StationStories: Joe, volunteer 1975-77

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Joe volunteered at KALX from 1975 to 1977 in the News department. 

"I had stumbled upon KALX while listening to my transistor radio as a freshman at Berkeley in the mid 1970s. I really enjoyed the eclectic format, which was as varied as my musical interests were. 

I heard a PSA saying they were looking for volunteers. Thinking it would be fun to be a DJ, I dropped by the offices in Eshleman Hall. It was late afternoon and the News director handed me some wire service copy and said, 'It's great that you want to volunteer. I need this story written for the evening news. There's a typewriter over there - go for it.' I was hooked on news from that point on. 

The KALX News Room became my home away from home, and the people of the station became my new family, for the next few years. What I learned, and loved, at KALX has served me throughout my entire career."

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