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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 12, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:06am T3 - "Dream (feat. Botni Applebum)" - Mr. Fantastic (Delicious Vinyl)
12:04am Ovrkast - "Church (feat. Demahijae)" - Try Again (s/r)
12:01am Other Guys - "Let's Celebrate (feat. Awon)" - Winter In Analog (HiPNOTT)
12:58am Factor Chandelier - "New View" - First Storm (Fake Four Inc)
12:53am Lee Scott - "Given" - Somewhere Between Here and There (Blah)
12:50am RJD2 - "One of a Kind (feat. Homeboy Sandman)" - No Helmet 7" (Rj's Electrical Connections)
12:46am On Tilt - "Natural Ice" - Koba Dera (Megakut)
12:42am Professionals - "Timeless Treasure" - The Professionals (Madlib Invazion)
12:38am Ovrkast - "Casualty" - Try Again (S/R)
12:36am Remulak - "Narnia" - Boom Bap Overdose (Funkypseli Cave)
12:34am Dueling Experts - "Cause of my Ignorance" - S/T (Mellow Music)
12:31am Mophon/Tenshun - "Goons" - Mophono/Tenshun/Heavy 12s 7" (CB)
12:29am DJ Obselete - "Music to be Murdered By" - Boom Bap Overdose (Funkspeli Cave)
12:26am Oneo Capone - "Breaking Out the Mist (ft. Miles Dare)" - Invisible War (High Focus)
12:24am Drum Wisdom - "CUVA UP" - In My Feels... (s/r)
12:17am Sideswipe - "4 Cups of Coffee (feat. Zilla Rocca)" - Shed Light (s/r)
12:14am Dillon & Batsauce - "Pop's Pills" - Self Medicated EP (Full Plate)
12:11am Observe - "No Shame (feat. Unorthodocks)" - Royaume du Sauvage (Loretta)
12:08am Da Buze Bruvaz - "Rugby (Piss Drug Stash)" - Adebesi Hat Recut (Grilchy Party)
12:04am Hus Kingpin - "Time Is Running Out (feat. Guilty Simpson)" - End of a Decade (it's WAVO)
12:01am ShrapKnel - "Fashion Week" - ShrapKnel (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:55pm Stu Bangas - "The Healing Remedy (feat. Vic Spencer)" - Blood and Beats (Brutal Music)
1:00am Masta Ace & Marco Polo - "Y.B.I. (The Drum Majors Remix)" - A Breukelen Story (Deluxe Edition) (Fat Beats)
12:50am 108 - "Mission Infinite" - Mission Infinite (NBN Archives)
12:47am Dillon & Diamond D - "Feast (Buscrates Remix)" - Feast (Buscrates Remix) (Full Plate)
12:44am Roane Namuh - "Crimson (feat. Count Bass D)" - Petrichor (Liquid Beat)
12:41am TROX - "Biggs Flip" - Late 80's Baby (Fresh Selects)
12:38am Professionals - "I Jus Wanna" - The Professionals (Madlib Invazion)
12:34am Elaquent - "Guidelines (feat. Oddisee)" - Forever Is a Pretty Long Time (Mello Music Group)
12:31am Awol One - "I Can Do That (feat. Open Mike Eagle)" - I Can Do That (Speakerface)
12:24am Uncommon Nasa & Kount Fif - "Old Cats" - City as School (Man Bites Dog)
12:21am Nigel - "Plum Fields" - Tantrum (Ted)
12:19am DJ Muggs & Mach-Hommy - "Cessna 210 (feat. Tha God Fahim)" - Kill Em All (Soul Assasins)
12:15am Atmosphere - "Whenever (feat. Gifted Gab, Murs & Haphduzn)" - Whenever (Rhymesayers)
12:13am Hus Kingpin & SmooVth - "The Legends" - The Connect Tape (Copenhagen Crates)
12:10am Akrobatik & LX Beats - "Scam Likely" - AKLX (self-released)
12:06am Eto & BodyBagBen - "For It" - Integrity (Respect Due)
12:02am Sole & DJ Pain 1 - "Outsiders" - No God Nor Country (Black Box Tapes)
12:57am Crimeapple & DJ Skizz - "Divine" - Wet Dirt (Different World Music Group)
12:53am Killah Priest - "One Step" - One Step / Fake MCs (Geffen)
12:49am Uncommon Nasa & Kount Fif - "Artificial Times (feat. Sadat X, Awol One & DJ Kool Flash)" - City as School (Man Bites Dog)
12:44am Brother Ali - "Situated (feat. Pharoahe Monch)" - Secrets & Escapes (Rhymesayers)
12:42am Duncecap - "What Have I Done to Myself? (feat. Quelle Chris)" - Miserable Then (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:39am D.I.T.C. - "Everything to Gain (feat. Papoose & A.G.)" - D.I.T.C Studios Vol. 2 (D.I.T.C Studios)
12:33am Blockhead - "Spicy Peppercorn" - Bubble Bath (Future Archive)
12:29am Hus Kingpin & SmooVth - "Allustrious (feat. Eto & Big Twins)" - The Connect Tape (Copenhagen Crates)
12:26am Chisme - "When I Return (Outro)" - Still Breathing (Acquired Taste Preferred)
12:19am Czarface - "Double Dragon" - The Odd Czar Against Us (Silver Age)
12:15am Your Old Droog - "BDE (feat. Mach-Hommy & MF DOOM)" - Jewlery (Nature Sounds)
12:12am Danny Brown - "Change Up" - uknowhatimsayin? (Warp)