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One hour of whatever the DJ wants to play. Hear their passion. Every Tuesday night / Wednesday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:56am The Move - "Tonight" - Split Ends (United Artists)
12:53am The Move - "California Man" - Split Ends (United Artists)
12:48am The Move - "Da Ya" - Split Ends (United Artists)
12:43am The Move - "It Wasn't My Idea To Dance" - Message From The Country (EMI)
12:39am The Move - "Brontosaurus" - Looking On (Capitol)
12:33am The Move - "Sunshine Help Me" - Something Else (Esoteric)
12:30am The Move - "Stephanie Knows Me" - Something Else (Esoteric)
12:22am The Move - "Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited" - Shazam (Esoteric)
12:17am The Move - "Hello Susie" - Shazam (A&M)
12:14am The Move - "Wild Tiger Woman" - The Move (Esoteric)
12:11am The Move - "Fire Brigade" - The Move (Esoteric)
12:08am The Move - "The Girl Outside" - The Move (A&M)
12:06am The Move - "Walk On The Water" - The Move (Esoteric)
12:03am The Move - "Kilroy Was Here" - The Move (A&M)
12:01am The Move - "Yellow Rainbow" - The Move (Esoteric)
12:52am Edessa with Eva Salina on Vocals - "Karavana" - Edessa & Friends (Aga Rhythm)
12:48am Melina Mercouri - "Main Title" - Never On Sunday (United Artist)
12:42am Mustaphas 3 - "Golden Clarinet" - Soup Of The Century (Ryco)
12:37am Aphrodite's Child - "Spring, Summer, Winter" - It's Five O'Clock (Esoteric)
12:34am Bazooka - "Lie" - Useless Generation (Slovenly)
12:29am Vangelis O - "My Face In The Rain" - Earth (Vertigo)
12:22am Vangelis - "Spiral" - Spiral (Esoteric)
12:18am Aphrodite's Child - "End Of The World" - End Of The World (Esoteric)
12:15am Rita Abadzi - "Ta Hanumakya" - Greek Oriental Song & Dance (Folkloric)
12:13am Mantele - "Pirotiko" - Greek Dance Party (Gateway)
12:10am Acid Baby Jesus - "Vegetable" - Selected Recordings (Slovenly)
12:07am Bazooka - "Zed The Mythical Goat" - Bazooka (Slovenly)
12:01am Aphrodite's Child - "The Four Horsemen" - 666 (Vertigo)
12:55am Mark Growden - "Star Spangled Benz" - Lose Me In The Sand (Porto Franco)
12:49am Randy Newman - "A Few Words In Defense of My Country" - Songbook (Nonesuch)
12:46am The Clash - "I'm so Bored With The USA" - The Clash (Epic)
12:41am LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum" - Sound Of Silver (DFA)
12:38am Rage Against the Machine - "Sleep Now In The Fire" - The Battle Of Los Angeles (Epic)
12:34am The Kinks - "Catch Me Now I'm Falling" - Low Budget (Arista)
12:33am Agent Orange - "America" - Agent Orang (Agent Orang)
12:30am Alice Cooper - "Lost In America" - A Fistful Of Alice (Guardian)
12:28am The Vapors - "America" - New Clear Days (United Artists)
12:25am Cat 5 - "American Military Operations (Remix)" - War (If It Feels Good, Do It) (Hip Hop Slam)
12:20am Jay-Z and Kanye West - "Made in America (feat. Frank Ocean)" - Watch the Throne (Roc-a-fella)
12:16am Amiri Baraka - "Who Will Survive America" - It's Nation Time - African Visionary Music (Black Forum!)
12:13am Wilco - "Normal American Kids" - Schmilco (dBPM)
12:08am Robyn Hitchcock - "America" - Groovy Decay (Albion)
12:05am Billy Bragg - "Help Save the Youth of America" - Talking with the Taxman About Poetry (Elektra)
12:02am Robbie Fulks - "America is a Hard Religion" - Upland Stories (Bloodshot)
12:00am Frank Pahl - "Far Tangled Manner" - Songs Of War And Peace (Acidsoxx Musicks)
12:58am -- - "" - ()
12:55am Jade Warrior - "Bride of Summer" - Released (Vertigo)
12:51am Leaf Hound - "Stagnant Pool" - Growers of Mushroom (Decca)
12:47am Hard Stuff - "Sinister Minister" - Bulletproof (Purple)
12:46am -- - "" - ()