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Monday, October 9, 2017 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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11:53pm Vincent Persichetti - "Serenade No. 7" - Piano Sonatas (Starkland)
11:48pm Clear Plastic Masks - "Phoenixes Rising" - Clear Plastic Masks (S/R)
11:44pm Today's Hits - "Beverage Boi" - Today's Hits (Randy)
11:40pm Poundsign - "I Had a Nightmare (And You Were in it)" - Underneath the Marquee (Fantastic)
11:38pm And Gone - "So Long" - Totaled (S/R)
11:31pm Abronia - "Shala" - Obsidian Visions Shadowed Lands (Water Winds)
11:25pm Holly Golightly - "Troubles on my Mind" - Laugh it Up! (Vinyl Japan)
11:23pm Outer Embassy - "Fall Into the Sun" - Outer Embassy (Outer Sound)
11:18pm Luyas - "Spherical Mattress" - Too Beautiful to Work (Dead Oceans)
11:17pm Bru Lei - "Stay Human" - Selfie (Public School)
11:11pm Grasscut - "From Towns & Fields" - Unearth (Ninja Tune)
11:02pm Stars of the Lid - "Even if You're Never Awake" - And Their Refinement of the Decline (Kranky)
10:56pm Yummy Fur - "Roxy Girls" - Night Club (Slampt)
10:54pm King Sigh - "Vulture Buffet" - One Might Wonder (S/R)
10:50pm O.M.D. - "Telegraph" - Tesla Girls (Virgin)
10:43pm LCD Soundsystem - "Call the Police" - American Dream (DFA)
10:39pm Belouis Some - "Round, Round" - Pretty in Pink (A&M)
10:33pm Sorrows - "Lonely Girl" - Bad Times Good Times (Bomp)
10:31pm Kids on a Crime Spree - "Surgical Lights" - Our Love (Emotional Response)
10:29pm Marmoset - "(Put) the Baby (in the Bassinette)" - Today It's You (Secretly Canadian)
10:23pm Andy Ditzler - "Just the Six of Us" - Songs from Yes and No (Frequent Small Meals)
10:21pm Clebanoff and his Orchestra - "Mima" - Lush, Latin & Bossa Nova Too! (Mercury)
10:19pm Katie Von Schleicher - "Life's a Lie" - Sh**ty Hits (Ba Da Bing)
10:11pm Marc Collin - "Les Kidnappeurs - Main Theme" - Les Kidnappeurs (Polygram)
10:04pm Golden Retriever - "Sunsight" - Rotations (Thrill Jockey)
10:00pm Big Sound - "Beyond the Reef" - Heart of Hawaii (Spinorama)
9:57pm Crystallized Movements - "Taken Away" - This Wideness Comes (No. 6)
9:54pm A Giant Dog - "Bendover" - Toy (Merge)
9:50pm Wrens - "This Boy is Exhausted" - The Meadowlands (Absolutely Kosher)
9:43pm Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton - "Little Black Bear (Blue Rooms Version)" - Wildflower Blues (Cinquefoil)
9:39pm Ry Cooder - "Cancion Mixtera" - Paris, Texas (Warner Bros.)
9:30pm Evening Fires - "Too Many Ravens, Not Enough Corpses" - Where I've Been is Places and What I've Seen is Things (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
11:56pm Halcali - "Otsukare Summer" - Halcali Bacon (For Joy)
11:51pm Cende - "Bed" - #1 Hit Single (Double Double Whammy)
11:47pm Nada Surf - "Are you Lightning?" - Lucky (Barsuk)
11:42pm Muzsikas - "Anne Maamin" - Maramaros (Hannibal)
11:38pm Equators - "Space Cases" - Gigantic Waves, I'm Not Here (It's Just Great)
11:35pm Beach Fossils - "Closer Everywhere" - Somersault (Bayonet)
11:30pm Cahalen Morrison & Eli West - "A Lady Does Not Often Falter" - Our Lady of the Tall Trees (S/R)
11:25pm Debashish Bhattacharaya and Bob Brozman - "Digi Digi Dom Dom" - Mahima (Riverboat)
11:22pm Elf Power - "All Things Combined" - Twitching in Time (Orange Twin)
11:20pm Kittycraft - "All To You" - Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch (Kindercore)
11:17pm Golddiggers - "Shuffle off to Buffalo" - Golddiggers (Metromedia)
11:15pm (Sandy) Alex G - "Witch" - Rocket (Domino)
11:10pm Couleur Dessin - "Traveling with Rocks" - Self Titled (Fixture)
11:04pm Krystol - "Shattered Glass" - Talk of the Town (CBS)
11:00pm Solitary Dancer - "Emails 2 Myself (Out of Office Version)" - Dualism (Dark Entries)
10:53pm Kiln - "Acre" - Meadow: Watt (Ghostly International)
10:49pm Lusine - "Witness" - Sensorimotor (Ghostly International)
10:46pm Michelle Blades - "Most of the Time" - Premature Love Songs (Midnight Special)