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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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Monday, September 25, 2017 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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11:54pm David Nance - "River With No Color" - Negative Boogie (Ba Da Bing!)
11:47pm Mirza - "Nostalgia" - Last Clouds (Ba Da Bing!)
11:44pm And Gone - "Shine" - Totaled (S/R)
11:39pm Sextile - "Mental" - Albeit Living (Felte)
11:37pm Preening - "Beeters" - Beeters (Digital Regress)
11:34pm Story of Failure - "The Long Ride" - Negative Fufillment on the "83" Spitting Circuit (Swill Radio)
11:31pm Punishment of Luxury - "Babalon" - Laughing Academy (United Artists)
11:27pm Polyrock - "Go West" - Polyrock (RCA)
11:24pm Iceage - "White Rune" - New Brigade (What's Your Rupture?)
11:18pm Murphy & the Mob - "Born Loser" - Texas Flashbacks, Vol. 3 (Antar)
11:16pm The Lonesome Savages - "All Outta Love" - All Outta Love (Kind Turkey)
11:15pm Girl Tears - "Kill for Love" - Tension (Sinderlyn)
11:13pm The Marked Men - "Not Just Another Girl" - The Marked Men (Rip Off)
11:10pm Eddy Current Supression Ring - "It's All Square" - So Many Things (Goner)
11:07pm Chain and the Gang - "Free Will" - Best of Crime Rock (In the Red)
11:04pm B Boys - "Energy" - Dada (Captured Tracks)
10:57pm Big L - "Ebonics" - Ebonics (Flamboyant)
10:54pm Milo - "Sorcerer" - Who Told you to Think??!!?!?! (Ruby Yacht)
10:51pm Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen - "Charlie Parker" - Poetry for the Beat Generation (Rhino)
10:46pm J-Live - "One For the Griot" - All of the Above (Triple Threat)
10:40pm Julius Hemphill - "Dogon A.D." - Dogon A.D. (Arista Freedom)
10:34pm Blue Mink - "Randy" - Fantastic 22 Original Hits (K-Tel)
10:31pm Al Green - "I'm Glad Your Mine" - I'm Still in Love With You (Hi)
10:28pm Venice Dawn - "Anna May" - Something About April (Wax Poetics)
10:23pm Emily Wells - "Dirty Sneakers And Underwear" - Mama (Partisan)
10:21pm Aldous Harding - "Blend" - Party (4AD)
10:18pm Them Two - "Am I Good Man?" - Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label (Numero Group)
10:11pm Patrik Fitzgerald - "One Little Soldier" - Gifts and Telegrams (Red Flame)
10:09pm Hygiene - "O-Level Girl" - Public Sector (La Vida Es Un Mus)
10:06pm Half Church - "TV Screen" - In Turmoil (Win)
10:03pm Otzi - "Gong Show" - Gong Show (Long Way To Go)
10:00pm Grass Widow - "Shadow" - Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)
9:57pm Mane - "The Surface" - Alpha Female (Digital Regress)
9:55pm Pregnancy - "Avoid" - Urgency (Emotional Response)
9:48pm The Starfires - "I Never Loved Her" - Pebbles, Vol. 8 (BFD)
9:46pm The Starfyres - "No Room For Your Love" - Back From the Grave, Vol. 9 (Crypt)
9:44pm UV-TV - "Violent Days" - Go Away (Emotional Response)
9:41pm Lame Drivers - "Vacation" - Chosen Era (Jigsaw)
9:38pm Kids on a Crime Spree - "The Saddest Time of the Year" - Our Love (Emotional Response)
9:35pm Sea Blite - "Skeleton Couch" - Sea Blite (Death)
9:30pm Home Blitz - "Perpetual Night" - Perpetual Night (Almost Ready)
11:55pm The Myrrors - "Hasta La Victoria" - Hasta La Victoria (Beyond Beyond)
11:48pm David Nance - "5, 2 and 4" - Negative Boogie (Ba Da Bing!)
11:43pm Spacemen 3 - "Transparent Radiation" - Losing Touch with Your Mind (Fire)
11:36pm Kalahari Surfers - "Maid's Day Off" - Sleep Armed (Gross National)
11:34pm Brainiac - "Vincent Come on Down" - Hissing Prigs in Static Couture (Touch and Go)
11:32pm Wilma - "Alexander Haig" - Pornography Lies (Subterranean)
11:30pm Preening - "Big Big Brain" - Beeters (Digital Regress)
11:26pm The Pop Group - "Thief of Fire" - We Are Time (Freaks R Us)
11:19pm Jonwayne - "These Words Are Everything" - Rap Album Two (Authors Recording Co.)