Ian Matthews Special on Why Baby Why - Tuesday, March 22

KALX DJ Berkestir will present a special edition of Why Baby Why on Tuesday March 22th at 11:59 pm on Ian Matthews, English musician and songwriter. The show will feature Ian's early 70's solo American West Coast folk rock influenced LPs on Elektra and Vertigo Records.

Ian Matthews:

  •  If You Saw Thro' My Eyes (1971) UK and US [Vertigo] (2nd solo album)
  •  Tigers Will Survive (1971) UK and US [Vertigo] (3rd solo album)
  •  Valley Hi (1973) UK and US [Elektra]
  •  Some Days You Eat the Bear...Some Days the Bear Eats You (1974) UK and US [Elektra]


  •   In Search of Amelia Earhart (1972) UK and US [Elektra]