2019: A Year In Concerts//Carmen Llerena
Posted on 1/7/2020

A note from the directors:

Live music has always gifted a unique experience to every individual in its presence. As someone who frantically searches for the right answer to the question what’s the best concert you’ve ever been to and ends up listing a dozen different shows for a dozen different reasons, it has only become more apparent that it is not only impossible, but unfair, to try and find a “right” answer when the artists, the instruments, the venue, the genre, the crowd and more all take part in the ritual of attending a show.

Picture of Scraper
Saturday, January 25th - 9:00pm
Posted on 1/21/2020

Tune in Saturday, Janurary 25th @ 9PM for another edition of KALX Live! with Renee Black as she hosts Scraper from San Francisco.