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Monday, January 30, 2023 - 7:00am to 9:00am

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11:11am Glass Traps - "Eiffel" - Glass Traps (s/r)
11:02am Anne-Marie David - "Wonderful Dream" - Die Grosse Hitparade 3 (CBS)
11:00am Hajime Kaburagi - "Tokyo Drifter" - Tokyo Drifter SDTK (Criterion)
10:59am Kanbei & Katsushiro - "Kikochiyo's Mambo" - Isle of Dogs SDTK (ABRO)
10:56am Michaela Davis - "A Letter That I Never Sent" - Delivery (Rounder)
10:52am Juliana Hatfield - "Xanadu" - Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John (American Landromat)
10:41am Mary Kaye Trio - "Can't Get Out of This Mood" - Too Much! (Warner Brothers)
10:38am Clark Terry - "Big Spender" - Angyumaluma Bongliddleany Nannyany Awhan Yi! (Mainstream)
10:37am Malawi Mouse Boys - "Hunger (Hymn)" - Score for a film about Malawi without music from Malawi (s/r)
10:34am Byrds - "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better When You're Gone" - Mr Tambourine Man (Columbia)
10:30am Tremeloes - "Hello Buddy" - ()
10:21am Oscar Brown Jr. - "Sing Halleujah" - Tells It Like it Is! (Columbia)
10:19am Solid Space - "Guests" - Space Museum (Dark Entries)
10:16am Monochrome Set - "Strange Boutique" - Strange Boutique (Dindisc)
10:13am Momma - "Interloper" - Interloper (Danger)
10:10am dB's - "We Were Happy There" - Repercussion (Albion)
10:00am Eternal Summers - "Oblivious" - Everyday It Feels Like I’m Dying... (Nevado Music)
9:57am Solex - "Good Comrades Go to Heaven" - Low Kick and Hard Bop (Matador)
9:54am Xavier Cugat - "The Peanut Vendor" - Viva Cugat! (Mercury)
9:50am Werner Schmah - "Tampico" - Die Neue Grosse Hit Parade (Ariola)
9:42am Righteous Brothers - "Hot Tomale" - Back to Back (Philles)
9:38am Eddie Lawrence - "The Good Old Days" - The Kingdom of Eddie Lawrence (Coral)
9:35am Blues Lawyer - "Indoor Kids" - Guess Work (Emotional Response)
9:32am Sandwich - "Kookie" - Die Grosse Hit Parade Vol 2 (CBS)
9:29am Barry McGuire - "What's Exactly the Matter With Me" - Eve of Destruction (Dunhill)
9:22am Operator Music Band - "Requirements" - Puzzlephonics i & II (New Professor)
9:17am Jam - "Precious" - The Gift (Polydor)
9:14am Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - "Over the Hill Underground" - Lover's Heaven (SSS Internationals)
9:10am Abba - "Ring Ring" - Greatest Hits (Atlantic)
9:00am Tom Tom Club - "Wordy Rappinghood" - Tom Tom Club (Sire)
8:56am King Crimson - "Elephant Talk" - Discipline (EG)
8:50am Gun Club - "She's Like Heroin to Me" - Fire For Love (Slash)
8:47am Brian Dewan - "Wastepaper Basket Fire" - Tells the Story (Bar/None)
8:45am Artie Shaw Orchestra w/Tony Pastor - "Snug As a Bugin a Rug" - The Complete Artie Shaw Vol. II/1939 (Bluebird)
8:43am Tom Jones - "Help Yourself" - The Complete (Tom Jones)
8:38am Courtney Barnett - "Hopefulessness" - Tell Me How You Really Feel (Mom + Pop)
8:31am Alex Chilton - "I Can't Seem to Make You Mine" - Bach's Bottom (Razor & Tie)
8:29am Jean Shepard - "I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew" - Heart to Heart (Capitol)
8:27am Hot Butter - "Pipeline" - Popcorn (Stateside)
8:25am Kohinoorgasm - "HH HMT" - Titalee (s/r)
8:23am Casual Hex - "A Fool's Paradise" - Zig Zag Lady Illusion (Water Wing)
8:12am Dave Gleason's Wasted Days - "Take Your Memory With You" - Just Fall to Pieces (Well Worn)
8:09am Billie & DeDe - "Eh La Bas" - And Their Preservation Hall Jazz Band (Preservation Hall)
8:00am Talk Talk - "Talk Talk" - The Party's Over (EMI AMerica)
7:59am Eels - "I Like Birds" - Daisies of the Galaxy (Dreamworks)
7:57am Lee Dorsey - "Work Work Work" - Wheelin' and Dealin' The Definitive Collection (Arista)
7:50am Mecca Normal - "Amchair Fits" - Armchairs Fit Through Doorways (konkord)
7:48am Eternal Summers - "Oblivious" - Everyday It Feels Like I’m Dying... (Nevado)
7:45am Maurice & the Cliches - "C'est La Vie" - C'est La Vie (RMS)
7:42am Billy & Dolly - "Want It" - Five Suns (Shit Krystal)