Interview with The Dead Tongues

Event Date: 
Monday, November 7, 2022 - 7:00pm
Black and white image of Ryan Gustafson.

On Monday, November 7th @ 7PM, Imaginary Radio speaks with singer-songwriter, musician, and producer, Ryan Gustafson of Duram, NC based project, The Dead Tongues.

After five months of not picking up an instrument, The Dead Tongues’ Ryan Gustafson wanted to get rid of everything that was tied to his identity as a musician. He even thought about changing his name. He was getting ready to throw out old notebooks packed with years of material but, for some reason, he decided to stop and go through them, just to see if there was anything worth saving. And sure enough, he found some images and lyrics, threads from former selves he didn’t want to lose. Thus was the catalyst for Dust, his fifth and best album as The Dead Tongues.

Dust is meant to be listened to while taking a night drive, farflung and roving and existential. Somewhere between the expansiveness of American jamband and the banjo-centric folk songwriting of Gustafson’s Appalachia home.