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"Radio has helped to make people fixated on one particular kind of a sound and one particular kind of a style. And, a lot of people today, since music education is virtually nonexistent in public schools, they don't even know what they've been missing in terms of music from other cultures, music from America from other periods, (and) different styles. You may not like it all, but if you don't even know that it exists, how are you going to make up your mind?" - Frank Zappa

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Monday, July 24, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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11:56am Hear in Now - "Cicle" - Not Living in Fear (IARC)
11:52am Elena Setien - "Rosildo" - Dreaming of Earthly Things (Yellowbird)
11:49am Desmond Dekker - "Reggae Recipe" - The Best of... (Rhino)
11:45am Fat Man Ridim Section - "Dance Hall Style" - Wagon of Dub (Top Ranking International)
11:42am Steward Copeland - "Tulsa Tango" - Rumblefish OST (A & M)
11:39am Aki Kumar - "Badan Pe Sitaare" - Aki Goes to Bollywood (Little Village Foundation)
11:31am Fashion - "Technofascist" - Product Perfect (A & M)
11:28am Helena Hauff - "Hdowed" - A Tape (Dark Entries)
11:25am Eyeless in Gaza - "Speech Rapid Fire" - Voice (Cherry Red)
11:22am Bobby Previte - "Nocturne" - The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro (Tzadik)
11:18am Thea Farhadian - "Silverplate" - Tectonic Shifts (Creative Sources)
11:15am Cozmic Corridors - "Dark Path" - Cozmic Corridors (Mental Experience)
11:04am Bobby Timmons - "Turkey Wings" - Soul Food (Prestige)
11:01am The Falcons - "Anna" - I Found Love (Relic)
10:58am Dana Falconberry - "Please Sparrow" - Leelanau (Antenna Farm)
10:55am Michelle Blades - "Montreul-City Windowsill" - Premature Love Songs (Midnight Special)
10:51am Amy Ferris - "Pretty Dreses" - Anyway (Yep Roc)
10:48am Steve Earl and the Dukes - "Firebreak Line" - So You Wannabe An Outlaw (Warner Brothers)
10:42am Sad Lovers and Giants - "50:50" - Lost In A Sea Full Of Sighs (Dark Entries)
10:39am Sunny Day Real Estate - "Theo B" - LF2 (Sub Pop)
10:36am The Fan Club - "My Baby Loves It" - 15:20 (Rude Records)
10:33am Roderick Falconer - "Rock City" - Victory in Rock City (United Artists)
10:30am Couleur Dessin - "Find Me Easily" - Self Titled (Fixture)
10:22am Les Delices - "Les Sauvages" - Age of Indulgence (Navona)
10:19am Faraualla - "Uecumba" - Faraualla (Amiata)
10:13am Fairuz - "Al Kuwait" - The Legendary Fairuz (EMI)
10:08am Sophia Subbayya Vastek - "Janpuri" - Histories (Innova)
10:00am Palehound - "Cinammon" - Dry Food (Exploding in Sound)
9:57am Raj and the 100s - "Cure is Love" - One of the Oldest Men Who Ever Lived (Cosmic Dreamer)
9:54am Searchers - "Needles and Pins" - Greatest Hits (Rhino)
9:51am Eyes - "Man with Money" - Blink (Essex)
9:48am The Sunshine Company - "A Stitch in Time Saves None" - Sunshine and Shadows (Imperil)
9:45am Eric Burdon and the Animals - "Orange and Red Beams" - The Twain Shall Meet (MGM)
9:38am Shabazz Palaces - "The SS Quintessence" - Quazarz Vs The Jealous Machines (Sub Pop)
9:33am Psychick Warriors ov Gaia - "Obsidian (Deconstructure Edit)" - Excursions In Ambience - A Collection of Ambient-House Music (Caroline)
9:30am Arca - "Reverie" - Arca (XL)
9:27am Ancient Temple of I*Magi*Nation - "Flash Back (Live)" - The Event Horizon (City of Tribes)
9:23am Funky Porcini - "Jericho Jerk" - Pierre Henry and Michel Columbier: Metamorphose (Phillips)
9:11am Joe Jackson - "Cancer" - Night and Day (A & M)
9:07am Cal Tjader - "Sabor" - La Onda Va Bien (Picante)
9:02am William Parker Quartet - "Criminals in the White House" - Meditation/Resurrection (AuM Fidelity)
11:55am Kudsi Erguner - "Voyager" - Sufi Music of Turkey (CMP)
11:51am Toma - "Going Nowhere" - Aroma (S/T)
11:48am Weeks - "Start It Up" - Easy (Lightning Rod)
11:44am Alexandro Jodorowsky - "300 Conjejos" - El Topo Soundtrack (Apple)
11:39am Brian Eno - "The Great Pretender" - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (EG)
11:36am Euphoria - "World" - A Gift from Euphoria (Capitol)
11:33am Everly Brothers - "Til I Kissed Yout" - The Fabulous Style of the... (Rhino)
11:31am Shannon Moser - "Dirt and Water" - Oh My Heart (Lame-O)
11:28am Marika Hackman - "Round We Go" - I'm Not Your Man (Sub Pop)