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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, October 3, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:10am Th3rdz - "Hustle Harder (feat. Geologic)" - This, That & Th3rdz (Camobear)
12:07am Paper Tiger - "Win Factory" - Beat Tape (Doomtree)
12:04am Presto - "Conquer Mentally (feat. Sadat X, OC & Large Professor)" - State of the Art (Concrete Grooves)
12:02am Versis - "Love Is Love" - Illcandescent (Beat Down)
12:59am Shaheed & DJ Supreme - "Glorious Day" - Knowledge, Rhythm & Understanding (Communicating Vessels)
12:55am Controller 7 - "Shades of a Former You" - Lunch Money Singles (Bully)
12:47am Pharoahe Monch - "The Truth (feat. Talib Kweli & Common)" - Infernal Affairs (Rawkus)
12:44am Omid - "In(Sense) (feat. Vixen, Slant & Puzoozoo Watt)" - Beneath the Surface (s/r)
12:41am Armand Hammer - "Shark Fin Soup" - Race M ()
12:36am Lightheaded - "Street Corners" - Pure Thoughts (Day by Day)
12:31am Greenhouse Effect - "Life Sentences" - Life Sentences (Weightless)
12:25am Ceschi - "Set in Stone" - Forgotten Forever (Cooler Than Cucumber)
12:23am Damu the Fudgemunk - "Picturesque Storm" - Spare Overtime Re-Inspired (Redefinition)
12:20am Milo - "Argyle Sox (feat. Busdriver)" - A Toothpaste Suburb (Hellfyre Club)
12:17am Fresh Daily - "T.I.T.S (Two in the Shirt)" - Gorgeous Killer in the Crimes of Passion (High Water)
12:14am Homeboy Sandman - "Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo)" - First of a Living Breed (Stones Throw)
12:09am Alphabet Stew - "One Thyme" - Mentil Soup (s/r)
12:05am Dela - "The City (feat. Surreal & J-Live)" - Changes of Atmosphere (Drink Water)
12:03am Gavlyn - "Bigger Picture" - Modest Confidence (Broken Complex)
12:00am Mono/Poly - "Transit to the Golden Planet" - Golden Skies (Brainfeeder)
12:58am Lady Daisey - "Thank You (feat. Paten Locke)" - In My Headphones (BBE)
12:55am Lauryn Hill - "Black Rage [sketch]" - that unreleased sheeit ()
12:51am Rob Sonic - "Pep Rally" - Alice in Thunderdome (OK-47)
12:44am Goldlink - "When I Die (Alex Young & Jonah Baseball Version)" - The God Complex (s/r)
12:42am A-1 x Louis Futon - "Parasail" - ()
12:38am 2nd Nature - "Tuck in the Kidz" - Ibuki (s/r)
12:34am Busdriver - "Colonize the Moon ft. Pegasus Warning" - Perfect Hair (Sub Pop)
12:29am Poe + CTZN - "Purified Filth" - Debt EP (Study Music Group)
12:20am Homeboy Sandman - "Problems" - Hallways (Stones Throw)
12:15am Paranoid Castle - "Meditate (feat. Myka 9)" - Welcome to Success (Fake Four Inc.)
12:11am Goldini Bagwell - "Feeling Good (Saul Good)" - Secondhand Smoke (the Extended Cut) (Heaven Noise)
12:09am PremRock - "Photosynthesis" - A Clean,, Well-Lighted Place (s/r)
12:06am The Underachievers - "Quiescent" - Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium (Dream Free)
12:03am Mndsgn - "Homewards" - Yawn Zen (Stones Throw)
12:57am Dilated Peoples - "Good As Gone" - Directors of Photography ()
12:51am Dark Time Sunshine - "No Worries" - n/a (Fake Four Inc)
12:44am Ill Biskits - "A Better Day" - Chronicle of Two Losers: First Edition ()
12:39am Kendrick Lamar - "Faith ft. BJ the Chicago Kid & Punch" - Kendrick Lamar EP (s/r)
12:36am know.juander - "A Little Bit (More)" - A Kid Love Beta (s/r)
12:32am Kev Brown - "Keep On ft. Oddisee & Grap Luva" - ()
12:28am C-Rayz Walz - "The Line-Up ft. Wordsworth, J-Treds, Thirstin How the 3rd, Vast Aire, Breeze Brewin & MF Doom)" - Ravipops ()
12:21am Dangerdoom - "Old School ft. Talib Kweli" - The Mouse & the mask (Epitaph)
12:17am Thirsty Fish - "Ducks Fail" - Watergate (Mush)
12:15am Abstract Rude - "TV Show" - Rejuvenation (Rhymesayers)
12:13am Luckyiam - "TV in the Afternoon" - I Love Haters (Legendary)
12:12am Count Bass D - "Just Say No" - Dwight Spitz (Day by Day)
12:10am Blu & Exile - "Good Morning Neighbor" - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them (Dirty Science)
12:06am JB Nimble - "A Song About Television" - Misadventures of Mr. Self-Centered (Ear Peace)
12:04am Soul Position - "Candyland Pt. 1" - 8 Million Stories (Fat beats)
12:55am Bread & Butter - "Wind Me Up" - Fat Jazzy Grooves Volume 7 (New Breed)