Featured Design: March 2018

KALX Weblog logo by Anjali Narayanan

The KALX Weblog is a new platform that allows volunteers of KALX, specifically the writers, photographers and artists amongst our midst, to give a view of life at KALX. The Weblog is the start of a new platform for KALX members to bond over what brought us to volunteer in the first place: music. 

By Anjali Narayanan
When designing this logo, I knew I wanted to keep it simple and have the focus be on the words themselves. When it came to choosing the surrounding image, I chose a microphone because of my personal experience volunteering with the Special Events department. When I first came to KALX, I had no clue about any of the equipment we were using — save for the mic stands. In the Special Events department, which is responsible for making KALX Live happen every Saturday night, one gets to learn about the different types of mics, equipment, and methods for recording and producing live music both for our records and for air.
I have to admit that the feeling of slight superiority that one feels when she finally understands the terminology that flies around KALX is pretty great. KALX is more than just the music we play and the news we share. We focus on different aspects of music, and I don’t think someone can leave without knowing something that they didn’t know before. I can now tell you that I drew a condenser microphone, a mic that typically offers for better sound quality. It is a taste of what I’ve been able to learn and a fraction of what I will, which is pretty exciting when you think about it.

Anjali Narayanan is a political science major at UC Berkeley who uses KALX as a music outlet to keep herself sane.