At War With Heaven

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Head banging metal mayhem. Every other Thursday night / Friday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Friday, December 9, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:09am Satan's Hallow - "Beyond The Bells" - S/T (Hoove Child)
12:05am Pounder - "We Want The Night" - Uncivilized (Hell's Headbangers)
12:00am Blade Killer - "Midnight Sinner" - High Risk (M Theory Audio)
12:58am Endon - "Boy Meets Girl" - Love Amnesia (Thrill Jockey)
12:55am Hot Fog - "Tonight (In The Night)" - Secret Phantasies of the Dragon Sun (S/R)
12:51am Molten - "Reaping Terror" - Molten EP (S/R)
12:46am Integrity - "Al Death Is Mine" - All Death Is Mine (Relapse)
12:41am Blood Feast - "Off With Their Heads" - The Future State Of Wicked (Hells Headbangers)
12:37am Asilo - "Like Rats On The Wall" - Desintegracion (S/R)
12:30am Quayde LeHue - "New Atomic Age" - Day Of The Oppressor (Adult Fantasy)
12:23am Sanhedrin - "The Poisoner" - The Poisoner (Cruz del Sur)
12:17am Euclidian - "Superstitio" - Quad Erat Faciendum (Divsion)
12:14am Senketsu - "Evil Schon" - Titan Steam EP (S/R)
12:09am Horndal - "Hang Honam" - Remains (Prosthetic)
12:06am Robots And Monsters - "It Gets Worse" - Bloodied And Bowed (S/R)
12:02am Duvcon - "Problems & Applications" - Crusher Especial (S/R)
12:57pm Ragana - "Invocation pt. 2" - Wash Away (S/R)
12:51am Pestilence - "Changing Perspectives" - Spheres (Roadrunner)
12:48am Heathen Beast - "Surgical Strike" - $cam (Trancending Obscurity)
12:45am Diskord - "Overseer" - Dystopics (No Posers Please!)
12:39am Kampfar - "Norse" - Fra Underverdenen (Hammerheart)
12:31am Larvae - "Loss Eternal" - Grave Descent (Parasitic)
12:26am Saros - "Collapse of the Tower" - Five Pointed Tongue (Hungry Eye)
12:20am Ails - "The Echoes Waned" - The Unraveling (The Flenser)
12:13am Sadus - "Through the Eyes of Greed" - A Vision of Misery (Roadracer)
12:08am Absu - "Abraxxus Connexus" - Abzu (Candlelight)
12:05am Carbonized - "Night Shadows" - Disharmonization (Foundation)
12:00am Cynic - "BI'm But A Wave To" - Focus (Roadrunner)
12:57am Integrity - "Sons Of Satan (Return Of The Sorcerer)" - Split w/ Krieg (Relapse)
12:54am Converge - "Permanent Blue" - Beautiful Ruin (Epitaph)
12:50am Wolvhammer - "Bathed In Moonblood & Wolflight" - The Monuments Of Ash And Bone (Blood Music)
12:44am Krieg - "Circle Of Guilt" - split with Integrity (Relapse)
12:37am Tuscoma - "Post-Reflective, Mind Games" - Arkhitecturenominus (Muzai)
12:32am Skull Pit - "Soul Raiders" - Skull Pit (Metal Blade)
12:28am Sinner - "No Atonement featuring Vic Creature" - Sanity In The Mouth Of Hell (S/R)
12:25am Sathanas - "Upon The Wings Of Desicration" - Necrohymns (Transcending Obscurity)
12:23am Outline - "Black Eyed Devil" - Fire Whiplash (Hells Headbangers)
12:15am Horrendous - "Devotion (Blood For Ink)" - Idol (Season Of Mist)
12:09am Erosion - "Maximum Suffering" - Maximum Suffering (Hydra Head)
12:05am Black Jackal - "Skeletonized" - Rock N Roll Nightmare (S/R)
12:01am Devil Master - "Failure To Die" - Manifestations (Relapse)
12:56am Old Grandad - "Hang the Bastard High" - Hocus Corpus (Double Down)
12:52am Motorhead - "Overkill" - Overkill (Bronze)
12:46am Sofy Major - "Total Dump" - Total Dump (Corpse Flower)
12:42am Unearth - "Incinerate" - Extinction(S) (Century Media)
12:35am Spillage - "Evil Doers" - Blod Of Angels (No Dust)
12:32am Sorrowfield - "Trickster" - The Great Abduction (S/R)
12:27am Krieg - "Circle Of Guilt" - split with Integrity (Relapse)
12:23am Gods of Decay - "Cataclysm" - Gods of Decay 1 (S/R)
12:19am Devil Master - "Obscene Charade" - Manifestations (Relapse)