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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:52pm Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "He, Roger Williams" - The Bloody Tenant Truth Peace (Alternative Tentacles)
2:44pm Hayseed Dixie - "Hell's Bells" - A Hillbilly Tribute to AC?DC (Dualtone)
2:41pm Bob Log III - "String on a Stick" - School Bus (Fat Possum)
2:36pm Joe West - "Straight Man a Gay World" - The Human Cannonball (S/R)
2:34pm The Barbarellatones - "Perving on the Hits" - Naked Brunch (SR)
2:30pm Maya Jane Coles - "Misty Morning featuring Wendy Rae Fowler" - Take Flight (I/AM/ME)
2:25pm Chet Doxas - "I've Have Seen Color" - Rich in Symbols (Ropeadope)
2:23pm Bedounie - "One of These Days" - Bedouine (Spacebomb)
2:19pm Algiers - "Cry of the Martyrs" - The Underside of Power (Matador)
2:13pm Blanche Drury - "The Feet and Legs" - Posture Control (Hoctor Dance)
2:10pm Martin Jenkins - "Sub Space" - Dance Cave (Medical)
2:00pm Violent Femmes - "Out the Window" - Why Do Birds Sing (Slash)
1:55pm German Oak - "Missile's Son (Extended)" - Down in the Bunker (Now-Again)
1:50pm KMFDM - "Blood Evil Mix" - Angst (Wax Trax!)
1:47pm The Players - "Original Radio Broadcast" - Charlie Chan (Mark)
1:46pm Cliff Martinez - "Neon Demon" - The Neon Demon (Death Waltz)
1:43pm Baby in Vain - "Low Life" - More Nothing (Partison)
1:36pm Dionne Warwick - "Hard Days Night" - Soulful (Scepter)
1:33pm Can - "Hoolah Hoolah" - The Singles (Spoon)
1:29pm Butthole Surfers - "Underdog" - Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits (Rhino)
1:25pm Del Close and John Brent - "Cool/Uncool" - How to Speak Hip (Go Bop!)
1:22pm Johnny Aloha - "Vacation" - Lazapalooza (Ideatown)
1:15pm Cornelius - "Surfing on Mind Wave Pt. 1" - Mellow Waves (Rostrum)
1:09pm D.R. Hooker - "This Thing" - The Truth (Vag)
1:04pm Kleg - "Heather" - Zing (Cartoon)
12:59pm Blond Ambition - "Good News" - Slow All Over (Swoon City)
12:55pm Sue Ann Carwell - "Should I or Should I Not?" - Purple Snow (Numero Group)
12:53pm Mighty Walker Brothers - "God Been Good to Me" - Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal (Numero Group)
12:46pm Alexander O'Neal - "Do You Dare" - Purple Snow (Numero Group)
12:41pm Benni - "Stardance" - I and II (Gomer)
12:34pm Pyne Corner Audio - "Untitled 7" - {ye Corner Audio (Ecstatic)
12:32pm Dr. Michael Dean - "A2" - Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis (Revere)
12:28pm Jackalope - "Jackalope" - Jackalope (Canyon)
12:21pm Cazyapjazz - "Uzak" - Schnaz Delirdi (Amason)
12:15pm Hovercraft - "Endoradicsonde" - Experiment Below (Mute)
12:08pm The Oh Sees - "Cadaver Dog" - Ore (Castle Face)
12:05pm The Dirtbombs - "Thunder in the Sky" - Dangerous Magical Noise (In the Red)
12:03pm The Kirby Grips - "Metric Man" - The Celery Stalks Night (Cote Numerics)
8:57pm Vince Mira - "What's Been Left Behind" - E Radio (S/R)
8:52pm Harry Dean Stanton - "He'll Have To Go" - Partly Fiction Soundtrack (Omnivore)
8:45pm Harry Dean Stanton and Natasha Kinksi - "I Knew These People" - Paris, Texas (WB)
8:44pm Jackalope - "Lady Today Awada" - Jackalope (Canyon)
8:39pm The Wind Rises - "Kapolcs Alarm" - Sound Diary 1973, 1985-86 (Cunieform)
8:37pm Johnny Jewel - "Television Snow" - Windswept (Film Italians Do It Better)
8:35pm John Lee Hooker - "Just Me and My Telephone" - Off the Record (Chess)
8:31pm Bessie Smith - "Don't Cry Baby" - Any Woman Blues (Columbia)
8:28pm Sonny Boy Williamson - "Let Me Explain" - Down and Out Blues (Chess)
8:23pm Harry Dean Stanton - "When I get My Rewards" - Partly Fiction (Omnivore)
8:12pm Archive X - "Hymm Featuring Igllo" - Some Ungodly Remixes (Loes Music X)
8:07pm Del Close and John Brent - "The Riff" - How to Speak Hip (Go! Bop!)