Concert Review: Thee Sacred Souls

Thee Sacred Souls

Review by Ryen Smith, photos by Maya Cooper.

The night of the 21st was exquisite as Thee Sacred Souls’ music acted as a mirror into the hearts of all persons in the crowd.

San Diego’s emerging trio held the UC Theatre in the palm of their hands, as they played their debut album Thee Sacred Souls. The theater had an aura of warmth and comfort, where lead singer Josh Lane eminently interacted with the crowd, joining and singing along with the crowd in the pit, upper decks, and sidebars. It had felt as if the crowd was not watching a performance, but were a part of the performance as there was encouragement to sing along, feel the music, and live within the encapsulating moment.

On February 21st, Thee Sacred Souls’ retro soul feel invited the crowd to savor the occasion while thanking the crowd for allowing them to enjoy this moment together as one. Everyone sang and swayed together to the soulful melodies, as lead Singer Josh Lane told the album story to the crowd, connecting each song to another, while providing his own anecdotes.

An especially noted interactive moment was the performance of the trio’s song “Future Lover,” as Josh noted it was a “Frankenstien heartbreak song,” inviting and encouraging love from all around, even from the strangers who surrounded you. This moment truly solidified Josh’s message of spreading love continuously , where the emotional vulnerableness could be felt indefinitely.

I found that lighting additionally played an instrumental role within the show, where the band had requested specific lighting colors for different songs, such as red for the song “Weak For Your Love.” Josh stood upon an elevated speaker, directing the entire audience's focus on the intimate words in the song, reminding the audience of the eternal love that surrounds us all. Theexperience was truly a fragile yet powerful one.

Deluding the audience that their performance was over, the audience pleaded and wished for more, eventually leading the trio to come and conclude with their song“ Can I Call You Rose?” This performance left the crowd with an everlasting charm, where you could hear lyrics of the song continuing to be sung among the crowd such as “Won’t you let me in your heart?” and still hoping for more, making the show a truly unforgettable one.