Interview with Dorothy Moskowitz

Event Date: 
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 - 4:00pm

On Tuesday, June 6th @ 4PM, Charley Varrick hosts singer-songwriter, Dorothy Moskowitz, for a live in-studio interview.

Dorothy Moskowitz is a Bay Area based musician, who was most notably a lead vocalist in the experimental rock band the United States of America. Moskowitz and the band produced some of the earliest examples of electronic rock. Following the band's demise, Moskowitz continued her music career, and was a member of Country Joe's All-Star Band.  As an active musician for over 70 years – Dorothy’s career spans world renowned bands to public radio spots and children’s musicals.

New album, Under An Endless Sky represents the interchange that took place between electronic composer Francesco Paolo Paladino, composer and writer Luca Chino Ferrari, and Dorothy Moskowitz.

Moskowitz's extraordinary voice and modal melodies float over Paladino's magical musical textures. There are no guitars, bass, drums or other technological devilry, but only virtual sounds (sometimes without even keyboards) upon which are grafted some acoustic interventions: violins and violas, woodwinds and percussion entrusted to excellent musicians such as Italians Riccardo Sinigaglia, Angelo Contini, Stefano Scala, Trio Cavallazzi and Gino Ape, and English folker Sean Breadin.