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The Soundtrack to your life story, with a twist ending. From new wave to post-apocalypse, from garage punk to garage sale.


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Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:57pm Matthew Burtner - "Syntax of Snow" - Glacier Music: Ecoacoustics of Glaciers (Ravello)
8:50pm Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins, Miya Masaoka - "Southern Owl" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
8:43pm Joe Magnarelli Quintet - "Lady Bird" - If You Could See Me Now (Cellar Live)
8:35pm Savage Republic - "Snakedance" - Recordings From Live Performances 1981-1983 (Independent Project)
8:31pm Moon Express - "Awake and Love" - Prophetic Spirit (Modern Harmonic)
8:27pm Cruel Diagonals - "Aberrance" - Pulse of Indignation (Drawing Room Records)
8:23pm Jack Nitzsche - "The Lonely Surfer" - Cowabunga (Rhino)
8:21pm Knights - "Hot Rod High" - Pebbles Vol. 4 (BFD)
8:16pm Robert Rich - "Shrouded Latrice" - Tactile Ground (Soundsc)
8:13pm Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" - Smiley Smile (Capitol)
8:10pm Zodiac - "Aries-The Fire Fighter" - Cosmic Sounds (Water)
8:07pm Byrds - "Mr. Tambourine Man" - Mr. Tambourine Man (Columbia)
8:05pm Ronettes - "Be My Baby" - Sing Their Greatest Hits (Phil)
8:02pm Jan & Dean - "Dead Man's Curve" - Jan & Dean Anthology Album (United Artists)
7:59pm Association - "Windy" - Greatest Hits (Warner Bros)
7:57pm Carbonas - "Blackout (Waiting To Happen)" - Your Moral Superior (Goner)
7:54pm Bad Sports - "Giving In" - Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap)
7:49pm Maggie Roche - "Pretty and High" - Where Do i Come From (Storysound)
7:37pm White Hills - "Paradise" - HP-1 ()
7:31pm Hideki Matsutake - "Namureru Yoru (Karaoke Verison)" - Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Environmental, Ambient & New Age Music: 1980-1990 (Light in the Attic)
7:27pm Executive Slacks - "So Mote It Be" - Executive Slacks (Dark Entries)
7:25pm Radio Free Europe - "Alien Day" - Homework 101 (Hyped 2 Death)
7:20pm Victor Command - "Invisible Men" - System 3 (Hozac)
7:14pm Time Zone - "World Destruction" - World Destruction (Celluloid)
7:12pm Vidiots - "Laurie's Lament" - Bloodstains Across California (Bloodstains)
7:09pm Ruts - "Something That I Said" - The Crack (Virgin)
7:02pm Ladytron - "Tomorrow is Another Day" - Ladytron (Ladytron Music)
7:00pm Frankie Chan and Roel A. Garcia - "First Killing" - Fallen Angels Soundtrack (EMI)
6:56pm Iggy Pop - "Nightclubbing" - The Idiot (RCA Victor)
6:52pm Cramps - "Birdfeed" - RockinNReelinInAucklandNewZealandXXX (Vengeance)
6:50pm Flytraps - "Fujiyama Mama" - Sunset Strip R.I.P. (Burger)
6:48pm Wanda Jackson - "Let's Have a Party" - Vintage Collections (Capitol)
6:41pm Underground System - "State of Mind" - What Are You (Soul Clap)
6:37pm Addis Ababa Band - "Space Pants" - Alive (s/r)
6:24pm Fela Kuti - "Lady" - The Best of the Black President (Knitting Factory)
6:16pm Chord - "loc. 10" - Chord (S/R)
6:08pm Claire Cronin - "Dreamt the Sea" - Came Down a Storm (Ba Da Bing)
6:02pm Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch - "Death Valley 69" - Death Valley '69 (Homestead)
8:59pm Matthew Burtner - "Sound Cast of Matanuska Glacier" - Glacier Music: Ecoacoustics of Glaciers (Ravello)
8:52pm Alice Coltrane - "Journey In Satchidananda" - Journey In Satchidananda (Impulse!)
8:40pm sun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra - "Pathways to Unknown Worlds" - Pathway to Unknown Worlds (Modern Harmonic)
8:36pm Sonics - "Witch" - Here Are the Ultimate Sonics (Etiquette)
8:32pm Joe Bisko - "Beware of the 4-D Witch" - Something Weird Greatest Hits (Modern Harmonic)
8:29pm Violators - "Summer of '81" - The No Future Years (The World Famous Harry May Record Company)
8:27pm Action Pact - "London Bouncers" - Punk & Disorderly: Further Charges (Anagram)
8:25pm Half Japanese - "That is That" - Perfect (Joyful Noise)
8:23pm Table Sugar - "Straight Shooter" - Introductory Material (Water Wing)
8:21pm Buzzcocks - "Fast Cars" - Another Music In A Different Kitchen (Domino)
8:15pm Kenji Kihara - "End of Summer" - Scenes of Scapes (Inner Islands)
8:13pm Moon Express - "The Morning Cometh" - Prophetic Spirit (Modern Harmonic)