Welcome to KALX's speedy new site!

Greetings, KALX listeners, and a very warm WELCOME to our upgraded website! As you've probably noticed, the KALX site didn't load quite sooo slooowly today. That's because we've just launched the new version of our site - all the music, news, vim and vigor you know and love, but without the waiting.

Along with our move to the fast lane, we've launched some fresh new ways to stay connected to KALX:

  • A KALX playlist Twitter, with song-by-song updates of the tunes we're spinning
  • A KALX Instagram - upload your photos of KALX swag, and check out what's going on in the studio!
  • Streaming directly from the KALX homepage with "Listen Now"

We've done our best to polish our new site until it sparkles, but we're only human, so there may still be a few lingering typos, formatting inconsistencies, glitches, or missing pieces. That's where you come in! If you notice anything that's not working or that we missed (or if you've got a lot of time on your hands to email us, now that you're not tapping your foot waiting around for the page to load), please shoot us a message at mail@kalx.berkeley.edu. Our friendly, non-robot staff will fix the errors ASAP and be very grateful for your input. Happy browsing!