At War With Heaven

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Head banging metal mayhem. Every other Thursday night / Friday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Friday, February 3, 2023 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:10am Mastodon - "Megalodon" - Leviathan (Relapse)
12:04am Gojira - "Ocean Planet" - From Mars To Sirius (Prosthetic)
12:00am Pig Destroyer - "Circle River" - Head Cage (Relapse)
12:53am Turisas - "One More" - Battle Metal (Century Media)
12:51am --- - "---" - --- (---)
12:47am Converge - "All We Love We Leave Behind" - All We Love We Leave Behind (Epitaph)
12:43am Motorhead - "Till The End" - Bad Magic (UDR)
12:37am Mastodon - "Crack The Skye" - Crack The Skye (Reprise)
12:32am Gojira - "Low Lands" - Magma (Roadrunner)
12:28am Kllswitch Engage - "Rose Of Sharyn" - The End Of Heartache (Roadrunner)
12:24am Amon Amarth - "Raise Your Horns" - Jomsviking (Metal Blade)
12:21am --- - "---" - --- (---)
12:16am Iron Maiden - "Wasted Years" - Somewhere In Time (EMI)
12:11am King Diamond - "The Exorcist" - Voodoo (Massacre)
12:08am Ghost - "Con Clavi Con Dio" - Opus Eponymus (Rise Above)
12:00am Tyoe O Negative - "Black Sabbath" - Nativity In Black (Columbia)
12:52am Terry Gross - "Shameless Imposter" - Terry Gross (Valley King)
12:46am Aura Noir - "Hells Lost Chambers" - Aura Noire (Morbid Skull)
12:44am Condition - "Indictment" - Actual Hell (Iron Lung)
12:41am The Death Wheelers - "Backstabber" - I Tread On Your Grave (Riding Easy)
12:35am Hostilities - "Black Eyed Bombers feat Jamie Hanks" - Black Eyed Bombers (Interwar)
12:31am Sinner - "No Atonement featuring Vic Creature" - Sanity In The Mouth Of Hell (S/R)
12:29am Daudyflin - "Skitoblod" - Daudyflin (Iron Lung)
12:24am Intensive Care - "Contemplation" - Everything Has Its Price (Iron Lung)
12:18am Black Jackal - "I Bow To None" - Rock 'N Roll Nightmare (Flesh Vessel)
12:13am Antiverse - "Black Waves Of Sorcery" - Under The Regolith (Seeing Red)
12:07am Erosion - "Maximum Suffering" - Maximum Suffering (Hydra Head)
12:00am Hot Fog - "Death Killers" - Wyvern and Children First (SR)
12:55am Mythborn - "Porcelain" - Wastelands (S/R)
12:46am Ultha - "Cyanide Lips" - IThe Inextricable Wandering (Century Media)
12:40am T-Tops - "Mouth For Hate" - Disease (Magnetic Eye)
12:36am Sunflo'er - "Loup garou" - No Hell (Noise Salvation)
12:33am Integrity - "Sons Of Satan (Return Of The Sorcerer)" - Split w/ Krieg (Relapse)
12:28am Changeorder - "Imbecile" - Exit 13 (Handstand)
12:22am Heads For The Dead - "Of Wrath And Vengeance" - Serpent's Curse (Transcending Obscurity)
12:16am Helrunar - "In Eis und Nacht" - Vanitas Vanitatvm (Prophecy Productions)
12:12am Blood Of Serpents - "Devil's Tongue" - Sulphur Sovereign (Non Serviam)
12:09am Outline - "Black Eyed Devil" - Fire Whiplash (Hells Headbangers)
12:02am Horrendous - "Devotion (Blood For Ink)" - Idol (Season Of Mist)
12:50am Armageddon - "Buzzard" - Armageddon (Esoteric)
12:44am Lucifer's Friend - "Everybody's Clown" - Lucifer's Friend (Philips)
12:39am Utopia - "The Death Of Rock" - Bootleg Series KSAN 95 FM Live 79 (Silver Line)
12:30am Nazareth - "Morning Dew" - Nazareth (Eagle)
12:26am Blue Oyster Cult - "Cities In Flames" - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (Columbia)
12:19am Pseudo Mind Hive - "Weeping Wman" - From Elsewhere (S/R)
12:07am White Hills - "Before Leaving Earth" - Oddity III: Basic Information (White Hills)
12:01am Hawkwind - "Silver Machine/ Levitation" - Best Of Live Hawkwind (Secret)
12:55am Owls - "Madness Is the Glory Of This Life" - Nights In Distortion (Temple Of Torturous)
12:50am Tuscoma - "Arkhitecturenominus" - Arkhitecturenominus (Muzai)
12:47am Pig Destroyer - "The Torture Fields" - Head Cage (Relapse)