" - Sequence One (Constellation)
12:43am No Statik - "Unlit Journey" - Mysterious to OUrselves (Iron Lung)
12:36am Pharmakon - "No Natural Order" - Cntact (Sacred Bones)
12:30am YOUUOY RECORDS - "ZOTTRRO" - ZOTTRRO (Self Released)
12:25am Oscar and the Majectics - "Go to Have All Your Loving" - Rare and Unissued Cuts (Beat Rocket)
12:22am John Wiese - "Untitled" - Collected Works (Helicopter)