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Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:55pm Metronome - "Desetrix" - The City ()
5:50pm Sixth Floor - "Project Logic" - Project Logic ()
5:45pm CFCF - "letters home" - Continent (Paper Bag)
5:40pm David Cassidy - "I Just Wanna Make You Happy" - Cherish (Bell)
5:40pm Get Set - "Down Along" - Body Copy (2MR)
5:37pm 88 - "See What You See" - Stay Tuned (Stick)
5:33pm New Cobra - "Fistfight at the Spotlight" - New Driveway (Goner)
5:30pm Damned - "New Rose" - DIY Anarchy in the UK I (Rhino)
5:25pm Family Crest - "Brittle Bones" - Headwinds EP (Tender Loving Empire)
5:10pm Blue Blood - "The High Life (the Pulse of this Town)" - Pretty Wars (Laser Brains)
5:05pm Eros and Eschaton - "You Know I Do" - Home Address for Civil War (Bar/None)
5:00pm Midori Takada and Masahiko Satoh - "In "D"" - Lunar Cruise (WRWTFWW)
4:55pm Glen Porter - "Run" - Mr. Vampire & the Deadly Walkers (Content (L)abel)
4:50pm Middlemist Red - "Drifter in the Dark" - Ripple Soul (S/R)
4:46pm Blitzen Trapper - "Love and Hate" - Destroyer of the Void (Sub Pop)
4:43pm Thin White Rope - "Macy's Window" - Bottom Feeders (Fronteir)
4:38pm Protomartyr - "Half Sister" - Relatives in Descent (Domino)
4:33pm Petaluma - "Better off" - Petaluma (S/R)
4:30pm Jeremy Jay - "While The City Sleeps" - A Place Where We Could Go (K Records)
4:26pm Billy Woods - "Police Came to My Show" - Known Unknowns (Backwoodz Studioz)
4:23pm Ultravox - "Maximum Acceleration" - Systems of Romance (Antilles)
4:18pm John Maus - "Over Phantom" - Screen Memories (Ribbon Music)
4:15pm Remulak - "Earth (Bed Music)" - Earth (Village Live)
4:10pm Skip Church - "Not The Boy" - Out of Tune, in Touch with the Devil (Randy Motherfucking Records)
4:05pm Missus Beastly - "Uncle Sam" - Psychadelic Underground (Garden of Delights)
4:00pm The Three O'Clock - "Look Into Our Eyes" - Ever After (I.R.S.)
4:00pm Emery Deutsch - "To Life" - Playing Selections from Fiddler on the Roof (RCA Victor)
3:55pm Silvia - "Sauf Und Stirb" - Silvia (Dark Entries)
3:50pm Leverage Models - "Too Cold for Magic" - Leverage Models ()
3:45pm Bicep - "Kites (bed music)" - Bicep (Ninja Tune)
3:45pm Griffage - "Green Tea (featuring Angelica Bess)" - Too Real (P&C Counter)
3:40pm Arthur Russell - "Get Around To It" - Calling Out of Context (Audika Records)
3:38pm Seshen - "From Light" - S/T (S/R)
3:35pm Wealthy Relative - "Pet Sounds" - YYY - A Tribute to the Beach Boys Pet Sounds (S/R)
3:30pm MF Grimm - "Get Down" - Get Down (Dolo Records)
3:25pm Noaccordian - "Oonana" - Gurukula (S/R)
3:24pm Dax Pierson - "Live & Life Changing Ministry (Bed Music)" - San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (SFEMF)
3:20pm Baio - "The Names" - The Names (Glassnote)
3:15pm Cairo - "Hold On" - I Want That Girl 45 (Citybeat)
3:05pm Ariwo - "Alafin" - Ariwo (Mañana)
5:32pm -- - "--" - -- (--)
5:30pm Cactus Channel - "CMMNR" - Stay a While (Hopestreet)
5:25pm Farao - "Silence" - Till It's All Forgotten (Arts & Crafts)
5:20pm Jaws of Love - "Hawaiian License Plates" - Tasha Sits Close to the Piano (K-Rizzla - House Arrest)
5:15pm Peter Gabriel - "Animal Magic" - Peter Gabriel (Atlantic)
5:10pm Monster Rally & Rum Tum - "Jungle" - MR & RT (Gold Robot)
5:08pm Broozkill - "Todos Os Terreiros" - Throwback to the Future (Tommy Boy)
5:03pm Richard Peaslee - "Dionysis" - Passage (Linear B)
5:00pm -- - "--" - -- (--)
4:55pm Africa - "Louie Louie & Ode to Billy Joe Medley" - Music from Lil Brown (CBS)