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Wandering the foggy moors of dreamland with only a Victrola to light the way. Where songs about Jesus and Satan intermix with ditties about cheeses and seitan. Tipping sacred cows as we stumble towards a kind of Valhalla where Ish Kabibble shares a table with Subbulakshmi.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:22am Big Head Blues - "The Same Thing" - Way Down Inside (Big)
11:16am Jimmy Witherspoon - "When I been drinkin'" - Rockin' With Spoon (Charly)
11:12am Van Morrison - "Streets of Arklow (with Mick Hucknall)" - Duets: Re-working The Catalogue (RCA)
11:09am Elliott Smith - "Speed Trials" - Either/Or (Twentieth Anniversary Edition) (Kill Rock Stars)
10:59am Rodney Crowell - "Life without Susanna" - Close Ties (New West)
10:55am Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - "Live by the Song (with Rodney Crowell)" - Kings and Kings (FU:M)
10:51am John Prine - "Pretty Good" - John Prine (Atlantic)
10:48am Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy - "King of Bohemia" - Adieu False Heart (Vanguard)
10:45am Sam Amidon - "I Wish I Wish" - Bright Sunny South (Nonesuch)
10:40am Rhiannon Giddens - "Julie" - Freedom Highway (Nonesuch)
10:31am Umoja - "Time" - In This World (S/R)
10:27am Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang - "Bubu Dub" - Build Music (Luaka Bop)
10:24am Ibibio Sound Machine - "Joy" - Uyai (Merge)
10:20am Mariza - "Saudade Solta" - Mundo (Nonesuch)
10:17am Jocelyn Pook - "Saffron" - Untold Things (Real World)
10:12am Kristine Barrett - "Fish And Whistle" - Ancestors (S/R)
10:04am Tinariwen - "Assawt" - Elwan (Anti-)
9:59am Nile Project - "Marigarita" - Jinja (Zambaleta)
9:54am Cyro Baptista - "Trovao" - Bluefly (Tzadik)
9:50am Anan Saleh - "Antoinette" - Antoinette (S/R)
9:38am David Bowie - "Lazarus" - Blackstar (Columbia)
9:32am Arovane - "Deev" - Ve Palor (n5MD)
9:28am Hauschka - "Thames Town" - Abandoned City (Temporary Residence Limited)
9:25am African Head Charge - "Orderliness, godliness, discipline and dignity" - Songs of Praise (On-U Sound)
9:17am Anthony Cox - David Friedman - Dino Saluzzi - "Jad" - Rios (veraBra)
9:14am The Knife - "Still Light" - Silent Shout (Mute)
9:12am Mica Levi - "Autopsy" - Jackie (Original Soundtrack) (Milan)
9:08am Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - "Wind On Water" - Evening Star (EG)
9:05am Alvin Lucier/Alter Ego - "3 Translation of the Works of Maurizio Mochetti: No. 2, Counting People" - Alvin Lucier: Two Circles (Mode)
9:02am The Crossing - "Privilege 4: They Get It" - Ted Hearne: Sound from the Bench (Cantaloupe)
12:07pm Kristine Barrett - "Down in the River" - Ancestors (S/R)
11:53am Kristine Barrett - "Teir Abhaile Riu" - Ancestors (S/R)
11:27am Kristine Barrett - "For the Beauty of the Earth" - The Spirits in My Blood Sing to Me at Night (S/R)
11:00am Kristine Barrett joined us in the KALX studio this morning - "We talked about her recordings - specifically her new album, "Ancestors"" - Kristine has a few shows coming up (For more information on Kristine, visit her website:
11:00am Kristine Barrett - "She Moved Through the Faire" - Ancestors (S/R)
10:54am Chuck Berry (October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017) - "My Dream (Poem)" - San Francisco Dues (Chess)
10:48am Sly & The Family Stone - "Soul Clappin' II" - Stand! (Columbia)
10:44am Slade - "Get Down and Get With It" - Sladest (Polydor)
10:41am Badfinger - "No Matter What" - No Dice (Apple)
10:38am The Fabs - "Here Comes the Sun" - Abbey Road (EMI)
10:33am Alessandro Carobbi, Fulvio Caldini - "Reich: Clapping Music For Two Performers" - Reich: Works (Nonesuch)
10:27am Invisible Guy (featuring Ben Goldberg) - "Happy Little Trees" - Knuckle Sandwich (BAG Productions)
10:24am Visible Cloaks - "Screen" - Reassemblage (RVNG)
10:19am Nicolas Jaar - "Leaves" - Sirens (Other People)
10:17am Giulio Aldinucci - "The Liquid Room" - Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound)
10:14am Schimscheimer Family Trio - "Bears" - Broken Home (BAG Productions)
10:10am Matthew Shipp - "Microwave" - Piano Song (Thirsty Ear)
10:06am Scott Perkins - Auvidi Vocal Ensemble - "Perkins: A Word out of the Sea: I. Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking" - The Stolen Child (Navona)
10:00am Sarah Bette Nelson - "Bright Thing" - On Evolution (Burger)
9:56am Angelica Garcia - "Magnolia is Medicine" - Medicine for Birds (Warner Brothers)