Cathryn Carson and Fernando Perez on Spectrum

Event Date: 
Friday, April 18, 2014 - 12:00pm
On Friday, April 18th @ noon, Spectrum presents part two of our two part series on Big Data at Cal. The Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) is only four months old. Two people involved with shaping the Institute are Cathryn Carson and Fernando Perez.

Cathryn Carson is an Associate Professor of History, an Associate Dean of Social Sciences, and the Operational Lead of the Social Sciences Data Lab at UC Berkeley. Fernando Perez is a research scientist at the Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center at U.C. Berkeley. He created the IPython project while a graduate student in 2001 and continues to lead the project. His work is at the interface between high-level scientific computing tools and the mathematical questions that arise in the analysis of neuroimaging data. In part two they talk about building tools for and teaching Data Science.