Recent Songs on KALX

Thursday, January 17, 2019
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
3:45am --- "--" - -- (--)
3:42am Dream Sydicate- "Tell Me When It's Over" - the Days of Wine of (Ruby Yacht)
3:33am Scott Walker- "It's Raining Today" - Scott 3 (fontana)
3:31am POW!- "Switchboard Scientist" - Hi-Tech Boom (Castle Face)
3:30am Erotic Aerobics- "Sensuous Warmups" - Erotic Aerobics (Jamb Productions)
3:28am Mango Vert- "Lovey's Band" - Calypso Pioneers (1912-1937) (Rounder)
3:25am - "--"
3:22am Rays- "Fallen Stars" - You Can Get There from Here (Trouble In Mind)
3:20am Tino Drima- "Angels" - KALX Live! (KALX)
3:15am Enya- "Wild Child" - A Day Without Rain (Reprise)
3:08am Alan Watts- "Fear of Enlightenment / How to Melt Anxiety" - Alan Watts
3:04am Geotic- "Maglev" - Traversa (Ghostly)
3:00am Lorna Gee & Friends- "Echoes of Deaf Journalists" - Lorna Gee & Mad Professor (Ariwa)
2:53am - "--"
2:50am Ma Rainey- "Stack O' Lee Blues" - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Yazoo Records)
2:46am The Moore Brothers- "Vielleicht" - Winters (Unavailabe)
2:44am Damien Jurado- "Ohio" - Rehearsals for Departure (Sub Pop)
2:40am Fenne Lily- "The Hand You Deal" - On Hold (S/R)
2:38am - "--"
2:35am Clara Rockmore- "Tchaikovsky: Valse sentimentale" - The Art of the Theremin (Deos)
2:30am Boards of Canada- "Twoism" - Twoism (Music70)
2:25am Feeling Kreyol- "Las Pale" - Las Pale (Strut)
2:22am Lily Tchiumba- "N'Gongo Giam" - Angola: Songs of My People (Monitor Records)
2:18am - "--"
2:05am Tuluum Shimmering- "Dancing in the Second Sky" - Dancing in the Seven Skies (S/R)
2:02am Tom Boddett- "The Decent Thing To Do" - Exploded (BMG)
1:58am Francis Bebey- "Binta Madiallo" - Akwaaba (Original Music)
1:54am - "--"
1:44am Holydrug Couple- "Hyper Super Mega" - Hyper Super Mega (Sacred Bones)
1:38am Beach House- "Take Care" - Teen Dream (Sub Pop)
1:34am Advance Base- "You & Me & the Moon" - Animal Companionship (Run for Cover)
1:32am - "--"
1:25am Christy Moore- "The Boys of Barr na Sraide" - Live in Dublin (Tara Records)
1:18am The Charlie Parker Quintet- "Perdido" - Jazz @ Massey Hall (Parent)
1:13am The Soul Stirrers- "Wade in the Water" - The SAR Record Story (SAR Records)
1:08am - "--"
1:03am Tim Hecker- "In Mother Earth Phase" - Konoyo (Kranky)
1:00am Trans Van Santos- "The New Spin" - II (Tekeli-li Records)
12:56am Autechre- "os viex3" - Oversteps (Warp)
12:46am Lucrecia Dalt- "Atmospheres Touch" - Anticlines (Rvng Intl.)
12:40am Cruel Diagonals- "Aberrance" - Pulse of Indignation (Drawing Room Records)
12:38am Pauline Oliveros- "Monkey" - Ghostdance (Deep Listening)
12:32am Black Merlin- "Self Heat" - Kosua (Island Of The Gods)
12:27am Knud Viktor- "Les Ephemeres" - Les Ephemeres (Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi)
12:19am Steve Reich- "It's Gonna Rain (Part 1)" - Early Works (Elektra Nonesuch)
12:15am Bernard Parmegiani- "Operation Ypsilon" - Mémoire Magnétique, Vol​ 1. (Compilation De Bandes Magnetiques Inedites (1966-1990) (Transversales Disques)
12:12am Laurie Spiegel- "Three Sonic Spaces II" - Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
12:02am Moniek Darge / Godfried-Willem Raes- "Shifts" - Logos Works (Experimental Intermedia Foundation)
12:00am Monique Rollin- "Etude Vocale" - Archives GRM (INA-GRM)
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:55pm Dire Wolves- "In and Out of Den Garten He Goes" - Paradisiacal Mind (Feeding Tube)
11:52pm --- "--" - -- (--)
11:45pm Telegraph Avenue- "Sungaligali" - Peru Bravo (Tiger's Milk)
11:43pm Sick Thoughts- "Hammer" - Sick Thoughts (Goner Records)
11:40pm Helmut Qualtinger- "In Landersverband fur Fremdenverkehr" - Qualtinger Liest Karl Kraus (Preseir)
11:37pm Negligent Collateral Collapse- "Energy of Nucleus" - Czech Assault (Relapse)
11:32pm Cynic- "I'm But A Wave To" - Focus (Roadrunner)
11:28pm --- "--" - -- (--)
11:24pm Min Xiao-Fen- "Lake Biwa A Fullmoon Purewater Gold" - With Six Composers (Avant)
11:21pm Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy- "Maggie Pickens" - Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy (Blackbird)
11:15pm Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore- "Between Two Worlds" - Ghost Forest (Three Lobed)
11:10pm Makaya McCraven- "Holy Lands" - Universal Beings (International Anthem)
11:06pm --- "--" - -- (--)
11:00pm Jeremiah Cymerman- "Act I" - Under a Blue Gray Sky (Porter)
10:56pm LakeCube- "Epically Empty Vista" - Beta Sclipls (LakeCube)
10:53pm Daedelus- "Eureka" - Drown Out (Anticon)
10:47pm The Czars- "Killjoy" - The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People (Manifesto)
10:44pm --- "--" - -- (--)
10:38pm John Grant- "Metamorphosis" - Love is Magic (Partisan)
10:35pm Dada Swing- "Pick Up U" - Cut, Cut, Cut (Okapi)
10:33pm Jon Spencer- "Time 2 Be Bad" - Spencer Sings The hits (In The Red)
10:31pm Milkshakes- "Black Sails (In the Moonlight)" - The 107 Tapes (Media Burn)
10:27pm Cheap Nasties- "Cheap and Nasty" - Cheap Nasties (Hozac)
10:25pm Surfbort- "Dope" - Friendship Music (Cult)
10:22pm --- "--" - -- (--)
10:20pm Cynics- "I Got Time" - Living is the Best Revenge (Get Hip)
10:13pm The Stooges- "Dirt" - Funhouse (Elektra)
10:10pm Cymande- "Zion I" - The Message (Sequel)
10:04pm Andrew Cyrille Trio- "A Tribute to Bu (Take 1)" - Good to Go (Soul Note)
10:01pm --- "--" - -- (--)
9:58pm Gevorg Dabaghyan- "Kani Voor Jan Im" - Miniatures (Traditional Crossroads)
9:52pm Holger Czukay- "Longing for Daydreams" - Moving Pictures (Mute)
9:49pm Cypher 7- "Conspiracy of Silence" - Decoder (Strata)
9:45pm Saloli- "Umbrellas" - The Deep End (Kranky)
9:42pm --- "--" - -- (--)
9:33pm Connan Mockasin- "Charlotte's Thong" - Jassbusters (Mexican Summer)
8:55pm The Glass Family- "Mr. DJ You Know How to Make Me Dance" - Mr. DJ You Know How to Make Me Dance (JDC)
8:50pm Brutalists- "Talk of the Town" - The Brutalists (Cleopatra)
8:47pm Germs- "Land of Treason" - Germs (Slash)
8:44pm Idles- "Never Fight a Man with a Perm" - Joy as an Act of Resistance (Partisan)
8:39pm Brandon Coleman- "A Letter to My Buggers" - Resistance (Brainfeeder)
8:35pm Chino XL- "No Complex" - No Complex (American Recordings)
8:31pm Jr. Thomas and the Volcanos- "Chin Up" - Rockstone (Colemine)
8:28pm Mad Lads- "Make This Young Lady Mine" - The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lads (Volt)
8:26pm Marathons- "Peanut Butter" - Peanut Butter (Everest)
8:23pm American Jam Band- "American Jam" - American Jam (Parlophone.)
8:20pm Thundermug- "Jeanine" - Jeanine (Papillon)
8:10pm Alastor- "Slave to the Grave" - Slave to the Grave (Riding Easy)
8:06pm Hammers of Misfortune- "Grey Wednesday" - 17th Street (Metal Blade)
8:03pm Truth- "Jingle Jangle" - Hey Gyp (Deram)
8:01pm Bone- "It's an Easy Thing" - It's an Easy Thing (Poison Ring)