Geneva Jacuzzi Interview

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 10:00am
Photo of Geneva Jacuzzi

Tune in on Thursday, April 22nd @ 10AM to hear DJ Cherry Pie speak with L.A. based multi-faceted artist/musician, Geneva Jacuzzi.

Geneva Jacuzzi is a pop artist working in the strange paradise of angels—Los Angeles. A mother of invention, she is exalted as an early pioneer of the modern lo-fi bedroom pop terrain, and is a notable figure in the underground scenes in Hollywood and Los Angeles, with her influence spreading worldwide in the pop, noise, and independent art communities.

Geneva is further recognized for her work in visual and performance art, fabrication, fashion, and film. She directs and produces music videos and video art installations, designs and produces her own sets and wardrobe, and choreographs her stage performances.

Lamaze (Geneva’s 2010 debut, recently reissued by Mexican Summer) is a document of the development of her musical style: from her first appearance in 2004 up to 2009. Venerated as canon among her devotees and a coveted relic among fans and collectors of pop artifacts and rarities, it is among the first lo-fi pop recordings that became the lexicon of the new music frontier.

Photo Credit: Heather Gildroy