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Friday, June 2, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:56am Colleen Green - "Whatever I Want" - I Want To Grow Up (Hardly Art)
11:52am Messieurs Richard De Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta - "La Drague" - Pop á Paris Vol. 2 (Sunnyside)
11:50am Four Mints - "Too Far Gone" - Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (Numero Group)
11:47am Fontella Bass - "I Need To Be Loved" - Free (Fuel)
11:44am Jimmy Ruffin - "Just Before Love Ends" - The Groove Governor (Soul)
11:38am Sunflower Bean - "Easier Said" - Human Ceremony (Fat Possum)
11:35am Real Estate - "Diamond Eyes" - In Mind (Domino)
11:32am Legs - "Time To Face The World" - Pass The Ringo (Loglady)
11:29am Revolving Paint Dream - "Mother Wash My Tears Away" - Mother Watch Me Burn (Creation)
11:26am Electric Prunes - "Are You Loving' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)" - The Electric Prunes (Reprise)
11:17am CFCF - "Raining Patterns" - Continent (Paper Bag)
11:14am Wildhoney - "Boys From Out of Town" - Sleep Through It (Deranged)
11:11am Beverly - "You Can't Get It Right" - Careers (Kanine)
11:06am Frightwig - "Beverly" - Faster, Frightwig, Kill! Kill! (Caroline)
11:03am Headaches - "Teenage Sex" - Power For Passion (Dionysus)
10:57am Polyrock - "Call of the Wild" - Above the Fruited Plain (PVC)
10:56am Sneaks - "Devo" - It's A Myth (Merge)
10:52am Pow! - "The Razor" - Crack An Egg (Castle Face)
10:43am Lotus Plaza - "Jet Out Of The Tundra" - Spooky Action At A Distance (Kranky)
10:39am Mountain Goats - "Abandoned Flesh" - Goths (Merge)
10:36am Brothers and Sisters - "Lay Lady Lay" - Dylan's Gospel (Light in the Attic)
10:34am Wilbert Harrison - "Calypso Man" - The Small Labels (Krazy Kat)
10:31am Stranger Cole - "These Eyes" - Music Got Mo' Soul (Wesa)
10:28am Barbara Mason - "Give Me Your Love" - Give Me Your Love (Buddha)
10:23am Prettiest Eyes - "Get Away" - Looks (Aagoo)
10:21am Hectics - "Merry Go Round" - Everything I Need (360 Twist!)
10:19am Partyline - "Nuthaus" - Girls With Glasses (Retard Disco)
10:15am Erik Nervous - "(Do The) Stimulate" - Discontinuous Innovation Inc Product Catalog (Discontinuous Innovation)
10:12am Desperate Bicycles - "Don't Back The Front" - Desperate Bicycles (S/R)
10:04am Snail Mail - "Stick" - Habit (Sister Polygon)
10:01am Arthur & Yu - "There Are Too Many Birds" - In Camera (Hardly Art)
9:58am Ruth Garbus & Friends - "Black Bag" - Hello Everybody (S/R)
9:55am Walter TV - "Puka Shell Necklace" - Appetite (Sinderlyn)
9:51am Perfume Genius - "Slip Away" - No Shape (Matador)
9:46am Monster Rally - "The Big Surf" - Mystery Cove (Gold Robot)
9:40am Healing Potpourri - "Clarity and Opalescence" - The Way Water Bends Light (Brad Grammar)
9:38am Pierre Raph - "Batterie Fields" - The B-Music of Jean Rollin (Finders Keepers)
9:35am Jimmy Gordon - "Test Pattern" - Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz Vol. 2 (Artf! Arf!)
9:32am Masonics - "Somebody Stole The Heat From My Fire" - Outside Looking In (Vinyl Japan)
9:27am Lida Husik - "Chocolate City" - Fly Stereophonic (Alias)
9:21am Jasmine Minks - "Can You Hear Me?" - Scratch The Surface (Creation)
9:17am Rolling Blackouts CF - "Julie's Place" - The French Press (Sub Pop)
9:15am Luna - "Speedbumps" - Rendezvous (Jetset)
9:03am Tonstartsbandht - "Sorcerer" - Sorcerer (Kemado)
11:58am Triggers - "Medicine" - Medicine (Jonny Cat)
11:50am Ornella Vanoni - "L'Appuntamento" - Ciao Bella! (Ace)
11:47am Laure Briard - "Dreams" - Sorcellerie (Midnight Special)
11:44am Shermans - "My Baby" - Falling Out of Love (Shelflife)
11:43am Hot Lava - "Pink Lemonade" - Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook (Unchickun)
11:39am White Reaper - "Daisies" - The World's Best American Band (Polyvinyl)