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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 12, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:47am Damu the Fudgemonk - "Bright Side Remix (Jazzily Ou'Francis Instrumental)" - Supply for Demand (Redefinition)
12:44am Maintenance Crew - "There Is You" - Plain & Simple (McDonaldized Society)
12:39am Sixo - "Solitary Gloom (feat. 2Mex)" - Fruits of Labor (s/r)
12:36am Blu - "Amnesia" - Herfavoritcolour (New World Color)
12:34am Junk Science - "Oh, Canada! (RyanGoslingBradleyCooper)" - And the Million Dollar Sandwich (Modern Shark)
12:30am ProleteR - "It Don't Mean a Thing" - Feed the Lions EP (s/r)
12:25am Busdriver - "Befriend the Friendless Friendsters" - Fear of a Black Tangent (Mush)
12:22am Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa - "Two Step" - Day by Day (Broken Complex)
12:17am Boogie Belgique - "Moriarty" - Blueberry Hill (Cold Busted)
12:14am Akshin Alizadeh - "Widow Jones" - Street Bangerz Vol. 8 (Cold Busted)
12:11am Esbe - "Thousands of Rhythms" - Bloomsday (Cold Busted)
12:07am Poldoore - "Natural High" - The Day Off (Cold Busted)
12:00am Mojo Rising - "In the Pocket" - Moving Forward (Cold Busted)
12:56am Boogie Belgique - "Black Train" - Blueberry Hill (Cold Busted)
12:52am Esbe - "Intimate" - Bloomsday (Cold Busted)
12:49am Apollo Brown - "Each other (feat. Eternia)" - Grandeur (Mello Music Group)
12:43am Nxworries - "Droogs" - Link Up & Suede (Stones Throw)
12:40am Poldoore - "Ahhh Yeah (feat. Maverick)" - The Day Off (Cold Busted)
12:36am Golden Rules - "Play Some Luther" - Golden Ticket (Lex)
12:33am SiR - "Love You" - Seven Sundays (Fresh Selects)
12:29am Josh Martinez - "Lay Down (My Dogs)" - Blotto (Camobear)
12:26am Awol One & Factor - "My Life" - Crossroads EP (Urbnet)
12:23am Hermitude - "Bermuda Bay" - Dark Night Sweet Light (Nettwerk)
12:20am Bleubird - "Yung Death" - Lauderdale (Fake Four Inc)
12:15am Lizzo - "Bother Me" - Big GRRRL Small World (BGSW)
12:11am Czarface - "Czartacus" - Every Hero Needs a Villain (Brick)
12:08am Big Quarters - "Urgent Care (feat. I.B.E)" - Somos No Joke (Lake City Browns)
12:05am Vursatyl - "Bring It to a Halt (feat. DJ Flip Flop)" - Crooked Straights (BBE)
12:01am Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - "Get a Dog" - Lice (Rhymesayers/Stones Throw)
12:58am Dark Time Sunshine - "Overlordian (feat. P.O.S)" - ANX (Fake Four Inc)
12:55am Neila - "Shadow Bags" - n/a (s/r)
12:50am Burgundy Fats - "Unsatisfied" - The Legend of 1900 (Voila)
12:45am Open Mike Eagle - "A History of Modern Dance" - Dark Comedy (Mello Music Group)
12:41am Mr. Lif - "Phantom (feat. El-P)" - Emergency Rations (Def Jux)
12:37am Bleubird - "Fuck'em All" - Lauderdale (Fake Four Inc)
12:34am Rob Sonic - "Not for Nothing (feat. Breeze Brewin)" - Alice in Thunderdome (OK-47)
12:31am Hologram Kizzie - "Mike Bivens" - Hug Life (Bonafyde)
12:28am Avatar - "Propellors" - This Machine Has Gone Wrong... (Dumptruck)
12:21am Gajah - "Radio on Acid (feat. Radioinactive)" - Hands of Gold Are Always Cold (Uncommon)
12:18am Thee Xntrx - "Blackfist Brokenfront (feat. Silent Lambs Project)" - All Your Friend's Friends (K)
12:14am Kill the Vultures - "Broke" - Carnelian (Totally Gross National Product)
12:11am EX2 - "Blame Game (feat. Awol One)" - Common Thread (Abolano)
12:09am Little Eskimo Jesus - "Keep on Trying" - Never Trust the People (Milled Pavement)
12:06am Sarcasmo - "Guess Not" - Cousin Id (Karma Kids)
12:01am Boxguts - "Elephant Ear" - G U T S (Johnny23)
12:57am Mega Ran - "Your Favorite Song" - RNDM (s/r)
12:53am Dday One - "All is Bliss" - Mood Algorithms (Content (L)abel)
12:49am Wordburglar - "The Other Shop" - Rapplicable Skills (Backburner)
12:45am Serengeti - "Bonus Track" - Dennehy (Bonafyde)
12:39am Oddisee - "Book Covers (feat. Nick Hakim)" - The Good Fight (Mello Music Group)