Submit a Public Service Announcement

Publicize your student group or non-profit!

At KALX Radio, we serve our campus and local community by running Public Service Announcements (PSA's) for non-profit organizations and UC Berkeley student groups. We air at least two of these every hour, twenty-four hours a day!

For the first two weeks of the fall semester every year, we have a PSA "Blitz" where we run PSA's only for UC Berkeley student groups and departments as students are returning to school.

If your organization or group would like to publicize on KALX Radio, please complete the online submission form below. You may also choose to send submissions through campus mail or USPS:

Attention: PSA
University of California
26 Social Sciences Building #5650
Berkeley, CA 94720-5650

or Email:

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Information for the PSA
Two sentences about your organization, including types of services and the best way for KALX listeners to get involved or use your service. For example: When is it happening? Where will it be?