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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, February 6, 2023 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:11am Evil Ebenezer - "These Streets" - Howl (Camobear)
12:08am Goldini Bagwell - "For Nothing (feat. Reva DeVito)" - Chainsmoke (Sandpeople)
12:05am Xololanxinxo - "The Next Morning" - People Kill the Person (La2theBay)
12:02am Glue - "State of the World" - Catch as Catch Can (Fat Beats)
12:59am Extendead Plunge Attempt - "Western" - Extendead Plunge Attempt (Milled Pavement)
12:54am Nocando - "Spooky Freestyle (feat. Kail)" - n/a (Hellfyre Club)
12:51am Grayskul - "MillionDollarFamily" - The Wand & the Gun (self-released)
12:47am Cage - "Ballad of Worms" - Eastern Conference All Stars 3 (Eastern Conference)
12:43am No Bird Sing - "Fashionable Cannibal" - Definition Sickness (Strange Famous)
12:39am Nezbeat - "Night Breed Meat" - Songs in the Key of Break Your F***ing Neck (self-released)
12:35am Foul Mouth Cringe - "Monarch of the Dark" - The Richard Dastardly Identity (Mindfree)
12:27am Outerlimits - "Nightmare" - Suicide Prevention (Galapagos4)
12:25am D-Styles - "Terror in Dub" - Phantazmagorea (self-released)
12:22am The Returners - "Return of the Walking Dead (feat. Busdriver)" - Break Up Your Make Up (La2theBay)
12:18am Binary Star - "Wolf Man Jack" - Masters of the Universe (Subterraneous)
12:11am Aceyalone - "The Walls & the Windows" - A Book of Human Language (Project Blowed)
12:07am Dez & Nobs - "Ostrich Head" - Rocky Dennis (Grizzli State)
12:04am Swamp Thing - "Dr,. Driillhands" - Grindhouse EP (Hand'Solo)
12:02am Qwel & Jackson Jones - "Insomnolence" - Rapid Eye Movements (Galapagos4)
12:00am Sahtyre - "Scaredy Cat's Lullaby" - Muerte Por Vida (Machine Muerte)
12:00am Qwel & Jackson Jones - "Insomnolence" - Rapid Eye ()
12:57am Josh Martinez - "Bermuda Shorts" - Buck Up Princess (Camobear)
12:54am Jonny October - "Hi Seas" - The Wheelhouse (self-released)
12:50am Aesop Rock - "The Harbor is Yours" - None Shall Pass (Def Jux)
12:46am Illogic & Blockhead - "Atlantis Depth" - Capture the Sun (Man Bites Dog)
12:44am Dub-L - "87 Monkeys (feat. Bashton the Invizabulman, MF Grimm & Lord Scotch)" - Day of the Megabeast! (Day by Day)
12:41am Grand Killa Con - "Dirty to the Brain" - Year of the Tre Bag (Megakut)
12:36am Factor - "The Fall of Captain E.O." - Lawson Graham (Fake Four Inc)
12:32am Qwel & Maker - "Paper Dolls" - So Be It (Galapagos4)
12:27am Chinese Man - "Get Up (feat. Ex-I, Lush One & PlexRock)" - Racing With the Sun (Chinese Man)
12:22am The Insects - "Wild Ride (feat. Scarub)" - Black Rose (Ten-90)
12:20am Lazerus Jackson - "Fool for That" - Filthy (Sunset Leagues)
12:18am House Shoes - "So Different (feat. Chali 2na)" - Let It Go (Tres)
12:12am Evil Ebenezer - "Song in Head (feat. Kaboom)" - Call Me Evil (Camobear)
12:05am Les Swashbuckling Napoleons - "Napoleons Creed (feat. Verble, Neila, k-the-i???, 2Mex, Existereo, Life Rexall & Nabahe)" - F*ck (Grimm Image)
12:03am LoDeck & Omega One - "Shrimp" - Postcards From the Third Earth (Johnny23)
12:00am PremRock - "Singapore" - Mark's Wild Years (self-released)
12:55pm Dez & Nobs - "Underbelly (feat. P.O.S)" - Rocky Dennis (Grizzly State)
1:00am The Nothing - "Cooling Effect" - Life in Decay (self-released)
12:51am Edison - "The True Story of Baron Von Feedreader (feat. Shanon Harney)" - No Three Men Make a Tiger (self-released)
12:49am Neila - "Endless Nothing" - For Whom the Bell Crows (Nomadic Sound System)
12:46am The Doppelgangaz - "Nexium" - Lone Sharks (Groggy Pack)
12:40am Dr. Oop & the Red, Gold & Green Machine - "Mistress Music" - Planet Africa (Blacklove Music)
12:37am Curly Castro - "Colored Water Fountain" - Fidel (Man Bites Dog)
12:33am Sandpeople - "It's True" - Honest Racket (Sandpeople)
12:28am Reason - "Paid Bills" - Landlords & Lullabies (self-released)
12:25am Cook Classics - "Complained the Whole Way Home" - Cook Classics Vs. Now-Again (Now-Again)
12:22am Corina Corina - "Do You Mind? (feat. Elucid)" - The Free Way (self-released)
12:19am K-Def - "NJ Dodgers" - One Man Band (Redefinition)
12:15am PremRock & Talpas - "All Night" - Splendid (Everydays)